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57 minutes ago, metak88 said:

Hmmmm, so D. Patrick Keating is a lawyer in Louisiana, however, his firm address on the filing says his Los Angeles, but when I check The Keaton Firms website, they don't have an LA address. However, that women Helen Williams definitely works for Black Rock. 


Another inconsistency is the amount of assets they're declaring, they're saying no more than $500k dollars, which would appear to be exceedingly low for the value of their hedge funds. I'd conclude this isn't BlackRock international, but another company. 👍


I also found this:




Which would corroborate Meta's post.

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They are losing money it seems, but like you say, assets of 500k. Laughable.


https://uk.news.yahoo.com/blackrock-assets-tumble-16-stock-112911113.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuc3RhcnRwYWdlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAAqRjd5o6kbuxtraBOUwqr_4BNrf5oSL_7_lD_x07sLfQZ4uI8ZvPOtfWfiIdNAJdVSAMXm0nL8FDseNlxoHBwJC9v-DkmdDSePl8QHzUepYfaV1pEw8RL9spqGaxeVnDy7efaLdwev9mngRxUBQSTsQmo4AkKT1MLHfTwyrrHQx - BlackRock Assets Tumble 16% as Stock and Bond Markets Slide

Around 1/5 of their overall assets lost just this year? where is it going? that is significant for any business let alone the largest asset management company on the planet. Far from bankruptcy though surely

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Stupids in the snoooz again, this is the bloke that was running the monster from jekyll island and said he did not know what reality is and could say for certain whether he existed or not and fraud is a great model to base economic principles of monetary policy on, 🤡 honk honk, but anyway here he is with the AMAZING skillz on show for everyone to gawp at in complete and utter disbelief that anyone should have let him near the thing we call money, let alone the key to open the door of the loony bin to roam free in the world, 🤡 honk honk.


Former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan Says Decreasing Supply of Greenbacks Makes the US Dollar a 'Better Store of Value’




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I step away for a few days and seemingly miss a few Q posts!! Questions seem to be honing people in to Ukraine, Elections, federal reserve, create financial bubbles, crash them steal the money lost. I guess more on how they operate with regards to real time operations?

I see fed reserve have printed 10 trillion recently!

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9 minutes ago, legion said:

The poster is not going to 'end the endless' though, are they...?
Just endlessly feed BS.


No i think your quite wrong to dismiss this election, it reveals just how divided a nation the USA is, we also have to factor convid into the equation and just what is going on in key states, i mean who would vote for Kathy Hochul when she said to take the injection because God (i assume she means the 'ALL' using that word) wanted them to be her 'Apostles'.

How many are dead now, did they vote also?


Gov. Hochul Declares Vaccines 'From God,' Wants People to Be Her 'Apostles' by Getting Jab




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