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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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41 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


In fact a good friend of mine who works in a local hospital recently told me there were far fewer patients than is the norm for this time of year.

Fact Check says hospitals are busy, they just look empty.

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1 hour ago, Orange Alert said:

Time to only shop at traditional, old English-Pakistani, Bangladeshi etc. corner shops and not at the big corporate supermarkets.


I agree OA👍 these type of shops will be making a fortune before long. 

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Guest Gone Fishing...
1 hour ago, truther79 said:

Hancock now "applauds" Morrisons for banning people without masks unless they "clearly" don't have to have one. So now we have to prove it.


Everyone needs to keep this on their phone to show when needed:




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1 hour ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


That's not going to be appreciated. I was chatting to a staff member at a local Morrison weeks ago and she was saying that she refuses to wear one for the same, sensible reasons that I do.

I managed to get into Morrisons yesterday without a mask, walked right past 2 security guards. Guess I won't be stepping foot in there again, unless im wearing the hidden disability lanyard.

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1 minute ago, truth_seeker90 said:

Went to the polish store recently - 90% of people including staff didn't have a mask!


Haha the Polish know what's up. I met a couple of Polish guys when I was in Italy during the summer and asked them what they thought of Covid and lockdowns.


They said, "Yes, Covid is very serious. My neighbour had a leaky roof and when he tested positive and they made him stay at home he was so sick he managed to fix the whole thing!"

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6 minutes ago, vinny79 said:



what does he offer 


absolute prick


He offers an abundance of arrogant self satisfaction and a face that begs to be punched.


Where the Frick he manifested from, I do not know, but I'd never heard of the pip-squeak before he materialised on my TV screen, telling me what I can and can't do.



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3 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

Chris Witty has crawled up your arse & hes not coming out EVER..unless you take his quarterly of course. 💉



those Spitting image dolls look so creepy!   ...... WTF that is real a human! No way he looks like something they unwrapped at the pyramids in Eygpt!

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We are constantly being told "wear a mask to save lives" and if you dont you are unsociable and egoistic !


What if we say We everyone must donate 40% of  their  income to those who are going into fiancial ruin!


Starting of couse with those who impose the restrictions on the rest! and if they refuse say they are being unsociable and egoistic!


cant see many willing to give up 40 % of their income


but it could be a way to turn the tables!

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