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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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23 minutes ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

Two days ago (the 29th jan) , sees the 2nd reading, if passed it will immediately proceed to the 3rd reading and so on, it contains the most draconian powers ever proposed in peace-time Britain. 
It will be rushed through parliament and the powers will last 2 years, the powers will affect freedome and take away rights.
Forced detention of anyone, including children, and for any amount of time.  Authorities will forcibly take biological samples from your body, powers last up to 2.5 years, state surveillance safeguards weakened, protections from forced detainment under mental health act lowered, cremations enforced against personal & religious wishes.
It also inemnifies the health service should they fail for whatever reason.
Only ONE medical 'officer; is required to sign off the 'compulsory treatment order'




All I can say is it's a bloody good job we stopped the Germans from invading back in 1940. We'd all be speaking German now. They would have put us all in camps. Rule Britannia and God Save the Queen.

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Calling all Barbers/hairdressers.....Become a fim production studio - rebrand your company - prfectly legal - tried in Ontario, Canada, try it over here?

Maybe rebrand as an essentail film/and or audio and/ or podcast production studio, to achieve this re-brand of your business we recommend the use/purchase and hire of equipment or signage that indicates this, although, not essential, you can simply use your mobile phones to record or take photos of the process, you will not be officially 'open for business' and will not be taking any transactions or seeing any 'customers' but instead 'actors' 'models and guests' for the show or promotional video you are creating:


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19 minutes ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:


All I can say is it's a bloody good job we stopped the Germans from invading back in 1940. We'd all be speaking German now. They would have put us all in camps. Rule Britannia and God Save the Queen.


Stop! You'll confuse the bulldog nationalists that still think our govt cares.

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3 hours ago, Velma said:

As predicted, the experts are claiming that if they were to ease the lockdown now, there would be a spike in deaths, even with a vaccine. The modelling suggests a third surge in infections and deaths, of a scale similar to last spring, would follow in April.


The Warwick paper finds that even in a best case scenario, in which vaccines stop 85 per cent of transmission in those vaccinated, lockdown would have to be kept in place until the end of May to prevent another significant spike in deaths.


The paper models different scenarios for unwinding social distancing. Which one is ultimately chosen by ministers will hinge on the efficacy of the vaccines in preventing transmission, something likely to differ between products.


If the vaccines provide an average 60 per cent block on transmission, which experts hope, then ending lockdown at the end of May and reverting to the social distancing measures that were in place in early September produces the fewest deaths in the Warwick model.


However, those restrictions – which included a prohibition on large events – would have to be maintained until the end of the year. A Government spokesman said: "At this early stage in the vaccination programme, scientists do not have sufficient data to advise how the vaccine may affect onward transmission.  


In other words, they don’t know if their many and varied vaccines provide immunity or stop transmission, which beggar’s the question, why are they promoting and administering it so aggressively? Test that shit first to see if it works!! Otherwise, you would be better off and safer, taking Lemsip.






They are already trying to spin it, that the virus is adapting to the vaccine. Rather than admit it has no real immunity as claimed.

No explanation for the rise in care home deaths after they've been poisoned.

New clinical trials raise fears the coronavirus is learning how to resist vaccines


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Well, not strictly a 'must watch' but some figures showing that the 4717 death for those aged between 0 - 59  out of a UK population of 50.610 million people (between 0-59) is only 0.009% fatality rate.
(that is a 99.991 % survivability rate)
This combined with a virus that has NOT been isolated and proven to exist  - and this combined with a so-called government that refuses to have a full-on OPEN scientific debate with top virologists & doctors over the world - all looks pretty shady to me?  
Not even a decision to be awake is necessary -  you'd think more people would see these sorts of things (even without the help of the one-corporation media)  and through their own research and come to an 'obvious' realisation wouldn't you?

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Message to the misguided fear-ridden lemmings:
you do realise that you would have NO CLUE about 'corona' if you're television hadn't told ya?
"you wouldn't know there was a pandemic, and if there was a pandemic, you wouldn't even need them to tell you, it'd be so obvious"
" a deadly pandemic would be obvious - cuz you'd see it with your own eyes"
This long video shows the 'heroes' of the NHS soooooooooooooo busy and over-run that they have time to dance and make videos in the corridors pretending to be trapped in cages, wow?  the hospitals are at 'breaking-point' are they handcock?  Actually this is a really nice condensed video of the silliness that the heroes of the NHS have been up to of late:
      here: https://lbry.tv/@JohnThor:0/new:5image.png.8e6bd1a037e9f6b6318a998d6017503c.png

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6 hours ago, DarianF said:

WESTERN AUSTRALIA. One fake case triggers FULL LOCKDOWN...



... Just in time for the vaccine of course 🤯

..... which will be voluntary and no mention of vax certificates like the EU is wanting

From the horses mouth himself, Aussie health minister :


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2 hours ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

Well, as far as I can see, the 30th Jan shop open day was a let-down, it was here anyway, gutless retail shop owners, (most of them)  Here's is s stand-up person with guts in scotland:

we had,or should have the rebel day here to.....nothing happend 


now i'm 100% sure all these news about "opening up" were/are just propaganda,to soften up any resistance(not that we had any,anyway)


it's controled opposition if you wish,one post with one video and the conspiracy people as a driving force to spread it 


they boost hope and then lower it and thus prolonge the plandemic....


now that people have swallowed the hook this will last years,with tighting and easying of the restriction they ensure passive humanity

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1 minute ago, allymisfit said:


Eerily similar to Satan in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer!



What a great scene that is, even though it's a childrens' movie it's made me tear up every time I've seen it. Watching the little people, sneering as they grieve over their dead loved ones and then crushing them with a swipe of his hand. That's what we're up against here, unspeakable evil with nothing but contempt for us.

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