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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

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Fuck the fuck off.

Bit weird saying this. But, Merry Christmas to my friends/family on here, even though I know none of you personally. Good riddance to the sheeples. Here we stand together. So Merry Xmas & A Happy

omg please watch this.     1_4931640710949503228 (1).mp4

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4 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

Chris Witty has crawled up your arse & hes not coming out EVER..unless you take his quarterly of course. 💉




He reminds me of this dude, now turned dudette...


For people of a certain age...



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37 minutes ago, Martin1234 said:

I'm still hoping to get away with being unvaccinated. Might have to try and fake an allergy.


I think if it gets to that point no one will have any choice mate. Better to stand up and say fuck you I won't do what you tell me, motherfucker! 🖕

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In this recently published study by Eran Bendavid, Christopher Oh, Jay Bhattacharya and John Ioannidis (published 5th January 2021), it is concluded that mandatory stay‐at‐home and business closures do not provide any particular benefit to the spread of Covid-19 and, even if small benefit can be found, this is no match for the huge harm caused by the aggressive restrictions.


The paper compares non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) across 10 countries: England, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, and the US and has undergone full peer review. It is found that most scenarios, in fact, point to an increase in growth rate of Covid cases where stricter measures are implemented (although the authors are cautious in this respect).








While small benefits cannot be excluded, we do not find significant benefits on case growth of more restrictive NPIs. Similar reductions in case growth may be achievable with less restrictive interventions.


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1 hour ago, truth_seeker90 said:

I managed to get into Morrisons yesterday without a mask, walked right past 2 security guards. Guess I won't be stepping foot in there again, unless im wearing the hidden disability lanyard.


If you have the opportunity to get your food elsewhere, boycott the place.

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Well, this is interesting!

Police in England say they won't enforce masks in supermarkets | World news | The Guardian

Police in England say they won't enforce masks in supermarkets

Senior officers reject Matt Hancock’s support for greater role in overseeing Covid rules

The police have set themselves up for a conflict with ministers by insisting they will not enforce mask-wearing in supermarkets amid growing calls for tougher Covid measures including a crackdown on the number of people in workplaces.



On Monday Derbyshire police said it had withdrawn controversial £200 fines handed to two women who drove five miles from their home to meet for a walk. Apologising, the force said it had been “working hard to understand the ever-changing guidance and legislation”.

Asked about enforcing rules in supermarkets, one senior police leader said “we won’t be doing that”, adding: “Do people really want the police telling you: ‘that’s not above your nose’? There are no extra officers. Everything else [crime] is still happening. Where is the greater risk: do you put two people in a supermarket not wearing masks before a woman suffering domestic violence?

“You need clearer, consistent messaging, not new rules and more enforcement.”

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I think that a new world record has just been set, when it comes to how many lying freemasons are able to get on TV in only one afternoon. Norris McWhirter is soon going to be temporarily thawed out, so as to quickly verify the new world record live on CBeebies.

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2 hours ago, Basket Case said:


Everyone needs to keep this on their phone to show when needed:




Where did you get this, was it mocked up from the ahem, legality of all this ??

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All legitimate maskless shoppers, surely this IS the time to visit Morrisons and not avoid?

In fact, we should make a list of shops we should visit and make a killing. LOL

This is free money guys. Don't you see?

If you gonna protest, you might as well get paid for it.


I am wondering if you are refused entry by a security guy, do you get to sue the security firm and the shop as well? If so, double whammy.


Sorry no mercy. They should know the law.


EDIT: those photo of people you guys are posting, are freaky. I'm sure they are all either cyborg or alien.



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1 hour ago, Noctua said:

“You need clearer, consistent messaging, not new rules and more enforcement.”

Have they only just worked that out?  After all this time and police Twitter accounts being littered with advice to seek help from abuse when the very government are using the same abuse methods. IE. Financial control. Telling you where and when you can go out. Isolation from friends. What to wear (useless face mask). That is just unbelievable. That the fuckers have only just had the penny drop. Something iffy here. Might be using a softly softly approach until people have had the vaccine. 

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