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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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21 minutes ago, Velma said:

I had a horrible thought and decided to share it with you. They are compelling us to stay at home, except for specific reasons and only to exercise, for a limited period, close to home. The only the way this could be enforced is by making us wear ankle 'tags' or some equivalent, like offenders do, which activate and sound the alarm when you leave the boundary of your house, your front door. Just sayin'

Move onto a canal boat or into a campervan and subvert their totalitarian restrictions

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10 minutes ago, zarkov said:


That's it exactly, many have been dumbed down to the extent that they can no longer think or are too lazy to think or thinking conflicts with their programming.

It starts at home, continues into education and is constantly reinforced by media. 


It is exactly why I repeat the same simple truth over and over, repetition being the same method that the state system uses to indoctrinate, to attempt to undo the indoctrination. (in vain it seems)

At the very least it is the truth.


Beyond that it is a case of not casting you pearls before swine as the meme goes, nor sewing seed onto infertile ground.

I encounter the same and simply have to walk away quite often and realise its better to talk to receptive folk.



Maybe you're right but when I see people that previously were reflective thinkers turned into aggressively unthinking zombies reciting the official narrative there is perhaps a moral obligation to at least try and give them an alternative perspective

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11 minutes ago, AnarchicBreeze said:

Maybe you're right but when I see people that previously were reflective thinkers turned into aggressively unthinking zombies reciting the official narrative there is perhaps a moral obligation to at least try and give them an alternative perspective


Thats a fair comment and I agree, there is moral obligation, because we all ultimately depend on that comprehension of moral rights being recognised by all. Collectively we are shaping our future. Silence will imprison us.

Specifically though, there are those who we come up against who are not receptive and it is futile to attempt to appeal to their common sense as is is long buried under statist dogma. Its those who I refer to as unfertile.


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13 minutes ago, Bombadil said:



Hsbc threatening to close customers accounts who don’t follow covid rules in their banks. I shit you not! Plus you forfeit your money.


This is all part of their agenda for a cashless society.

Best take out all yer money now why you still can before they pull the plug on us anti-vax'ers.


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2 hours ago, SimonTV said:

We can't exactly quarantine healthy people on the basis of a positive test indefinitely. It is just ridiculous. 


At the moment its cold outside and people don't want to go out so much anyway and they are getting furlough and grant money but come the summer people are going to want to move around again and i think a lot of people will balk at the idea of spending another summer in lockdown

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Am just saying hi. I've been a huge fan of Icke for thirty years, read most of his books and seen him live three times. I used to be a semi regular contributor to the old forum, but only now created a new account. I do read the forums regularly, particularly since this bullshit pandemic started.

Thanks for all the interesting reads on this thread in particular. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute a few things of interest.

I'm a staunch Icke believer....so if he says the pandemic is a scam, I believe him, although it's pretty obvious it's a scam without reading Icke, just by looking at the lame death tallies alone.

I'm also into Paul Levy's theory about the Wetiko mind virus, so I'm Inclined to view the pandemic from the perspective of it being a collective psychotic projection...perhaps a reaction against the rise of Populism.

Whatever the pandemics origin, it certainly is leading to a paradigm shift....life will never be the same again, and it baffles me that so many people are oblivious or disinterested in challenging the official narrative.

Peace out. X

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Good evening / Good Morning my fellow doubters.


Yes I have been tested thankfully I am negative, although that  doesn't really matter does it!


We are being driven under a constant a unforgiving system of bullshit, by that I mean at what point in time has the media had such a grip unto society to deliver their prowess and uphold there rhetoric.   


We are not animals, human beings cannot be kept in a zoo.  It is the wholly inadequate NHS that has landed us in this mess. There is a long line of questioning that needs to be taken place, I have an extensive family. Yes one was taken because of Covid! Although it is not the Covid you think, he was declared dead of Covid. But that was not the case. Fortunately we have a physician in the family is is wholly versed in pneumonia. His diagnosis was completely different. He died of old age and enjoying each and every breath. One of his last days on Zoom (which he thought was some telegram service) Michael.Sue.can you hear me.(quiet sad actually, but quiet hilarious) he certainly was not short of breath. 


Thank you for giving me this platform to express my alternative viewpoint! Normally I would just keep these things to myself although I have found power within this forum. (keep fighting)


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Guest Gone Fishing...
5 minutes ago, Shining-one said:

Covid seems to be a by-product of a regression in society



It's part of the Great Reset Plan Lies.. 



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6 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

The link says:




And Google says:



Were they partners?

Christian Drosten created the first PCR test for Covid-19 after the genetic sequence of the alleged Sars-Cov2 virus was uploaded onto the worldwide gene bank. It started the widespread practice of using PCR to diagnose Covid-19. I read somewhere that 70% of current Covid-19 PCR test kits are derived from his test.


As Dr Wodarg commented in March 2020, with reference to Drosten, "We don't have a new virus, we have a new test".

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7 hours ago, AnarchicBreeze said:

Just had yet another very odd conversation with a total believer who has just had the first jab. Apparently I'm a bad person who is putting those around me in danger by not having the jab. Forget that it doesn't stop you contracting or  transmitting the virus, that the people taking this untested new tech vaccine are unwitting guinea pigs or that previous coronavirus vaccines have caused deadly cytokine storms in test animals. Her interaction was utterly simplistic. I'm good you're bad. I despair



a common sense.PNG

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On 1/12/2021 at 10:01 PM, skitzorat said:

PR as gone operation Warpspeed!

The desperation is nauseating, however, I dont see any other side. Whos on humanities side?

The fractionalization seems to be over which of their "teams" gets to take credit for the finalisation of our collective enslavement and doom. Russia/China/Anglo-Euro-America?


And on an ET level, just another battle between warring branches of the Annunaki Royal family,  fighting again over whos turn it is to take 'ownership' of the Earth now the zodiacs changing.


Any "enlightened" side with actual power to encourage us all to collectively save ourselves and maybe provide a little god damn assistance to do so is sorely MIA.


I share your sentiments. If there are no powers on our side, it seems we're doomed. It also would be a great indictment of this entire ...existence. What exactly would have been the point of our incarnating here? To live under deceit and cruel manipulation for a lifetime and then be destroyed like ants? Seems like a pointless adventure. Even worse, one that could lead to many souls returning home damaged. I don't get why billions of souls would sign up for that. This human experience would only make spiritual sense if it culminated in a heavy public defeat of the evil ones.



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Asda are incredibly proud 🙄


We are incredibly proud to announce that Asda has become the first supermarket to support the NHS vaccination programme, using in-store pharmacies to provide Covid jabs. The first in-store vaccination centre opens in one of our Birmingham stores later this month and qualified Asda pharmacy colleagues will administer the vaccine to priority groups identified by the NHS.

The site is the first Asda pharmacy to be approved to support the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine programme and we are continuing to work with Public Health England and NHS England to assess other sites that could support this programme.

We have also offered NHS England the full use of our 238 in-store pharmacies and qualified pharmacists to support the rollout of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine programme which has just begun, and we stand ready to support authorities as needed in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. As this particular vaccine is easier to transport and store, it could be administered from Asda’s full network of in-store pharmacies."

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Make of this as you will. it was at the top of my page when I logged in, didnt go any further. I'm in NZ and not using a VPN. Why would Maryland Uni be interested in my data, I wonder? lol


(I have a factious FB profile, not that I'm under any impression it makes two shytes worth of difference but still







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