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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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I have now been called to the final vaccination deadline as a health care professional. I informed my employer that these vaccines are not technically vaccines, but are "gene therapies" as they employ

You wont believe this.   I just went down Lidls to get some steak.   Security guard calls me out as I walk past & I ignore him. Gets my steak walks to the credit only till

EXPLAIN PLEASE........   People expect so many answers without giving anything back in return.   If the "tin foil hatters" are so nuts, how about the rule followers give some answe

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55 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

They are rolling out Neil Ferguson again.


"Professor Neil Ferguson has given an extraordinary interview to Tom Whipple at The Times, in which he confirms the degree to which he believes that imitating China’s lockdown policies at the start of 2020 changed the parameters of what Western societies consider acceptable.


“I think people’s sense of what is possible in terms of control changed quite dramatically between January and March,” Professor Ferguson says. When SAGE observed the “innovative intervention” out of China, of locking entire communities down and not permitting them to leave their homes, they initially presumed it would not be an available option in a liberal Western democracy:


"It’s a communist one party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with it in Europe, we thought… and then Italy did it. And we realised we could."


There you go, confirmation from the darling of the Government's SAGE committee of a Communistic ploy to lock people down.



- Professor Neil Ferguson, The Times





Ferguson's wife on the right looks kind of masculine. Mistress is in the middle.. What a difference.









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29 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

I thought I'd drop this here. An anthem for the times and quite fitting who the lead is:



Been waiting for a good anti-establishment song. 


Professor Griff of Public Enemy told the truth about the Jewish music industry, but was slated by the Jewish MSM.


Very disappointing he bowed down and apologised like all these high profile people do.


But he's back with a message?


I prefer this one, from some unknowns. I don't agree about Snowden nor possibly Assange..


Banned by Youtube, but reuploaded.








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7 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:



Imagine the number of people that could be listening in as the phone on the nightable transmits a person's orgasmic grunts to some remote listener.




I should be so lucky............last time I got my leg over Blackburn Rovers were Premiership Champions.

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20 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:


Professor Griff of Public Enemy told the truth about the Jewish music industry, but was slated by the Jewish MSM.


Very disappointing he bowed down and apologised like all these high profile people do.


But he's back with a message?


I prefer this one, from some unknowns. I don't agree about Snowden nor possibly Assange..


Banned by Youtube, but reuploaded.








Are you able to provide any links to an apology? I know he's been very vocal in the past, never seen him apologise for it, hence why he was kicked out of Public Enemy. Kept Flave though! 🙄

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1 hour ago, Morpheus said:

I thought I'd drop this here. An anthem for the times and quite fitting who the lead is:



Been waiting for a good anti-establishment song. 


1 hour ago, Golden Retriever said:


Professor Griff of Public Enemy told the truth about the Jewish music industry, but was slated by the Jewish MSM.


Very disappointing he bowed down and apologised like all these high profile people do.


But he's back with a message?


I prefer this one, from some unknowns. I don't agree about Snowden nor possibly Assange..


Banned by Youtube, but reuploaded.









1 hour ago, Golden Retriever said:

Also from Guydence. Another anti anti lockdown song from a rapper.


"Rothschilds, fake Jews, Rockefellers, fuck the New World Order"


Good stuff




1 hour ago, Morpheus said:

Are you able to provide any links to an apology? I know he's been very vocal in the past, never seen him apologise for it, hence why he was kicked out of Public Enemy. Kept Flave though! 🙄


Covid Mega Thread. 

Here's protest songs:



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On 12/25/2020 at 2:59 AM, Shining-one said:

Apparently Boris did his degree in Latin. Not knocking that as such. I knew one or two very smart people who studied Latin. The snag is though it doesn't cover what you'd expect for leading a country. Except maybe comparing 280 A D. to western civilization in 2020.


19 hours ago, DarianF said:


When all you have to do is read a script, handed to you by your masters, then a Latin degree is enough.


18 hours ago, Liberty said:

Can I ask you all to download Boris Johnson is a fucking cunt from Spotify😀

Come on. Let’s get this to number 1. It sounds good too.  


14 hours ago, Shining-one said:

Boris doesn't strike me as a bad person as such. He's very typical of a slightly dizzy uni academic. He became quite ill and is now convinced Covid is a huge threat. I don't see him as part of a group of fascists. He just believes the spin. I was once impressed he defended a mugging victim in London and intervened to help. That at least shows a bit of bottle. Maybe the truth is Bozza would have been better off teaching Latin at a uni dep - he has taught kids at school. When thinking of the 15th century witch persecution, I gather there were many ways evil manifested itself through people. Some people were simple and fearful so reported witches due to their hysteria. Others were caught up in the bureaucratic system. A few others knew the witch cult was fiction but used it to gain promotion. This is why I view the Covid phenomenon as very dangerous. It could cause huge suffering to countless people. If, for example, radical opposition groups akin to the IRA appear, we could all be viewed as extremists. That is, a witch hunt. My view is things are likely to get very heated in the near future. There is so far no sign at all civil liberties will return to normal and social tensions will simmer in months to come.


14 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Well he isn't going to say "I think you're all filthy cattle" is he? It's what he believes behind closed doors that worries me.


14 hours ago, Fluke said:

1Boris academically is obviously not a stupid person. But i think ultimately he is evil and cowardly.


He had the chance if he had the courage of his convictions to do a trump and call out the msm and talk "to the people" via social media when the majority voted and supported him clearly now wrongly. But he is too interested in not pissing off his loyal party supporters and keeping in the press good books lol. 


This is why they are clearly all controlled. Every primeminister i can think of left office with their name in tatters. So why would you then not set out a 20 year plan to tackle corruption and just try and do the right thing. Is this just power corrupting? Puppets. 


I don't think he has ever had a job or run a buisness? Outside journalismThen you look at his family i wouldn't usually but considering they are so eager to whore themselves out its clear who his ilk is. His dad has always been an arsehole in the public eye and then you look at his books on population and whatnot. But he is potrayed as friendly stanley. 


Boris was like a clarkson figure. A bit naughty and had a sense of humour and liked to push the boundaries. He took the piss out of burqkas which i think is completely acceptable to take the piss out of any religion personally in a civilised country. But even politically he was always weak. 


I heard a commentator who is seemingly awake cant remember his name said that boris likes projects and has jumped on this green new deal. I find it hard to believe that he doesn't know the background and the inner engineering of this great reset build back better nonsense. 


James delingpole has impressed me more than anyone else who is semi mainstream. He is seen as a joke among his peers now. Despite his thoughts on isreal which i believe he is naive of rather than a zionist i think he is worth a topic. I dont detect any shilliness from him only integrity but i am probably going to be dissapointed down the line. At least he discusses with people he disagrees with and does not try to constantly score points. 


I see a man that feels like i do. In desperate pain over what is happening. Sorry for the spelling im slightly drunk. 


Merry christmas allnight 





And i know a lot of people dont like trump but you know what i meant about telling the media to donone so dont start.


13 hours ago, Shining-one said:

Boris was pretty much subjected to mockery due to being wound up by a Russian comic. This guy impersonated an ambassador to Armenia. Boris was likewise easily baited to demonise Russia in the phone chat. The fake ambassador asked if it was safe to drink tea with Putin, or could it be poison?
Interesting that hysteria and paranoia has been centred upon Russia prior to the Covid hysteria. We hear tales of election manipulation, poisonings, hacking and, of course, oppression of gay people. I have lived and studied in Russia. Democracy there has fallen behind the more open Gorbachev era. Despite that I remain baffled as to how Russia could have somehow swung a whole US population to vote for Trump. Just not possible. It shows how paranoid and hysterical society was even prior to Covid. Also, given my background in Russian as a field of study, I've been accused of being a sort of "plant". Last time I was over there was in 2008 teaching English. Wouldn't go back now as there's too much tension. To my mind democracy is much needed in Russia but we need democracy in other countries too. Vibrant elections and politicians being accountable to the voters. Constitutional citizen rights. In fact I'm baffled as to how come the E.U. Social Charter was never used to squash Covid civil rights violations. I thought Europeans were supposed to have freedom of thought and movement as well as protest. What was the point of the Charter if it's lame?


12 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


The Chabad surround Trump just like they do with Putin, but people should be looking at another nation that has Russian as it's most used non-official language.


Politics and Social Engineering :




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13 hours ago, oneantisworthtenofyou said:

How will you deal with the facial recognition cameras in the streets up and down the country

do you have a strategy that will enable you to hide your identity from these cameras?




12 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


It's a valid point, but people don't expect much privacy in a public setting where everyone can see you anyway. It's the intrusive crap that is spilling into our own homes that annoys me the most.


Edit: Not saying I support mass surveillance in public though, that sucks too.


12 hours ago, oneantisworthtenofyou said:

i find street security cameras intrusive imo they will be used to control people a great deal more than zoom or skype 


i expect to enjoy the same human rights wherever i am the location shouldn't matter 


i have avoided social media since its conception myspace facebook twitter etc i always held the view that folk that use

that kind of media are not computer literate that is why they are posting their real identity all over the net on facebook 

thinking its a great idea 


for me i don't see the point hiding from zoom or skype when i will walk down the street and be identified by multiple

street cameras that could place me at the scene of an event that i have nothing to do with and could be used

as circumstantial evidence against me 


zoom on the other hand most likely will sell my search habits so i can be better targeted with advertising 





12 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


I find public surveillance creepy too, especially social distancing surveillance that will no doubt be used to stop protests.


This concerns me a lot though:




When we're at a point where we have no privacy in our own homes then we're going to be totally enslaved.


9 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

From the very first days of telephones it has been possible to make the handpiece microphone "hot" remotely. This technique is called hookswitch bypass.


Basically what this means is that a remote operator or anyone privy to this mechanism could override the hookswitch of a telephone meaning they could listen into a room or meeting or office or bedroom while the owners of the phone were confident the phone was on hook and inactive.


I trust most will see the incredible power wielded by those betraying the confidence of subscribers this way.


Music compositions, impending business deals, infidelities, crimes, associations, plans etc, anything discussed or transpiring near such hot mikes was compromised.


To this day the method is still employed to gain an unfair advantage or to blackmail or any other number of applications. Worst even are the cameras on cell phones that can easily be activated without the knowledge of the owner.


It has always been my belief that this unscrupulous ability has been a major cornerstone of tyrannical advancement in our world of blind trust in the integrity of these systems.


Technically one could logically assume that everyone owning a cell is carrying a snitch in his/her pocket. All others tethered to a landline suffer this same issue unknowingly.


Imagine the number of people that could be listening in as the phone on the nightable transmits a person's orgasmic grunts to some remote listener.


Also this is how they could monitor compliance with face masks in the home and elsewhere.


9 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

We never did.

Imagine if you could dial up any number in the world and seemlessly activate the cameras and microphones on these devices by entering a code. Think of the fantastic power you would have knowing everyone's most intimate secrets.


You could steal original music, sabotage a competotor's business strategy, steal copyrights before they get patented, obtain information that would make you a successful medium and the list goes on forever.


Of course you would often stumble across criminal activity. You might also discover where people have buried their little treasures. Easily one of the most impressive confidence abuses ever known to man.


7 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


This is true, but most of the tech they can spy through isn't mandatory.


I guess there isn't much difference at this point though as someone could spy on you through a light bulb if they can get a clean line of sight to it, and I don't see many people that would be willing to have no light bulbs, unless they're camping out in the sticks.


7 hours ago, zArk said:

Privacy relates intimately with ownership and rights to share or not

Privacy is your body and mind

No private thoughts

No private decisions 


Twitter and fb promote rejurgitation of intimate thoughts with lack of contemplation




6 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

thats what all the programmed oap's i know say

they don't give a shit they are actually doing it


6 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Yeah I can't stand that silly argument. In a society where telling some truths is illegal, only a dishonest person would say "no need to worry if you have nothing to hide", or a person that has nothing of interest to say.


6 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

Privacy may be shared intimately with a significant other as a gesture of special consideration. However, it appears that many people like to extend this intimacy to the ruling authorities for the same reasons.


Tech Section ;



Censorship - Freedom of Speech 



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2 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

That's really unnecessary. 

This thread is going all over the place. 

3 Mods have had a chat and are asking for more careful posting. 

That's all.. 


okay okay

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(CNN) A health care worker who experienced an allergic reaction after receiving a Moderna Covid-19 vaccine at Boston Medical Center on Christmas Eve tells CNN he has a history of allergies.

This is the first known case of allergic reaction from a Moderna coronavirus vaccine, although there have been at least six similar reported cases in the United States associated with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.
"After I got the vaccine, I felt tachycardic, but I felt like it was probably anxiety because I was scared after learning about Pfizer's reactions in the US, especially with those people who have shellfish allergies, like me," Dr. Hossein Sadrzadeh explained to CNN. Tachycardia is a medical term for a heart rate over 100 beats per minute.
After having his vitals checked, Sadrzadeh realized his heart rate had spiked.
"My heart rate was 150, my normal heart rate is 75 but ... six, seven minutes after the injection of the vaccine, I felt in my tongue and also my throat having, like, some weird sensation of tingling and numbness, the same reaction that I had before to my shellfish allergy," Sadrzadeh said.
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Science is not based on supposition, guesswork or assumption. It is based on observable and provable fact.

To prove pathogenicity you have to be able to isolate/purify the whole intact particles that are causing the pathogenicity and do this repeatedly and with accuracy. (Firstly other factors such as environmental conditions should be ruled out! Toxins, malnutrition)


The isolated particles have to then be introduced to healthy cells so that it can be established that pathogenicity can accurately be attributed as caused by the specified particles.

With bacteria this methodology is not so much of a problem as various filters and centrifugation techniques can be employed whereby the bacteria can be isolated and then viewed directly on a slide using a powerful light microscope.  This method uses direct observation.


So called pathogenic virus particles on the other hand use indirect observation - i.e. They cannot be directly observed even with a powerful light microscope but instead go through an elaborate process to determine apparent identity and  pathogenicity. At no stage is the process directly observable.

When a "virus" particle is suspected as the cause of some ailment or disease then the apparent experts set about the tasks in the following manner:

A tissue or fluid sample is taken from the symptomatic organism.
It is important to be aware that at all times this must occur in a perfectly sterile environment whereby no contaminants will skew the results.

The sample is prepared by breaking down the constituent components; this can be achieved chemically or mechanically. Again in a state of perfect sterility which often ignores chemical contamination.

The suspected viral matrix is then added to a sucrose solution that has a specific gravity and viscosity prior to centrifugation where it is spun for an extended period. The rotation separates the ultra fine particles out according to density and mass which is called a density gradient.


It is assumed that the density gradient will specifically isolate all the exact same particles along each band of the gradient. This is not the case since the matrix will contain 100’s if not 1000’s of different particles comprised of  haphazardly derived “viral” material, bacterial, fungal, moulds, yeasts and genetic material belonging to the host cells which will also be present in the matrix, including all cellular excreta irrespective of sterility of environment.

With such an unknown quantity of ubiquitous particulates, organelles etc, specific isolation at any particular gradient band should be logically seen as improbable as there is no directly observable method to determine exact purity conclusively. Molecular sieves result in less clarity than centrifugation since size rather than density is the determining factor.


These are the methods employed to supposedly isolate particulates in a substrate.

They are classed as indirect.  i.e. No direct observation takes place! The scale is far too small.


Using a syringe an extraction from a specific band is removed from the centrifugation and then combined with resins and once set it is sliced very thinly and mounted on a suitable surface and placed into a vacuum chamber where electrons are fired at the slice.

Electron micrographs are obtained of the particulates that have been processed. Visual characterisation. Once established then chemical characterisation can proceed.

Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)  is a method of indirect observation.

Koch outlined a methodology for isolation of bacterial microbes and the logical step was to follow the same principles. They were adapted by other proponents of virology (rivers et el) where they adjusted the parameters to accommodate inherent limitations.

The process simply - sample > isolation/purification (whole intact) > characterisation and identification (tem etc) > replication > reinfection of healthy tissue > resample > isolation/purification > characterisation and identification.


All chemical and mechanical processes adulterate the focal substrate, distort and ameliorate the findings.  All essentially part of an indirect process (abstraction).


Each part of the process is a layer of abstraction.


Indirect process provides no tangible evidence, more fodder to be processed and statistically manipulated/politicised


This is state and nature of science and politics today.



Viruses will never be isolated according to any tangible proceedure.

True isolation is avoided because ultimately pathogenicity will be conclusively disproven



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3 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

How to report your neighbours for breaching Tier 4 coronavirus rules to police this Christmas


This Mirror Group newspaper teams up with the police to encourage public denunciations and secret informants against their friends and neighbours, the modern version of the Soviet Union's 'whisperers'.


How very dystopian like Fahrenheit 451.




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14 minutes ago, zarkov said:

Indirect process provides no tangible evidence, more fodder to be processed and statistically manipulated/politicised


Great Post. 

Totally wide open for political abuse.. 

Bottom line of the World’s present situation. 


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14 hours ago, zarkov said:


IIRC PEG - poly ethylene glycol - (anti-freeze) is another component in some of the concoctions and has a history of anaphylaxis.



Oh yes, I forgot about that. Thats been in a few things hasn't it? Kills pets and no doubt has adverse results in humans 

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The 3 wise men are depicted this year in the town of Orvieto in Umbria, Italy, wearing surgical masks and face shields, bringing presents of the COVID vaccine, masks and hand gel to baby Jesus.












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27 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Won't be long until the rona worshipers are snitching on heretics here.






My sister told me yesterday that they have some kind of concealed places in the rocks on the west coast of UK. They have also recently put a major police headquarters near there.

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