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Silence of the Lambs, Birdman, and Monarch Mind Control


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Did Clarice Starling really get plucked out of the academy and sent to interview one of the most notorious serial killers alive? Now that I think of it...and now that I’ve consciously experienced Monarch Mind Control...seems unlikely. 

When the MK Ultra program was “shut down” it simply went underground and continued under the name Monarch. The Monarch butterfly symbolizes transformation and royalty, but also the Monarch butterfly is notable because it leads a solitary life, never knows it’s mother, and is often cited as an example of genetic memory at work. 

The ability to disassociate is passed down genetically. Certain cultures have the ability to do this better than others, but the ability to disassociate also runs strongly in children of multigenerational abuse, as is my case. 

For the Monarch program a female child with a strong ability to disassociate works best. Females have a higher pain tolerance and disassociate quicker. The child is systematically and sadistically abused from infancy until the personality fractures. The child creates alters to protect his/herself. And those fragments of consciousness are easy to reprogram and manipulate. At about 3 years old the child is tested to see what they have a propensity for; violence, fearlessness, sex kitten programming? The alters can be triggered, even remotely, by handlers using words, songs, or symbolism. Think of Hollywood and all the celebrities that admit to having alters. Think of all the celebrities pictured with butterflies or in front of a fractured mirror which represents their fractured personality... Celebrities however, are the exception in this case as most victims of the Monarch program are not aware of their alters. 

The Silence of the Lambs cover famously pictures the butterfly/moth over Clarice’s mouth. Butterfly imagery is shown in pivotal moments of the film, like when Clarice figures out that Buffalo Bill is making a woman suit AND right after Clarice shoots Buffalo Bill the camera pans to butterfly curtains. (Symbolizing her transition is complete, she had been made a killer). Clarice certainly fits the bill of a Monarch victim, she operates completely alone and is haunted by childhood trauma. Buffalo Bill as well; he places a rare moth down his victims throat and he is trying to go through his own transition with his woman suit because he hates what he is. Hannibal Lector tells Clarice, Buffalo Bill was not born a monster, he was made one through years of abuse. The same comment is made about Francis Dollarhyde by Will Graham in Red Dragon. Francis Dollarhyde was sadistically abused as a child, military background, and shatters all the mirrors in the home of his victims. These monsters were made, just like Manson, Mcvey etc. Still not convinced that the mind control symbolism in Silence of the Lambs was intentional? Director Jonathan Demme then went on to direct a remake of the Manchurian Candidate...


My favorite pastime has always been pacing and imagining other worlds. (A form of disassociation). My memory is still very dark and compartmentalized, but I believe I have a sex kitten alter and a fearless alter. Sex kitten alter because I was highly and inappropriately sexualized at a very young age and damning information about my parents has recently come to light. Fearless alter, because when I began to remember the truth and reject my programming, a highly elated and fearless mode was switched on and used against me. I was “Birdmanned”. Remember how Michael Keaton could levitate and move metal with his mind? Comparisons were made to Artemis, who flew too close to the sun.. You can watch the negative programming, working through his x-wife, friend, daughter, and play critic etc. as they try to keep his vibration down...but when that doesn’t work, they use his strength, confidence, and highly elated state against him. Instead of trying to make him fearful, they make him recklessly fearless. He is convinced that he is already dead, none of this matters, and he can fly. Ultimately this belief causes multiple (unintentional) suicide attempts. The final scene is of his daughter looking at the sky as if he’d flown off instead of jumped to his death, but I believe that was only in his minds eye. ..I guess he shouldn’t have turned down Birdman 4.. The original ending actually featured Johnny Depp sitting in front of a poster for Pirates of the Caribbean 5. I actually think Birdman was just a boast, of what they can do to celebrities who stray from their programming. Needless to say, just like Silence of the Lambs, it won best picture. 

What personal experiences or movie examples do you have to share on the subject of mind control? 

PS: I’ve also heard from targeted individuals that the main objective of Monarch was to create a superior human. Suffering is the souls currency and the thought was by inflicting the maximum amount of trauma and giving a minimum amount of love that new levels of consciousness could be unlocked and then again..passed down genetically. Thoughts? 

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