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Me! (on my old Westone Thunder III guitar that I'd just blown the dust off!) playing my version of ...

The Shadows - 'It's Been A Blue Day'

Get your fingers in your ears, here we go! ...




Ok! Ok! Enough already! 😱


I was never any great shakes at playing guitar but I always enjoyed trying, and still do, when the fancy takes me.


Come on! Do any of you play an instrument or sing? Let's hear you! 😉 👍


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On 8/3/2021 at 8:27 PM, Octovator said:


A View To A Kill - Occult Symbolism





How to Deconstruct a James Bond Film by Miles Mathis








Talk about Octopussy....

The video below has just been released and you will notice immediately, there are 8 dancers all dancing like octopuss!

If you pay attention, 8 dancers are reduced to 7 of divine number.

At the beginning of the video, blue people who are blinded that they don't know who they are.... when in fact they are god's children bearing blue skin....normally sign of god....like shiva, alladin, jinn, avatar etc

This song is called Already but it's actually addressing all (to those that are of gods, black people calls themselves royalty, ruler, crown on your head....of Sirius hence B sings if you are king you know it already) All.....ready? Are you ready? It's time All Ready (not already). There is also a wheel.



It's a song of call to get




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