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Benjamin Netanyahu looks to "marry Israel's technology with China's capacity.



Public Data doesn't reveal the extent of Chinese-Israeli deals says investor.



How Israel used weapons and technology to become allies with China



China is hungry for advanced Israeli technology



Why does he always go ham at China when his best buddies in Israel sell technology to the Chinese in a bid to subvert the US? 




Bare with I got more.

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Israel to lure soviet Jews from Germany:



Israel's Soviet immigrants transform country:



Israel & Iran both set to join Russia-led free trade zone:



Bortsch Belt - Will Israel spurn America for Russia?



Why Russia should take over Israel's defense from America:



As Putin becomes one of the world's most powerful players, his surprising Jewish connection is revealed:



KGB infiltrated highest levels of Israel's army, business and political leadership:



Netanyahu: "There is no bigger supporter than Donald Trump"


Trump gives Netanyahu the key to the Whitehouse right in front of the entire world:



Donald Trump converts to ultra orthodox Judaism (just like Chabad)



Israeli tech will "reshape the world" (NWO) after pandemic



FBI source in Russia probe called Israeli's "fucking spies who should be killed" 



What is JEDI? Explaining the $10B military cloud contract that Microsoft just won over Amazon



Amazon calls JEDI cloud decision 'politically corrupted' by Trump

AWS protesting Microsoft's DoD JEDI cloud contract victory is a foregone conclusion. AWS, however, directly blames President Donald Trump for "blatant cronyism" being behind the DoD's decision.



In Surprise Move, Microsoft Israel's R&D Center Names New 34-year-old CEO* Asaff Rappaport is a graduate of Israeli military intelligence Unit 8200 and Talpiot Program and is mentored by Zohar Zisapel.



Trump allows Microsoft Windows Security to be coded in Israel, giving access to the worlds number one Operating System used by The Pentagon, Boeing, Research Facilities, Corporations. That's full backdoor software access.



@bamboozooka Still waiting on your proof.

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Bunting’s map and Israel on China’s new silk road Israel as key node on China’s New Silk Road



Will do some more later, genuinely saps my energy when people refuse to listen, makes me thing we're a lost cause...


But here's a couple "getty images" you crave so much. 

I aim to please...

ED-Briefs-chabad-1024x640 (1).jpg

download (6).jpeg


download (7).jpeg

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@bamboozookaWhy won't you ever counter my points instead of running away from them like a coward? You say my links aren't proof yet you spout rhetoric from a reddit page, if you don't see the blatant contradiction then you are either one of four things:


1. A shill who is spreading horseshit on the forum without any substantial proof because it's in your best interest.


2. A coward who, when confronted with overwhelming evidence, goes completely silent because you have no substantial proof to bring to the table. Also a coward because you aren't ever willing to drop your pre-concieved notions about the world even if there's proof that the man you worship is working against freedom and the people of the world


3. A deluded cult member who can't see past the utter crap they're being fed, hence why you don't listen to any evidence whatsoever.


4. Just plain fucking stupid lol


Pick your poison mate, i'm trying to give you information but you refuse to take it for whatever reason. There's probably no getting through to you and I don't even know why i'm bothering. 


Give an actual decent reply this time. Try and be objective please for the love of god...



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Just now, bamboozooka said:

no billie, you think Q is a ficticious psyop conspiracy larp yet it triggers the pants off u

a psyop larp that causes you anger and rage issues

let that sink in

whos the deluded one

Ohhh is that right? I'm not angry whatsoever I just want some genuine proof. I have given you tonnes and you haven't given anything concrete proving Trump is saving the world. I enjoy the back and forth because it gives me insight, something you can't seem to take on board.


Why is a social media account more substancial proof than mine? Why don't you answer my questions? Because you are number two my friend, a coward who can't drop the bullshit even in the face of evidence.


And don't even bother with the strawman...

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11 hours ago, Morpheus said:

I'm not necessarily saying I have any. But one has to wonder how they have all this knowledge, because I'm sure you will admit it possibly goes much deeper than we can possibly comprehend. 


I know this is controversial to some, but if any of you have looked into Alastair Crowley and Jack Parsons, then there may well be something else at play is all I am saying. I could be wrong, but I just don't think they're the cap stone of the pyramid, especially when you consider everything they do is esoteric and numerology. 

I think jews are the managers of this prison planet, and the scapegoats when SHTF. Alastair Crowley was a continuation of Sabbatean-Frankism. I don't know Jack Parsons. Q has made many Anti-Zionist, Anti-Israel drops.

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