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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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Guest Gone Fishing...
58 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

Is this forum being denial of service attacked? 


58 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

I can't seem to upload images now either. :(


56 minutes ago, Noctua said:

Something very strange is happening.  Everytime I post, I keep getting my previous post in the reply box and a message that I can't post in quick succession.  Had error messages earlier and the 'submit reply' button was invisible.


56 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Been having this issue myself. After editing the posts they usually show in the feed.


52 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

i've been greeted with this a lot when i enter the site



Please be patient and persistent, it's being looked into..

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4 minutes ago, numnuts said:


I called out Peloton, as a PTB front, ages ago. It makes much more sense to me now.



Everyone honest and decent, who is still left in a position of authority, should consider the following.


Question - 'How do I know when society is cruising towards becoming a vicious police state?'


Answer - 'When every few months, with regularity, I go along with something that I never would have done a few months ago.'



If we are talking PTB countries, then I would bet my bottom dollar on it. The U.S. has already been looted to the hilt. And I mean even more to the hilt, than an unfortunate radish that has been commandeered for use at an after hours masonic social. 



On various threads, on various internet forums, it is very easy to see them in all of their different flavours and varieties. The deeper cover ones are kind of funny. Ha ha ha ha. 😀



When you look at things in different ways and juxtapose certain things, then it is incredibly easy to see the monumental lies we are all being fed. 'Every life matters', given the government's track record on fuel poverty deaths of the elderly in winter and DWP suicides over the past 10 years, being one of the daftest slogans currently doing the rounds.



All of my very elderly folks have said 'Not in our name. None of this is being done in our name.' If there was a referendum now, with the question being 'Do you just want to go back to normal?', then I reckon that 95% plus would vote for 'Yes'. And if the PTB say they are doing it for the NHS, then they can use all of those extra billions they will now have saved can't they.  


Yes, and I think as we can see from the Sir Patrick's comments tonight, we will not be going back to normal, like....ever!


Think people have to accept this reality and take the appropriate action that best serves them and their families.




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Interesting thing I heard today. I’m in the UK - My other half has a friend in the medical industry. She’s is married with two teenage boys. They went to a test centre to get the boys tested re schooling and so her and her husband also got tested. My other half tells me her friend was positive for Covid, but her two sons and hubby were negative. Strange I thought. Then other half confirmed due to friends occupation she had previously (a while back) had a flu jab! 

Her boys and hubby hadn’t had it. 

Surprise surprise PCR obviously picked up flu sars element. So she’s now in isolation! 


Said other half’s father who is 80 odd has terminal cancer and wanted to end his life poor chap. Paramedics were called a week before Xmas and he was admitted to hospital for observation and care. He was routinely tested and guess what - he was positive for Covid - he has not got any virus - has been indoors for months due to bowel cancer. They moved him to so called Covid ward. When the poor chap passes away we are waiting to see what’s registered as cause of death!! 

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8 hours ago, Velma said:

Keir Starmer is going to play the “government incompetence” card for the current state of affairs and the Tories are going to say “mistakes were made, lessons have been learned” and then do it Keir's way.

and you forgot to add "then he got a payrise of £....K" at the end. lol

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14 minutes ago, rideforever said:

PCR Cycles Dropping to 20 ... anyone heard of this or have information ???


So level 4 lockdown will be shown to work, cases go down and then cycles go up again in the summer as they want cases keeping up. The scam is so obvious 🙄

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4 hours ago, Liberty said:


100% effective against hospitalisation and death.  That’s impressive!!  They do not lie do they? 


It sounds like 10 out of 10 cats would prefer the Oxford vaccine.


3 hours ago, Jode said:

I dont think they are acting.... BUT I worked for the NHS for 15 years and cried almost every day, I was exhausted and stressed all the time - that is true of nhs staff because it's so overwhelmingly shit now. It wasnt like that at first and then they got rid of the PCT and they all went corrupt as they became responsible for their own funding so they made cuts to the middle and bottom and increased the lining of the pockets of the top managers. 


I feel for you very much. I was gravely ill and hospitalised, in both autumn 2018 and autumn 2019. I was in awe of the fantastic care I received. The only thing that made me feel awful was seeing how obviously stressed some of the very hard working staff were. The worst one was the junior doctor who first assessed me. The look on his face was one of real despair. My personal view is that all NHS staff should work 8 hour shifts.  


3 hours ago, Ergo Storm said:

It doesn't need to be a lie or a hoax.  It would be easy for a production crew to go into a busy hospital and just film genuinely stressed, emotionally-charged doctors and nurses doing a stressful job and use this to support whatever narrative they want to support.  You mentioned confirmation bias in a previous post.  Have you considered the possibility that the BBC video is an example of such?


Indeed. The very same staff I just referred to having to cope in PPE, with less beds and with more of them at home self-isolating.


3 hours ago, Macnamara said:

The problem is that it wouldn't even need to be a virus. They could unleash ANYTHING that causes harm and then when people start experiencing health problems they could blame it on the 'covid'.


This is exactly why I was speculating whether they hit Tehran with 'something', not a virus, that was non-contagious or not easily transmissible. We don't see eye to eye on china, but that's what free speech forums are about. As one of my old lecturers used to often say, 'If everyone agreed with me all of the time, then it would be fukking boring!'.  


3 hours ago, Macnamara said:

''Chilling Big Tech censorship': YouTube accused of terminating TalkRADIO channel, allegedly for airing views of lockdown skeptics.'


First it was questioning the virus, now it is questioning the lockdowns and next it will be questioning the internment camps.


P.S. I had some more 'threats' today.

Edited by numnuts
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Hi Everyone,

Some may remember me. For those who dont know me I work in the NHS. I posted many months ago. Check my posts by looking at my profile. 

As I said, I work in the NHS Research and Development and I bring more insight into what is going on in the hospital where I work. 

I will say I cannot speak for the whole of the NHS. I will only say what I have noticed in my hospital. 


Anyway, ill begin.....


The vaccination programme has started at the hospital. As far as I know, it is the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine that people are receiving. Now we have been asked not to spread "Anti Vaccine theories" If someone asks what are your thoughts on the vaccine we are not to express opinions and reasons. 

We are conducted a study on behalf of PHE, taking blood samples from staff to check for antibody levels for people who have had "COVID 19"and from staff who haven't had it. I think total of 130 staff members in total.

I remember a few months back there was a report saying that antibody levels are being lost after 6 months. From what I have heard from the positive antibody staff members the levels have not been lost. The reports issued from the lab have always comeback as positive. So I say that news report is full of shit. 

This brings me to the vaccine. I have access to the booking system that is being used. Now believe me when I say the hypnotism is real. There are 4 vaccination teams and the slots are full. Just today I counted at least 100 people who have decided to get the vaccine. I had a look at tomorrow's list and it's the same. 

On the study I have been talking about people who have POSITIVE antibodies are still getting the vaccine! I have no words! So when I read in news reports that frontline staff are refusing the vaccine. BOLLOCKS!!! They are climbing over each other to get the jab. 


We had a webinar about the vaccine in early December, where the head microbiologist, chief pharmacist, head of nursing etc. were talking about the vaccine and staff could ask questions. I tell you, it was absolute nonsense. All the information was pulled off official websites!

When it came to question time, I couldn't hold back. I asked about everything. How and why we are trusting a Pharmaceutical company that has lawsuits for vaccine injury, a company that has a really shady past and not to mention the vaccine that has not been tested and gone through the proper procedures. I was silenced and blocked from asking anymore question! 


People ask me "Are you having the vaccine" 

My answer "Am I fuck, the last vaccinations I received was when I was a child, my immune system is strong enough. Don't need poison for a fucking overhyped flu that has a survival rate of 99%"

People want their "lives" back and by taking the vaccine they think it will return. I laugh at some of the conversations I hear. 

One of our research nurses said....

Quote "Oh I can't wait until I get vaccinated, I am sick and tired of this, I just want my life back. Just give me the jab"

I burst out laughing. The sheep are so DUMB its unbelievable. 


Before the new "mutant strain" was announced the people I work with were pretty relaxed about anti social distancing and the muzzles but since I have been back to work after a 2 week Christmas break it's like they have regressed. It's weird to see. I feel sorry for people. I really do but at the same time I am laughing inside. TRUST OUR LEADERS!

Someone in my office had "COVID" she caught it from her children and passed it around her family. I asked her a simple question "If there was no pandemic, what would you think it was that you caught"

The reply "Oh nothing, just a really bad cold"

My response "Well why the FUCK did you get tested then?"

"Oh because we have to"

This is what we are dealing with folks!  


I've rambled enough. Let me talk about the pampering the staff are receiving. If you look at my earlier posts I talked about airline staff giving NHS staff a first class experience. I originally thought it was only where I work. I have come to find that it is nationwide. Search for "Project Wingman NHS"

The project is so full of SHIT! For example..... Staff have to wear muzzles and anti social distance at all times. However when staff enter the "Project Wingman Lounge" they DON'T have to! It's a joke! 


As the country is lockdown number 3 now the hospital is taking 80 recovering "COVID 19" patients so that other hospitals can free up beds. I made a comment about the NHS always being in trouble over the winter months and beds being removed due to anti social distancing. Can you guess what the response was? 

"Oh the NHS is never in trouble over winter and beds have not been removed, in fact we are being told that the NHS is bursting at the seams due to COVID 19"

People are so amnesiac, it's unreal! 

I have given up trying to point people to information and urging them to research. Let them burn!


Ill wrap it up with a theory I thought of today......


Could the vaccine that is being given and the amount of people who are having it be the next pandemic that Bill Gates has talked about. The one that will gain attention? 

When the mRNA vaccine adopters have exposure to the wild virus. They will get COVID 21 in the winter this year?

Dark winter this year? With the full implementation of "The Great Reset" in 2022/2023? 

I reckon COVID 19 will disappear this summer and the vaccine will be the hero. So when COVID 21 comes around, people will be shouting for the new vaccine. 

This is just a theory/hunch. I have no proof. 


I will post more in due course or when I have more information. 


Keep fighting the fight.

Do not conform!

Do not wear the muzzle and

Do not anti social distance!

Live your life how you want! 


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2 hours ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

The gran killer accusation gave way to hysteria being spawned by media tales of it being mainly children catching the dreaded lurgy. That was back-tracked on when Bojo wanted to keep schools open. Most recently it's been 20 to 50 year olds who have supposedly succumbed.


See - we're all getting a turn at being the most at risk. 


Their tactics are pathetic.


Yes Tin is so blatant & BBC got caught red handed pushing this shit, which is basically GCHQ doom porn to excuse what they intend on bringing in.

No media calling Handcock the grinch on his mutant strain he pulled out his arse, even tho its been debunked as being more deadly & theres been plenty of mutant strains. But doesnt matter how many lies.


Then you have the left pushing constantly for more lockdown, acting like whips.

Check this chosenite treasonous rat.

This is all the left is singing.





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6 hours ago, SimonTV said:

Gyms are already struggling and BBC puts out an article saying how people are exercising without Gyms and will never use them again and how amazing a time they are having exercising without going to the gym. 


They realy want to destroy small businesses. 

Could you post the BBC article about gyms , thanks 

Gyms are a life saver for some people , especially those who are depressed ,trying to stop drinking , using hard drugs and young kids staying away from crime, boxing gyms are essential keeps kids off the streets and teaches them to stay healthy and other skills .

I have used gyms since the 1980s and it acts like a church a place I can go to clear my mind , it's like a second home , now the bastards have closed them, gym users will go into a depression , training at home is not the same , it alright for the arsehole so called celebrity millionaires with their home gyms and huge gardens , the government and media are fucking with people's minds and health and many will die not because of fucking covid shit but because of poor health due to gym closures , drugs , alcohol , depression and suicide .

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11 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:


Yes Tin is so blatant & BBC got caught red handed pushing this shit, which is basically GCHQ doom porn to excuse what they intend on bringing in.

No media calling Handcock the grinch on his mutant strain he pulled out his arse, even tho its been debunked as being more deadly & theres been plenty of mutant strains. But doesnt matter how many lies.


Then you have the left pushing constantly for more lockdown, acting like whips.

Check this chosenite treasonous rat.

This is all the left is singing.





I swear I've just come across Morph on that Twatter feed. 

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12 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:


Yes Tin is so blatant & BBC got caught red handed pushing this shit, which is basically GCHQ doom porn to excuse what they intend on bringing in.

No media calling Handcock the grinch on his mutant strain he pulled out his arse, even tho its been debunked as being more deadly & theres been plenty of mutant strains. But doesnt matter how many lies.


Then you have the left pushing constantly for more lockdown, acting like whips.

Check this chosenite treasonous rat.

This is all the left is singing.





Mason is a Prick , he worked for the BBC for years and Channel Four .

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4 hours ago, Noctua said:

Just posting this again as it has been lost in the last few pages of 'discussion'.


YouTube has removed TalkRadio's channel from its platform.

"TalkRadio is an Ofcom-licenced and regulated broadcaster, and has robust editorial controls in place, taking care to balance debate. "We regularly interrogate government data and we have controls in place, use verifiable sources and give space to careful selection of voices and opinions."


In the 'real world', Youtube would have surely deferred to Ofcom here. I mean, it is quite bizarre how the government rails at Youtube for not doing enough to deal with unregulated content; then Youtube chooses to deal with content that is 'ultimately' regulated by the government.  


4 hours ago, Macnamara said:

Starmer went on to say that doctors and nurses, including his wife, were finding the proliferation of anti-vax propaganda particularly “distressing”




yeah and we are finding your AUTHORITARIANISM deeply DISTRESSING so what about our feelings huh? What about all the lives and businesses being destroyed by your lockdowns you evil tyrannical psychopath?


Constipated Keir's wife finds it quite 'distressing', as everyone on this forum is secretly a neo-Nazi. Very obviously so too. 


4 hours ago, rideforever said:

YouTube have a monopoly that's the problem.


If anything gets too big, then the PTB just buy it. If they can't buy it, or at least effectively control it, then they will threaten and even kill.




4 hours ago, Oakwise said:

Well, indirectly, yes. The policies are set at the top and they're just doing their job. 


I would suggest that the BBC News editor is much more than 'indirectly' involved with what goes on.


3 hours ago, Ergo Storm said:

In the case of Covid-19, it could well be (I'm not saying it is, I only theorise) that there is a real virus.  That would make a lot of sense for all sorts of reasons.  It would explain why the elites haven't attempted this before, because they realised they needed to wait for a real virus with a certain level of virulence to come along.  It also explains the contradictory advice and information issued by governments early on.


It's a "This is our chance" moment.  They take a real virus and exaggerate it wildly and create this whole new repressive infrastructure of legal and social conformity off the back of it. 


If a 'virus' does exist, then it is man-made and it hasn't yet been released into the wild in my opinion.


2 hours ago, Noctua said:

Aah, look - Whitty has just let slip we are in this for the very long run.


Britain could face another winter of coronavirus restrictions if we don't act now to curb the virus, Professor Chris Whitty has warned.

The Chief Medical Officer gave his dire warning as he stressed the importance of people acting now to curb the spread of the virus. He said the risk level will gradually decrease over time with measures being “lifted by degrees possibly at different rates in different parts of the country, we’ll have to see”.


'We'll have to see?'. It sounds like Whitty thinks he is talking to primary school kids. If we 'behave', right, Smeagol's less nice cuz?

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