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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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2 hours ago, motleyhoo said:


Yep, and I'm not muttering "WTF?" because of what is happening, I'm muttering "WTF?" because so many people are just willingly believing everything they're told and going along with it.  It's like everyone has lost the capacity for rational thought.



It's the iphone and likes of Whatsapp which are keeping them in trance.

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1 hour ago, Velma said:

Just when the Scots thought we might be getting some respite from 'lockdown' by entering the “second phase” Nicola Stalin, Scotland's wanna-be tin-pot dictator announced it will be worse than the “first phase.”


Rather than the Scots getting some breathing space, Stalin made stifling face masks compulsory on public transport. My local bus driver warned me I won't be “allowed” on without it, so I guess I'll be cycling from now on!


Other changes to the rules permit us to sunbathe and visit one other family indoors, provided we don't use their toilet. The First Minister also said she may even reduce social-distancing to one and a half meters.



Here in Wales they announced their latest round of bullshit today, apparently it's June 22nd for re-opening of non-essential retail, schools re-open on June 29th and then "if the science supports it" they'll allow people to travel further than 5 miles from home on July 6th. That's nice of them isn't it?  I couldn't give a shit about any of this because I've just done whatever I want to do during the lockdown but I am glad that people can try to re-open their businesses. Although how the hell the small independent retailers already on the bones of their arse financially are going to afford to turn their premises into a dystopian nightmare is anyone's guess. All that bullshit and only a limited number of people at a time allowed through the doors after 3-4 months of no income will be an uphill task, I hope many can defy the odds and make it work.   

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Twisted scenarios....


This is to make people question the narrative.....

  1. We can go inside a shop to buy something but we cant go inside the house of other family members
  2. A single person can stay over night in a house of any other family members or boyfriend regardless of the number of other occupants. But you cant stay over night in a hotel/camp site/ other family if you are more than one person.
  3. You have to socially distance outdoors, but you dont have to socially distance out doors if you are police, health care workers, garden centre workers or BLM protesters
  4. You have to wear face masks on public transport or in hospitals but you dont have to wear face masks in a supermarket/shop/office/place of work/house of commons
  5. You can protest on mass outside (if your BLM) but you cant pray on mass outdoors (in a park or any other public place even with social distancing).
  6. You can have a nanny, estate agent, plumber or another worker in your home but you cant have another/other family member/s (unless they are single or a single parent with a kid or kids)
  7. You can go and stay in another accommodation 'just in case' you might need alternative child care but you cant stay in another accommodation otherwise. So as we stand at the moment i have a child and i might need alternative child care so in theory i should be able to book an alternative accommodation that has alternative child care included or as an option? That can also be as a couple as well as a single patent. (Thanks Dominic Cummings for this potential holiday option).
  8. i can go to a shop socially distancing but i cant go to a church, cinema, football game, restaurant, theatre socially distancing.
  9. I can work with colleagues without social distancing but yet i have to social distance with everyone els
  10. I can protest for Black Lives Matter without social distancing but i cant protest for any other cause without social distancing. Nor can i gather with any other group larger than 6 persons outside without social distancing unless it is a BLM protest.


This is just a few examples that could be used to wake people up, please add to this with more examples, and /or share, or turn into a meme or whatever. It shows hypocrisy. Also take a look at Keir Starmer and tell me has he or has he not had his cut cut in the last 12 weeks and also do the same with others. Some look home cut as does Boris but he always looks like that and therefore he has had a cut. Then there are those with short back n sides that would have been beyond the wifey.




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4 hours ago, chocomel said:


Excellent explanation!

It is all part of the programming, including the bible, movies, to see everything from us and them, good vs evil.


Meanwhile they push RAM their LGBTP Brave new Hollyweirdo Shabbatean normal down our throats..


Time to get medieval..purify.???

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7 hours ago, motleyhoo said:


Yep, and I'm not muttering "WTF?" because of what is happening, I'm muttering "WTF?" because so many people are just willingly believing everything they're told and going along with it.  It's like everyone has lost the capacity for rational thought.



I don’t think the vast majority of people ever had the capacity for rational thinking; if they had, the world wouldn’t be in the state it’s in now.


Said it before; I’m at home reading/watching ‘our’ perspective of what is going on, then I have to go to work or whatever, and there’s a huge crisis going on ?


I have to check myself most times and adjust to that; it’s still very disconcerting; real wtf moments.

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7 hours ago, zarkov said:

Thats the fear and confusion that is operating - people literally have lost their minds. 

That is how divisive and clever those who have planned this are.


 No, it’s how dim the majority of the human race are.


We play right into their hands.

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My weekly trip to the grocery stores and most went well except to Whole Foods which has become such a disappointing store. When I worked there they had us watch a WF history video, which actually can still be found on yotube, and it was such an inspirational story. A bunch of hippies back in the 70's or 80's who loved to eat good healthy food started a market and worked hard as a team to grow the business for the community. One of those good old American dream stories. I remember sitting there in the back room watching the video thinking what a cool story, I wish I were there in the beginning to help them.


Then as my employment there continued I began to see how the corporate structure ruins people. Overworked, understaffed, underpaid compared to the local real estate market and standard of living. I live fairly frugal too.



I won't get into it too much except to say that of the three stores I visited today for groceries, Whole Foods was the only authoritarian tyrant-like store who tried to enforce a mask on me.


There is a girl who works there, she was there before I started, she's cute, long hair, pretty face, but kind of weird, her attitude and energy she gives off, very strict do as I'm told and don't question anything type. Some days she would say hi to me, other days she would walk past me and not even acknowledge I was there. I kind of had a crush on her but since we worked together I never bothered her, didn't want to make the environment uncomfortable so I said hi and that was about it. I wonder if she is gay. She would always walk on her break with this other girl who wasn't very nice to me either, even when I would say hi to her she would ignore me. Like, really, wtf.


Anyway so I go in there today and there is an employee with a small stand set up just inside the door, I walk right past him because I had a feeling like he would say something about me not wearing a mask.


I get inside and I noticed another female employee who was cool, an Asian girl, she usually said hi to me and sometimes we would joke and talk a bit if we were in the same aisle. She of course was wearing a mask and when I turned around and saw her she quickly turned away instead of saying hi. While I gathered my oranges I noticed that she had gone over to another female employee and was talking to her and they were both looking over at me. I'm sure they were talking about my lack of a mask.


I finished bagging my oranges and headed over to another aisle to grab one more item. I saw another female employee who actually we had orientation on the same day, we got hired on at the same time and struck up a work friendship. She was sweet, hard workers, just one of those overall really nice persons. Last time I saw her she had mentioned how she quit and it was her last day. I was kind of happy for her that she was getting out of there. I wished her well and paid for my items and left.


Well, as I was heading to the check out today I saw her. She immediately said hi, I replied hi. She asked how I was and I said doing well. I asked her how she was and she said was good. I asked her, I thought you quit..... she said I did but I couldn't make it so I had to come back. She works another job as a server for a popular cafe in town but she still needs two jobs to make ends meet. So she went back to WF. We said our, it's nice to see you, see you later's, and I walked up to the customer service desk because I remember that WF now is only taking debit card, credit card, or gift card at most of their registers. So I went to the customer sevice desk where the cute but not so nice girl happened to be tonight, she has been a manager for a while.


She recognized me immediately and said, Oh hey.... followed by a , "where's your mask?" I replied, I don't have one. She said, well, we like everyone to wear a mask. I replied to her, it can cause hypercapnia, do you know what that is? She ignored it and then she said again, we ask that everyone wear a mask. I replied, I'm not an animal and I'm not a slave, I'm a human being. She immediately became very aggressive to my surprise. "Well I don't want you breathing on me". ! :classic_rolleyes: I replied, I'm not breathing on you. Mind you she is behind the counter. She quickly rings me up all agitated, hands me my change and then quickly turns her back to me. I say loudly to her, "good luck!" and I turn to walk out. I tell the kid sitting at the door good luck too as I walk past him.


I get out to the car and I think, wtf just happened. The girl I thought was so cute totally turned into a brainwashed bitch drinking that corona koolaid. It's so sad to see the beautiful store which once had so many healthy items destroyed by the cabal and that shithead jeff bezos.


I've worked for four major grocery stores from upscale WF to regular grocery store and they all have one thing in common when it comes to employees.... people who lack actual food knowledge. It's amazing how backwards the world is.


The "doctors" working in the healthcare industry, none of them are required to take a nutrition course, the true way to heal, most of them are big pharma lackies.


The people who work in grocery stores actually know nothing about food in terms of alkaline vs acid and which items are good for you and which are bad. So many unhealthy people work in these two industries, "health" care and grocery which just goes to show you the lack of knowledge among these college "educated" people.


One of the other stores I visited today, I won't say which it is, because they did not enforce a mask on me, I walked right in past the man who said hi, I said hi, and kept walking. Cool.


As I walked in I noticed one other guy walking in at the same time as me without a mask on. After I was in the store I looked behind me to see if he made it in and he did and he acknowledged that we both made it in. We both exchanged some common words and he said something about how the mask decreases the immune system to work effectively due to lack of oxygen, I agreed, we kind of laughed about the whole thing, and we went our separate ways.


Out of all those people today at the store I encountered only ONE other person without a mask.


Jeff bezos and his General manager lackies at WF have managed to brainwash many of  their employees with fear about corona virus bullshit. Someone needs to inform those clueless people that it's fucking JUNE now and that it is highly unlikely that they will get any sort of virus in the middle of summer and that IF they do get sick, it's because they are breathing in their own CO2 all day. Bunch of morons.


Anyway, that's my rant for the day. The cabal with their masks can piss off.

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I think David Icke hit the nail on the head. In his video on corona virus, which I can’t locate currently because it has been buried by a ton of other spurious videos...he says that the corona virus test simply tests for a compound that healthy cells secrete when they die. Healthy cells die for a multitude of reasons...including FEAR. Including breathing in your own carbon dioxide all day because you are wearing a mask. Depending on where the threshold For this compound is set...everyone or no one would test positive. The disease is in the media and the medical establishment that has been pressured/incentivized to list Covid as the cause of death for cases that would have previously been categorized as pneumonia, flu, respiratory, or unknown. 

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Let's not forget, the Doctors at the Stanford Medical Center, all the way back in early March, reporting in the Wall Street Journal that there was never a pandemic, that the WHO's math was wrong by many orders of magnitude due a mistake in their statistics called "population bias".   In order to calculate the death rate of a virus outbreak, you need to test across a random spectrum of people, then of those people who die, you test if they're positive.  The WHO, instead of testing across the population randomly, only tested people who were sick with something, all with symptoms fitting a certain profile.  It's like they were intentionally spiking the data.  The last 4 times they've declared a pandemic they did the exact same thing, like spiking the data is standard procedure for them. This is fraud and there is no other name you can give it.  It cannot be an accident, because no college graduate with any kind of background in statistics would ever make a population bias mistake. Not to mention there would have to be at least 2-3 people higher up signing off on the data before declaring a pandemic.


Those Doctors also said the Wuhan story is complete bunk, and that the time of declaring a pandemic there were likely already 5-6 million infected people all over the globe.  So, of course when they started testing people here and there they got positives.  The whole thing has been a sham from beginning to end.


Then, we have the WHO and the CDC both saying that for anyone middle age or younger, the symptoms will be mild, and that only the elderly are at risk.  This is no different than the seasonal flu, and yet now we get told to wear masks, everyone social distance and everything is still basically shutdown. 

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I really feel for you lot who are still going through the lies and insanity; it’s truly truly mental.


Here in NZ it’s business as usual, especially if you keep away from msm bullshit.

Hardly see any masks at all.


Im not holding my breath though that it will stay this way; we’re coming to the middle of winter here, flu season, so I’m expecting the second convid outbreak anytime. 


Enjoy it while it lasts.

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3 hours ago, Messenger said:

Stopped at my garden today for some watering. Damn aphids attacking my zucchini's. Some strawberries coming in. I'm going to drop off some lady bugs tomorrow night.


try adding 2-3ml dissolved molasses when watering

the plant is ill, hence the aphids

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News break ,Australian state  boarders to remain closed as number of covid cases sore ( fuck me it have wings now ,obviously the virus has mutated ) as the world health origination said the covid virus has reached a critical phase.

The critical phase is the average Joe has started to realize that it is all bullshit, here comes the second wave . is it like a Mexican wave but goes around the stadium twice.

I'm sick of this shit

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