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Have been feeling rather musical of late so I thought I'd contribute to this thread before the feeling passes.


My musical taste is somewhat eclectic (especially love Space, Ambient, Lounge, World, Contemporary Instrumental) but most forum members would already be familiar with any of these musicians/groups that I would mention.


So I thought I'd highlight a couple of singers/bands that were/are not all that well-known outside of Canada.


Artist: The Boomers

Album: What We Do

Released: 1991


Notable Tracks:


"The Matter With Me": Anyone who has ever experienced a feeling of siege mentality or has suffered from hypochondria might enjoy this one.

"One Little Word": Was a hit on FM playlists in these parts when it was first released many years ago.

"Dirty Love": The word striptease comes to mind whenever I listen to this.


Artist: Gino Vannelli

Album: Inconsolable Man

Released: 1990


Notable Tracks:


"Rhythm Of Romance": Not much into love ballads and thankfully this isn't one. Here's a song that has the vocalist singing of spies, UFOs, and JFK.

"The Time Of Day": Was at one time a chart-topper a few decades ago. An uplifting song about avoiding/resisting devilish snares/corrupting influences.



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