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2 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


I don't like Cromwell, it's because of some of his actions that we now have a problem with rootless internationalists.


As for the idea of a Republic, I'm not against that, but I would only support it if it put Anglo and Celtic people first. Same with a monarchy I guess, I would also only support a monarchy if they cared about us. I just want something that supports our right to have self-determination as a people. If it has to be a monarchy, then I would prefer the style of monarchy that Anglo-Saxons had though, I mean in the sense that they would elect a monarch from a selection of Anglo-Saxon families. I will only support a system that has links to the British people.


It's fine go and put your thoughts down in the thread, i do feel it's time for a shake up, of the peasants, by the peasants and for the peasants, and i'm a filthy peasant :classic_biggrin:

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2 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

For me it's becoming a lot like Nostradamus. By being so ambiguous it effectively means that any Q post can be linked to virtually anything.


Only to those who aren't looking at it over many years. It is very specific to news events at times, to the point of no longer being coincidence.

https://qanon.pub/data/proofs/index.html - I am sure there are many more.

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47 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

trump rally youngstown. where are the stars? (left) other rallies (right)




I've heard that the no stars flag is supposed to be a display to the enemy saying no deals. Surrender essentially.


Message to someone? Who knows. 

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what do we know.

us army spent loads on underground training operations



the pop up hospital in central park NY during covid, photos showing baby milk formula next to the beds




the 2 medical boats in NY and LA had no patients but staff on them distraught what they saw.

(cant find video)


many small earthquakes around the world all at similar depths. (how deep are dumbs)


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QAnon fans celebrate Trump's latest embrace of the conspiracy



The meme Trump shared on Truth Social included an illustration of him wearing a "Q" on his lapel and two QAnon slogans -- "The storm is coming" and "WWG1WGA" (Where we go one, we go all).


"At this point, anyone denying that Q was a legit operation affiliated with the Trump administration is in major denial,"

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9 hours ago, TheConsultant said:

Is this the video you were referring to? USNS Comfort. Kind of saying it without saying it. I don't think people fathom the scale of what has been occurring since covid started.

This was never about a virus. 

that might be the one.

you know when you see something once, you know you saw it but you can't remember it fully

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