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17 minutes ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

I couldn't quite work out what was going on at the beginning 30 seconds here?  ANyone else work out what the heckler was reffering to?



For one thing, the thing the thing, its not Joe Biden, the ears give it away because the original had ear lobes unattached but this one has attached lobes, other than that i have know idea what's going on, other than murdering the role he plays🤣

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Oh deary me David, there is no leader lol

Leverage, when you are aware of how elections are stolen and use that to put someone in place the other side cannot highlight that method as it would step on their own toes. They hotly debated it was Russia, it quite obviously wasn't and they knew that. 'They' sold/gave access to another country to special access programs. He also signed an executive order: https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/documents/executive-order-13848-imposing-certain-sanctions-the-event-foreign-interference-united lets try not to fall down at very basic hurdles?


Remember all the talk about Hillary Clinton and her unsecured server? maybe that ties in to something? SAPs are Special Access Programs. Obama was talking to her on the same server (he essentially OK'd that). Hammer and Scorecard, paperwork in the public domain via judiciary . org as its involved in ongoing investigation.

Vaccines, operation warpspeed was to stop lockdowns that were supposed to last for years, look at Operation Lockstep. I wont get in to the side effects, no one will hear it.

Covid was meant to be the initiation of NWO.



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34 minutes ago, metak88 said:


Some of the schizo mental gymnastic comments on the Bitchute link made my morning.


It's all deepfakery, they're already defeated. lol




It's like these loons want to be made into lolcows.

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Plot twist: Icke is Q. 😂

I still do not claim to understand the ins and outs, I do however claim to understand that far more is going on behind our news some of that leaks out both via media with propaganda twist/agenda attached, as well as via other means. It genuinely does appear that a group of non corrupted people exist, that is not hopium of any sort. What that exactly means for us, or them, or timing, I have literally no idea. But hey, I have either wasted multiple years of my life up until now, or something is occurring. 

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