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All this time I was thinking this song was about a lot of drinking on Friday night but that is so to certain people...as always, it means something else.

Guess the goddess this song is based on. The first word of the song gives a clue that it's not about drinking despite he repeatedly sings 'high!' And it's based in India.

Mudra gives it away by the way.



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Ahhhhhhh those were the daze, when no one gave a fuk about bollokticks

This one's dedicated to DJ master of the Turntables, you know who you are, 👍

With all new lyrics, just make 'em up in your head, and sing along, :classic_biggrin:





Donald the President packed his trunk and pled not guilty to the circus

off he went with a trumpety trump

Trump Trump Trump

da daa

4 ?❤️🤣



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