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UKs hidden shadows documentary


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Just watched this. Yeah it’s nothing that we haven’t came across before, but it was a very powerful documentary and perhaps Shaun’s best work (that I have viewed) to date.


However,  that being said, this thought just occurred to me. Without naming the names of any current Prime Minister, or Health secretary, or Education Minister, or chief medical officer, or etc, etc, etc, etc.........

Are these politician all being blackmailed into this lockdown scenario?.

Is that hacker being blackmailed into doing what he did?.

Are the people from the ccdh being blackmailed into it?.



David Icke is right when he said it was a cesspit. This physical plane (to quote a thread title on the forum) really is hell.


How we change it?. God only knows.


And having said that, come on God, help us sort this out without haste. We are sick of this bullshit!.









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6 minutes ago, theo102 said:

By not endorsing it and by finding an alternative.


I certainly don’t endorse it and I’ve tried finding an alternative.


I’ve also tried just not giving a fuck, but these psychopaths still seem to be in control of this physical plane.



But hopefully not for long.


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I like Sean but I feel like he needs to partner with someone for his youtube channel who asks him questions so that the information is structured somewhat like a dialogue. The current format where he talks into the camera reading line for line multiple source info is a bit convoluted and drawn out. Its a shame as I think the core message could be disseminated better if the videos were more digestible 

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