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Biden talking about black people in not a very nice way here:  ( a long time ago but still a coarse way to talk)
Edit:  Is actually biden quoting what somebody else had said.  (sorry for any confusion caused)
Thanks again @EnigmaticWorld

Biden's still a noncy twat though ...  😉


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2 minutes ago, sock muppet said:


The peasants may be revolting, but having Chaz n Dave on the Throne stinks.🧑‍🌾

I also noticed that Charles wont be paying a penny of inheritance on his estimated £15.2 billion. Seems fair.


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48 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

and the rest


I like his presenting style, to the point, concise, articulate, clear. I actually had no idea Charles was behind WEF at all, let alone an orchestrator/architect of the great reset people talk so much about. 

I definitely knew they were worth more than the £15.2 billion, drop in the ocean.

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1 hour ago, sickofallthebollocks said:


Incorrect, that is the inversion of the hand sign the cabal do, they do it upright (predominantly). It is also a way to align both hemispheres of the brain, allegedly. (touching all fingers/thumb on other hands fingers/thumb)





Watch Brand on youtube and see how often he puts in the upright pyramid. Its partly how they communicate. Much like this one:


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Well f*** me! Look what the cat dragged in:

What is the significance? FBI worked with Christopher Steele along with RUSSIA in order to get rid of Trump. So Russian collusion was FBI and whomever was pulling the strings of that operation along with FBI brass as some have been saying for a while, but now an indictment exists to back that assertion up. He (Danchenko) later went on to become a paid informant of the FBI.

It was filed on November 3rd. Durham is working behind the scenes still then.




17 days you say...


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3 hours ago, TheConsultant said:

All this talk of CME, power outages, asteroids, alien invasion, nuclear war, ww3 etc reminds me of this


Power outage planned as part of something far larger?


Tomorrow in that context being 11.3 in terms of a marker? 


If the power goes out it will be for a short time so need to worry too much, after all the system they are wedded to is also the system that will end it for them, as with the video on the chemtrail thread, by SGT report with Dane Wiggington, where Lake Mead that feeds the Hoover dam was replenished with water by up to three feet by the recent floods in Vegas indicating that the weather manipulation is very real, to me it's also an indication that electrical supply is too vital to lose.

The 11.6 event i think we have just passed, as the 911 event, if this is so and with the McAfee posts then i think that 11.3 is November 3rd which the McAfee thread was pointing to, irregular warfare, must be Lawful, think mirrors or reverse psychology and many pointers will not have meaning until after the event.

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