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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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7 minutes ago, Illmatic said:


Oh my god, I'm going to need years of therapy after seeing this, thanks a lot.


We thought Pol Pot's killing fields were bad... at least he wasn't letting large groups of regular people walk around a shopping centre 😱

What does it say,as i dont speak swedish.

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1 hour ago, Chris K said:

Jesus! - bring on the hitler youth movement. I wonder if they’ll get a uniform. 

Once they were carpark attendants, then traffic wardens - now they can be ambassadors, or in other words - fucking jobs worth’s. 


I see also certain areas of the UK will get door knockers to their homes to test them for Covid. Must be the numbers are dwindling and they need numbers to propagate MORE fear! 



We have an entry phone.

Anybody on the intercom saying they wish to swab me will get a Klaxon Horn back at them followed by a swift 'fuck off'

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3 hours ago, Captain Falcon said:


Do you think flu and pneumonia are jealous of covid? "I wish we were that virulent" "yeah, we used to be the big boys but now we're out of work". 

A virus so virulent they're making adverts saying "act like you've got it". A virus so virulent they have to keep reminding us it "exists" with endless press briefings and charts and lockdowns and mask wearing and social distancing, signs and notices all over the streets. 

Coming out with phrases like "new normal" "covid deniers" "antivaxxers" "conspiracy theorists". Fines for going out without a good reason.  Police Intimidating old ladies in shops. Surely the virus would be intimidating enough, why the police state tyranny stuff?

Surely a virus so powerful and virulent that it's killed flu and pneumonia would be self evident. We're being gaslighted the shit out of. We're being threatened. We're losing our jobs. We're losing our businesses. Not because of a "virus" but because of the responses to a "virus". 

They pulled "covid" out of their arses. It's a con. It's been a con from the start.



Have you got an argument?

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Ah, what a laugh I've just had.


My partner came home from work to tell me that the person's house he was working in was having a rant that there were lots of people out for a walk today (whilst she was out for a walk! Hypocrite.)

Her and my Dad (who my partner works for) were having a jolly good discussion about how bad people are and how folk in the UK can't behave and that's why things are so bad here. People not following the rules etc.


My partner kept quiet as he's had enough trying to get through to people who don't listen, but it wasn't easy to do!


Apparently my dad also questioned someone for not wearing a mask the other day. I could cringe until Kingdom Come for that one!


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3 hours ago, Morpheus said:

@Ergo Storm in addition, since you think this virus is real, can you explain why various governments around the world, through FOI requests, are unable to produce evidence of the said virus being isolated, purified and tested as per the Koch Postulates, the 100 year old gold standard for isolating viruses? 




This is one country, there have been many that have failed to produce like the above. I assume, due to your superior intellect, you should be able to provide an answer were these government's have failed. 


The Koch Postulates don't apply to viruses.  

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2 minutes ago, Ergo Storm said:

And don't speak to me like that again, or I'll turn on you.


Would you like to 'turn' on me?


I really dislike someone posting that they are vastly more intelligent than others.


At the most this is a variant of the normal flu .... but it is more likely that it is nothing more than the flu rebranded (which I said back in March) and is being used to 're-set' this realm.


The amount of people being harmed by this is massive .... so I do not agree with you.

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Quebec is in its fourth week of curfew based on the PCR testing fraud. In my estimation reports like these indicate that the government through the telecoms have been monitoring cellphone chatter and discovered the people are really getting pissed at this bs fascist crap. So, cases go down just before they announce the lifting of curfew, for now. This farce has evolved into a circus of kneejerk reactions.

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1 hour ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

> elites want people to think the world is run by some evil nazi white men

> people play into their hands by blaming nazis


We're going to lose aren't we?


Edit: Not a dig at anyone, but I'm concerned that our optics are helping bring in the NWO. Start Early Life checking otherwise you'll be blaming the wrong people like Malcolm X said.


If you say we're going to lose, then you might as well not bother.


Do not let negativity enter your mind. Don't complain. 


Build yourself up. Make yourself stronger, more knowledgeable, nimble, ready. It's gonna be a very nasty battle, but there will be only winner. And it won't be them. 

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1 hour ago, SimonTV said:

Apparently they have administer 9.4 million vaccines, don't know if they count doses or individuals, I got a feeling its doses. So assuming its individuals and assuming they started some time around December and not October. Then that would mean they are managing around 1 million vaccines per week. At that rate to vaccinate everyone would take 1 year. As the vaccines only last 1 year, that would mean a never ending vaccine schedule that runs continuously.  




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3 hours ago, SimonTV said:

New study claims virus can spread through talking. They used their magic models again to create junk science. 





Yes that's reminded me of some lunacy the last time my hairdressers was open.


The staff were moaning about not being able to hear their radio properly, 'Because of the Government's ruling, because of Covid'.


Intrigued, I sought clarification of this monkeyshine, and was told that if the music was at the normal level, people would need to raise their voices to be heard, resulting in more spittle (inside their masks, don't forget!) causing more spread of the disease.


My incredulity at this was met with defensive belligerence.


I was uncertain whether to laugh or cry.

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38 minutes ago, Illmatic said:


Oh my god, I'm going to need years of therapy after seeing this, thanks a lot.


We thought Pol Pot's killing fields were bad... at least he wasn't letting large groups of regular people walk around a shopping centre 😱


Deeply CON-CERNED. Stockholm Syndrome definition should be redefined as Covid Syndrome, or Covid Bizarro I call it..




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1 minute ago, ink said:


The 'problem' is the actions of supposed authority along with the limited number of 'scientists' on the main stream shit.

Actually "First against the wall will no longer be the lawyers .... it will be those in media."


This is so true.  There have been quite a substantial amount of scientists speaking out against the validity of what is going on.  I have seen no mainstream media doing the same, instead I see media platforms censoring alternate viewpoints, not allowing the freedom of speech that 'journalism' is supposed to hold in high esteem.  It has been disappointing how much has been censored and removed.



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Take this message however you like. But I'm going to give it anyway...


This is a David Icke forum right. So I presume you guys respect and believe in the man and his message. 


What has he told us about human sacrifice? Why do they do it? So these fking alien fcks can feed and get high on the adrenochrome. You understand. This is not a story this is actually real.


What is adrenochrome? chemical compound derived from adrenaline. A souped up version right and upgrade.


How often do they do these sacrifices? Get this A Grade gear? Every now and then right.


So how do you think they satiate they hunger the rest of the day? 


Could it possibly be from adrenaline? Or the energies of the chemical? It has the same content. And what about cortisol? This is produced from the adrenal gland. Could this be a food source also? Derived from the same place right......


What does stress, depression, negative emotions, FEAR do?


It produces these same chemicals!!


This is their bread and butter food source.


We're all living 24/7 in these emotions especially in these times, they're having a bloody feeding frenzy..... this is why people are becoming ill.


Solution: to be on your guard 24 fking 7 for any negative emotions, do not entertain those fkers at all. Do not watch violent films, negative songs, be around negative people, lets stop writing about our problems and focus on the solutions.


Lets not feed these fkers anymore....


Now I am normally a rational person, and what I have just said puts me in the realm of "out there nutter" - but I have my reasons for saying it and take it, laugh at it as you like.


Peace my brothers.



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