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15 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

talking of being silent

where are all those who shout zionists this, zionists that, posting on the fbi release of zionist protocols thread.

as delia smith once said "where are you, lets be havin you"



Protocols is not zionist.

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On 8/20/2020 at 5:46 PM, bamboozooka said:

you mean the never trumpers are silent

all for a larp


swamp plan is to get Q mainstream then  send out an mkultra'd patsy in a Q t shirt to shoot up a (was gonna say school but they are all closed)

you get my drift tho.

preparing for a false flag by a q anon



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I heard this rumor from my ex sister in law down in FL, that "Trump is not a Christian".


She is a church going hypocrite, BUT she knows all the church GOSSIP!!!!


She met someone else at the gym this year!!! Probably started in 2017 or 2018 I suspect, but I wont tell the family that. When they visited last, I suspected it from my Reiki/ESP perspective, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and treated her very kindly regardless of my suspicions. 

Does a Christian do that??? lol 


Nonetheless, Trump needs to get FL in check. lol


My bad cook, abusive mother, nit wit --- ex sister in law (not being mean there it was a relief for her to move on she so much "work"). lol 


No exaggeration on this one, if there is 7 days in a week, she would cook 2 meals maybe. The rest of it was opening up cans, pouring cereal, and relying on her church folks to cook for her. Plus, her eat out budget was like that of a working person with a nice job, like a nurse or something. No school picture in 15 years, not to any family. Its not having the comprehension to put together the funds and organize a yearly routine like school pictures. Get a job, get your kids a new outfit and pay for yourself for the pictures to be done. Always have to walk on egg shells. The list goes on with that one. It was always about her, and now she is on to a new guy to manipulate. I am glad for her b/c she was a piece of work!!! Let me tell you. Stop talking about other people and LOOK AT YOURSELF!!! 


This is the first year in her life holding down a consistent job. She's done a year!!! Bravo!!! 


On to the new guy!!!! Better then the stripping pole you were saved from!!!! What's that about CHURCH GOSSIP??? I want to see her success at this point, you want someone that toxic and drama out of your life, but dont think for a second that karma wont come around for you, its always waiting!!! For perfect timing! I highly doubt this new family will walk on egg shells for a no cooking abusive hoe!!!! lol Them lunches and meals better be ready or be prepared for some honest criticism and not egg shell steps. Vacations, all types of normal motherly planning, when it dosent get done, be prepared for honesty that you cant run from!!!! 


If a person struggles with putting together a picnic basket, thats what school lunch/meal/nutrition/vacation planning is, then its time for you to move on. On time!!!! If you can sell that to a new man, more power to you. Your a good sales person. I wish your success!!!! lol 


Talking about Trump, look at yourself.

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