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Just seen these but don't follow the Q stuff:    

Wanting MAGA and not MIGA is derangement apparently.     I take it you're ready to die for the cause, bam?  

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5 minutes ago, Lord Humungus said:

I approve Q's message and I appreciate what the QAnons do. I'm just very suspicious about who Q really is.

Who is Q?

Q? Well, it's Q innit, ya know, Q, Q! Ya know Q, you know Q. It's Q! 

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12 minutes ago, Lord Humungus said:

Yes, some think it's Israel/MOSSAD/Zionists/Jews behind Q and the QAnon movement. I don't rule that out. But I haven't found proof yet either.

Trump's connection to Israeli intelligence and Israel itself should be enough proof no? Just go look at nearly every official in his ear, all of their alliegances lie in Israel. Even his own daughter is Chabad Lubavich lol. 


Trump himself has already converted to Ultra-Orthodox Judaism, most people don't even know that but there you go.


Connect the dots as many people like to say: 


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