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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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Some images of today's demonstration in London (not taken by me personally).                

Fuck the fuck off.

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13 minutes ago, Sit down, Waldo said:

Does anyone know any NHS staff that have refused to be vaccinated? Just wondered what kind of response they've had. I'm sure there'll be repercussions.


£2million in gagging orders for the transparent NHS.


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52 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

Funny you ask, I made a post yesterday saying the exact same thing. Moderna vac is an operating system


very interesting....


I wonder if you will have to apply / be reviewed for the fertility app.

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For shits and giggles thought I'd check out the current UK survival rate according to Johns Hopkins figures:




Cumulative cases (UK):







Cumulative deaths (UK):









(77,470 / 2,845,000) * 100 = 0.0272% Chance of dying


100 - 0.0272% = 99.97% Survival rate




No clapping here, either!

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Are they clapping for hero again? 🤨


As for vaxx being an operating system, I don't need anybody to broadcast their message free or not as my bio-body is perfectly capable of receiving message that I need. IF people want such thing, they should get a subscription from one of the mobile shop outlets.


Anyway, as for the masses that have never heard of illuminati..... when I mention about nanoparticles in vaxx, I can almost see the words flying over their head. It's like, too far from their reality. Of course, we've been exposed to such documentation/info for many years so no surprise there. So I came to a conclusion that...to stick with aborted fetus cells, carcinogens and part HIV protein when I have my 2 mins of fame with people. If you have a speed dating or JV pitch skills...this is the time to use it. Keep it short, on point.

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3 hours ago, Noctua said:
  • Hancock said people may need to have a coronavirus vaccine every six months. He said:

I anticipate we will probably need to revaccinate because we don’t know the longevity of the protection from these vaccines. We don’t know how frequently it will be, but it might need to be every six months, it might need to be every year.


So basically they are injecting something they don't know what....


Try tell this to an average joe blogg..... you'll see their glazed eyes. You might even witness a shutter coming down over their eyes with a 'closed' sign on it.

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3 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


No comment.


He's right in all what he say's, that all leaders will be mostly gay, as the Anti-Christ ( The Son of Perdition), he too, will have no time for women.

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It seems the French are not keen on getting jabbed.  I do think that the UK figure of 77% wanting the vaccine is far too high, but I am not suprised due who the pollsters are and working for.  Maybe the 40% take up figure of the vaccine in France is over inflated as well.


'Excessive precautions'

Scepticism about vaccines in France is making the government's task harder.

Only 40% of French people want to take the vaccine compared with 77% in Britain, according to an opinion poll last week by Ipsos Global Advisor in partnership with the World Economic Forum.




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3 hours ago, truther79 said:

I can see next in line will be the footie.


That'll be put on hold and the plebs won't be able to pass the time watching any sport on the box. 


All of a sudden, covid is running rampant through elite sport. Funny that.

Only because they need the new, state of the art stadiums as vaccination, or detention centers.

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2 hours ago, Bast said:

I had a virus about then too.  Not usually a person to get colds etc.  but this one hit me sideways.  I must have coughed non-stop for 3 weeks/ 24hrs  and it lingered for around 6 weeks.  I coughed so much in the first fortnight that I got double bloodshot whites to the eyes and hubby had to decamp to the spare room and even then he was awake all night with me hacking away!  Horrible.




I caught a really nasty dose of something after going to The Electric in Brixton to see a band (MGMT) in December 2017. It was one of my rare social outings. Pretty much the next day I started to feel terrible. I was sweating profusely, had an awful cough and had absolutely no energy. My appetite went and I could barely eat for 10 days except grapes and a bit of soup. I was inhaling Olbas Oil/Vicks in hot water which is what I normally do if I have a cough. It was one of those coughs that once you start it's hard to stop. I spent most of the time sleeping which is what I normally do if I'm feeling unwell. Also I dosed myself up with paracetamol/codeine (not recommended long term). I was 67 at the time and it was easily the worst thing I've ever had. I actually lost a stone in weight (which I needed to do tbh). I didn't go to the doctors. I had so little energy I could barely struggle down to the shops. It took me about a month to get over the worst and another 2 months to get my energy levels back to normal. That was the last time I was really ill.


Since the original lockdown I've been feeling pretty healthy although I was initially anxious after all the scaremongering on the TV/radio and the resulting  anxiety which can cause shortness of breath. But once I realised it was all hyped up I stopped worrying. I never watch the news because they are basically actors reading scripts. I'm sure they are trained in hypnosis as well. I live alone so I spend most of my time in self isolation anyway (I've been doing this for the last 5 years). I go for a daily walk and a trip to Lidl's twice a week. I take supplements which is something I've done most of my life and I eat fairly healthily. I've no idea what it was I caught when I went to the gig but it proves there are some nasty bugs out there and this one was possibly one of the worst I've experienced in my life.  

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7 minutes ago, Beachcomber said:

Wow! Wtf?

Scottish police enter a private residence to check if occupants are breaking COVID rules! 


These cunts will enter the WRONG house one day and live to regret it.

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39 minutes ago, Mr H said:

Heard all that bollocks my self. Thought  " why don't they give some sort of evidence that covid deniers are wrong". Instead they expect all of us to blindly believe every word they say. Now, now children don't you start having any thoughts of your own, "nanny knows best". Then answered my own question. They cant prove covid deniers are wrong, same as they cant prove them selves to be right. Sadly the majority do believe every word they say these days despite all the lies told to us in the past "weapons of mass destruction any one". Too many people have short memories.

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1 hour ago, zarkov said:


Dr Andrew Wakefield on the vaccine - only 9 minutes long so wont steal your life like a lockdown!




Yes. It says right here it’s releasing GMO into humans. This is the HIV vaccine with the same base as COVID-19 one. With participants testing positive for hiv after the vaccine I’m wondering just how different these two vaccines are. They’ve got the same base. Then there’s numerous articles saying ad5 used in many vaccines increases your chances of getting hiv.  This document I’ve posted before backs up his statement that it is releasing GMO into the human population. 

MVA.HTI and ChAdOx1.HTI B/ES/18/21









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