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What are your thoughts on Dr Steven Greer?


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4 hours ago, Dickwan said:


I agree with a lot of what you say, but in my opinion - and I would go further and boldly suggest it's common knowledge - Billy Meier was a common or garden hoaxer, grifter and fraudster, so no more or less credible than Steven Greer... what with his cultist CSETI scam (charging schmucks thousands of dollars to witness him vectoring in invisible UFOs, and passing off photos of moths as extraterrestrial entities etc). 


 I am Not saying Billy is any Good espcially since He and His FIGU group are in line with the Georgia Guide Stone.. You must all die but we will live on to protect the Earth from you scum lesser mortals that do not deserve life..   But until he was side tracked by that line of thinking and grifting as you put it He did have some genuine stuff just got messed over by being told your a prophet, so lets make profiet off your new prophet status..   So just another money maker, With Micheal Horn head profeiteer, who claims to be so spiritual but has more Agression than a Stag in rutting season as his name would suggest.. Horn and Greer go at it butting heads,


Horn, "My UFO's are better than Your UFO's..".. 

Greer "Why Don't U.  F O ff? "  ..

Horn "Make me, but go on admit Billy has Better Contact than You do!"..

Greer "I got Friends in the CIA and they got friends in Space Ships who can abduct you any time I do my protocols"

Horn "Ok, you win but just admit Billy is Better!"

Greer "No, Who is he again?"

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