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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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Kier Starmer's role is to agree with the Tory government and to remove any viable political opposition that could potentially challenge what's being implemented or be a rallying point for public opposition. 


Btw just seen hobby bobbies on the streets writing down the number plates of passing vehicles


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I was thinking about this for a while now. Originally they said there would be a three week gap between first and second vaccinations. All of a sudden it was said now twelve weeks was necessary and would not affect the overall vaccination process of an individual. 
Now if there is something nefarious that will be activated by the second vaccine. I have no doubt somethings in it. A three week gap would potentially mean visible effects appearing before enough have been vaccinated at least once. Obviously in twelve weeks a massively larger proportion of people would be on their way, so to speak. This would mean more are irreversibly compromised by the second vaccination. This benefits the agenda in every way. Once you’ve had it there’s no going back.

Would not be surprised if they suggest an even longer period between both vaccinations.

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3 hours ago, Noctua said:

Furlough and social media disinformation is the reason that the majority of people are sitting in their homes accepting their fate.  The majority are still being paid and they can rant and rave and vent and rage from the comfort of their own home and Twitter account.  


There's a very good reason there are behavioural psychologists on the SAGE group.


But I have a burning question - a lie and a hoax is very difficult to keep.  Someone always breaks rank - it happened with the Iraq WMD fiasco, it is happening with the Covid fiasco, it happened with Watergate.  But why are the media, the journalists so reticent to write that killer Ronan Farrow-esque piece?  Where are the TV discussion shows with more than one group represented?  Without the hysterical 'antivaxxer' angle?


Why aren't the mainstream talking about the suicide rates and the mental health crisis?  I can understand why they aren't touching upon 5G and AI and even the surveillance state, but they aren't even touching upon the 'softer human interest stories'.


I look through the main papers in despair at the lack of variance and investigative journalism.


Or is it just the Western Hemisphere that has become so muted and narrow-minded?


I think you nailed it, mate. 

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Support for businesses retail, leisure and hospitality 

To quality for a one off grant 51k or above £9,000 grant

15-51k £6,000 grant

below 15k £4,000 grant


This is on top of the grants being paid of up to £3,000 a month and can be used for multiple premises.  No wonder businesses are quick to comply. You can receive a nice fat cheque whilst people are out there working minimum wage. 



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1 hour ago, Artmuzz said:

I was reading the new lockdown rules for Scotland and baffled by a contradiction.

The new rules state that you have to stay at home as much as possible yet further down in the list it states that you can go out and exercise as much as you like.


WTF is going on with those contradictions in the lockdown rules.

Because they know it's been -7 degrees in parts of Scotand all week and still not thawing, so nobody wants to exercise.


I have been sledging with my family though! Ha-Ha!

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Just had a news flash today ,segments ( not the virus in it's entirety but pieces) of the covid virus has been found in water treatment plants from Tulley to Stanthorpe in Queensland . I find this story ironic, this coming from the ABC the so called bastion of Australian news and honesty.

The irony is, the story is obviously full of shit just like the water treatment plants, you couldn't make this crap up but idiots believe it

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1 hour ago, HAARPING_On said:

Another excellent article from the UK Column... please read and share - sums up pretty well where we are now and where this is heading...


They may as well scrap the Children's Act 2004 and the 2009 Every Child Matters policy applied to every child from birth until the age of 19, which listed 5 key principles which all children should have rights to. These were to:

  • be healthy
  • stay safe
  • enjoy and achieve
  • make a positive contribution
  • achieve economic well-being
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Gyms are already struggling and BBC puts out an article saying how people are exercising without Gyms and will never use them again and how amazing a time they are having exercising without going to the gym. 


They realy want to destroy small businesses. 

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Just now, Morph said:


Only they aren't dissidents. They are not convinced it's safe yet and rightly so. They are quite convinced the bleedin' virus is real though.

I totally agree, but refusing in the eyes of the establishment makes you a dissident. Is everything ok? You seem a bit tense.

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5 minutes ago, Morph said:


What? The NHS staff in the video are all acting and lying? 



These are NHS workers showing what it is like at work, how is that propaganda?


Oh well, the replies you are making tells me everything about this situation. No amount of argument would work, would it. 


Is this where you put up tikoks of dancing nurses who wanted to show the old British never say die spirit, but it gets distorted to claim "problem, what problem"? I've read loads of this thread and there is a ton of rubbish being written without being addressed. Ah well - I await the torrent of abuse at anyone who argues with you people. No way you are hopelessly wrong - confirmation bias at it's absolute pinnacle.


I never said i was right or wrong. Its my opinion that the BBC are using the said report for propaganda.



As on the other hand, you post a video from BBC and take it for granted that everything portrayed in that clip factual.  Have you never seen anything ever where the media misrepresent the issue or exaggerate the facts.

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2 minutes ago, Morph said:


People in the NHS are telling you it's bad and your first response is that it's a BBC lie. How can it ever be possible to get through to you on the off chance that you are actually mistaken?


Im sorry, but we have had no conversing at all on here. And you presume to talk as if you know my mindset by me posting "Pure BBC propaganda to me."


Your free choice to believe as such, but doesn't mean it is so.

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