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These are some songs that bring a tear to the eye ,not so much for the songs themselves but what they represent to me,  the feeling of lost youth. There are plenty of others but I'm sure you get the idea .Me being an old and some would say cranky prick


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3 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

Its the look of people who dont have long for this earth,i have noticed it over the years as well,its not the colour of people who are suffering from a lack of sunlight its a grey pallour to their skin to my eyes,they can look extremely healthy outwardly but that grey colour is so distinctive,i mentioned it to people over the years but i dont think others see it the way i do so i tended to stfu about it but on my occasional forays outdoors these days i have seen more inthe last 6 months than i have seen in the last 6 years,make of it what you will i know what i see nothing can change that.


'I see dead people',in this case i do its just that they are the walking dead at the moment



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