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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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2 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


Well I saw a Twitter from Elon Musk in November saying something Is fucky after he'd had 4x tests, one immediately after the other, and 2 of them  were positive and 2 negative.


I don't have a Twitter account, but saw it posted - can't recall if it was here or elsewhere. Nor would I trust Musk as far as I could shot-put the little weirdo. But never the less, it was interesting.

Lmfao so true, hes such a faux intellectual.

Hes almost robotic.



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2 hours ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

Happen.network have put together this documentary about the new normal arising out of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and investigate what the controllers have to gain out of it at our expense.


It is also on Bitchute in case Youtube takes it down.






Excellent video which I have just forwarded to all my family. I look forward to them not speaking to me ever again based on their beliefs about everything going on just now, but I am done with all this. If they love me they will do as I asked them and watch this video. If it doesn't at least make them reassess their beliefs, then there is really no hope left for them. Either I am mad or they are.

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2 hours ago, zArk said:

also symbolic as the changing of ages sees the changing of religion, the transhuman religion will be seen as starting with this injectable


With that comes the passing of the baton from one bunch of psychopathic bloodlines to another (every family gets it's turn and the Dan tribe's time is up). Falling empires will be ruling and not by chance either.

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1 hour ago, Bullion said:

So the new Communion then, instead of the wafer and wine, step forth and receive thy injection of nanotech...lol

It is a ritual ....

 the jab in the arm will be part of the new service.  Mandated regular updates with security patches for the commodities to secure the economy. The new God

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1 hour ago, Grumpy Owl said:


My sister is currently living with her boyfriend who shares a house with his brother.


A couple of months ago, the brother was 'tested positive' at work (I'm not sure what he does for a living) and told to 'self-isolate' at home despite having no symptoms. As a result both my sister and her boyfriend also had to isolate - neither of whom had any symptoms either -  and both sent off for tests, which came back negative.


So all three were stuck at home for ten days or so, despite not being sick or having anything wrong with them.


Sadly this wasn't a 'lightbulb' moment for them and they still believe all this is real.


Its pure muppetry.

Im gonna end up turning into Andy and just telling people how it is




So I told him to fuck off or he'd get an almighty slap from me and I called him a cheeky cunt for good measure.


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Guest Gone Fishing...
13 minutes ago, Odie Hatzcats said:

Don't think these have been posted but f it anyway lol










This reminded me of a whatsapp message l got from a very good mate.
l've screenshot the message and redacted his name and the location and the name of the hospital it's near.


funeral business statements.jpg

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59 minutes ago, owen said:

Just passed a young woman jogging now, with a mask, Jesus wept 🤣


See this is the sort of retardism that astounds me....


Same with people on their own in cars with them.

Im surrounded by zombies......


....literal zombies.


They've been primed with decades of media and its resulted in the subsequent headfuckery and they dont know their arse from their elbow....literaly dribbling batshit Tellytubby heads



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14 hours ago, oddsnsods said:



Preston councillor rushed to hospital with severe Covid vaccine side-effects






they've removed the article and i can't find any mention of it anywhere online the bastards .... only on his twitter he says he had a bad reaction but still supports getting stabbed.

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1 hour ago, allymisfit said:

Ironic, isn't it? 

He gets the jab to "prevent" such symptoms and ended up with them...

Yet he is happy he got it..

I can't quite wrap my head around it...


(i). Wishful thinking.

(ii). Saving Face.

(iii). Career/self-preservation - councillor, works for the NHS, etc.

(iv). Closely-related to (ii) above, heavy social and emotional investment in Believing.  Major sunk cost.  If he comes back and says that he made a mistake, he's admitting he has been fooled.  Not good if he's a councillor.  Ego thing.

(v). He works for the NHS - institutional/ideological loyalty.

(vi). Peer pressure - newspaper article will have embarrassed him, as he will not want to be seen to be stepping out of line.  Needs to set the record straight - "Glad I did it"..."Yes, suffered terribly, but it's worth it to save [the whales/NHS/panda bears/your kids].


Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four sets out a concept called Double Think - the ability to hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time and believe them both to be true. 


You are pointing out that he has just suffered the illness the vaccine was supposed to prevent and these symptoms appeared after he took the vaccine, which is unlikely to be a coincidence.  In other words, 2 and 2 make 4 or 22 - conventional maths and logic.


However, the vaccine is DoublePlusGood and We Are Fighting The Pandemic In Eastasia, who as we all know are at war with Oceania.


Travelling alone brother?  Do you have a permission pass?

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Don’t think this has been posted here yet. 
I thought this might be a factual but light hearted , quirky piece from Corbett but it’s probably one of the best things he’s done in my opinion. A brilliant recap of the absolute bullshit propaganda of the last year, the lies, deceit and hypocrisy put together with good humour. 
I would say very shareable but obviously anything longer than 2 minutes is a struggle for the branch covidians 



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Incentivising?  That's blackmail, isn't it?


Anti-vaxxers who refuse Covid jab could be BANNED from pubs, restaurants or even their workplaces under radical new plan

  • Gladys Berejiklian has proposed a radical plan to 'incentivise' the COVID-19 jab
  • Under the plan, unvaccinated residents would be banned from certain venues 
  • Some businesses will be urged to make patrons prove vaccination upon entry
  • The federal government will further discuss vaccine rollout in coming weeks


Those who refuse to be immunised against COVID-19 could be banned from pubs, restaurants or their workplaces under a radical plan proposed by Gladys Berejiklian.

The New South Wales Premier has revealed she is considering implementing regulations that would prohibited residents who have not vaccinated from entering certain venues. 

She said the measures would be aimed at 'incentivising' uptake of the vaccine, which is vital to rebooting the economy, and businesses may require patrons to prove they had received the jab.  

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7 hours ago, wingwang said:

An extremist leftist corduroy loving coffee breath stinking Facefook friend of mine posted this. Not got any sound on my 'puter but know the tune and could sing along in my head... Gasp...


It's sick. Tantamount to child abuse...




Arsehole Father brainwashing his kids, looking for attention, probably see him on the BBC breakfast show or ITVs Good morning with Dr Killary and Lorraine Mrs Doubt fire Kelly .

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