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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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3 minutes ago, Velma said:

What about the Britons crossing the channel in dinghies or jet-ski's and what have you? Will they be denied exit?


if you are a briton crossing british waters on a jet ski you go to jail


if you are an african crossing the channel in a rubber dinghy paid for by george soros you get put up in a three star hotel

Covid: Man jailed for Scotland-Isle of Man water scooter crossing


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19 hours ago, shadowmoon said:

France will stop lorry movements from the UK for 48 hours in the wake of fresh concerns over the spread of a new strain of coronavirus in the UK.


Freight from France to the UK will be allowed, but there are fears lorry drivers will not travel to avoid being stuck in the UK.

The Port of Dover is closed to traffic leaving the UK "until further notice" due to border restrictions in France, port authorities said in a statement.

"Both accompanied freight and passenger customers are asked not to travel to the port," it said. "We understand that the restrictions will be in place for 48 hours from midnight."



Panic buying starts tomorrow.?


I think supermarkets have told the government what to do with left over Christmas food that are currently stacked up on the shelves. If buying frenzy happened, it would make supermarkets happy....or make them break even rather.

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4 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:


The man who gets all the projections wrong and twice broke HIS OWN RULES, WHEN



He resigned from Sage rather than being sacked, but is still working for Government. Bastards.






That's essential travel, in my book :-)

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2 minutes ago, zArk said:

damn right .... a weapon to protect myself and family from attack would make the nutters think twice


the military couldnt hold fallujah do you think they could hold manchester or birmingham if we had a right to bare arms?


there would be a whole lot more respect being paid to our civil liberties right now

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1 minute ago, Shy Talk said:

Just watching the downing st briefing/comedy show. Boris has had some bizarre brown dye job slapped on the sides of his thinning barnet. Comforting to know he has time to do that while the country goes to the dogs.


Live feed:


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2 hours ago, Bombadil said:

Always amazes me that this so called pandemic is so virulent that we see deaths of biblical proportions in 3rd world countries. Africa and especially the open sewer land of India would be presumably by now desperately in need of humanitarian help for their swamped services and their enormous death tolls.

instead I have to search hard for info on these places to find any worth while information. Doesn’t make sense whatever you believe.


It is alleged that one million people were infected and 440,000 lives lost to AIDS in the African region in 2019, while the entire continent of Africa has only seen 46,000 deaths from Covid, but this disease mainly affects 'first world' Commonwealth countries, apparently, like Britain, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa (whose resurgence is also being driven by the 'new strain) although their healthcare systems are more efficient.



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18 hours ago, Shining-one said:

I recall the moral of War Of The Worlds which was we "earned" the right to live on the earth through the process of billions of deaths. That is, through fighting bacteria. Something we have to do over the centuries to strengthen immunity. Now, what worried me from the outset was the prevalance of so-called modern scientists who seek to "get one up" on biological evolution. Their message is to fear contact, withdraw, hide behind a mask. I predicted weeks ago such an approach would make matters worse. And sure enough it has. These people so far can point to zero success. Listening to these middle ages scientists people must inevitably end up with reduced immunity. I speak as a hard sciences researcher over some years. The idea you can fight epidemics this way I find demonstrably wrong.


Fear mind control reduces your immunity. Knowing the narratives help because you are not fearful.

By washing/sanitising your hands excessively, wearing a mask, staying at home to avoid vitamin D aka Sun....all adds up.

You say it's wrong and that's true but we've been told to do for that very purpose.


Talking about being told what to do....

Was in a queue to pay for my shopping. I avoided the self-checkout with a cameras and was queuing for the older cash only checkout without a cam, she was hell bent on ordering where I should go. First she said, "that cashier is free", I didn't fancy walking a short distance so I said I'll wait. Then she said "are you paying by cash or card?" I knew the queue was for cash-only so I said cash. Then when I got to the self-checkout, message displayed that it was for 'card only'. So she asked again if I was paying by card after having said I wanted to pay by cash. I knew what she was trying to do so I smiled at her and proceeded to pay where I intended. Some people's reality is that people can't hear their thoughts...how wrong.


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32 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


are you kidding? we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place if we had guns


8 minutes ago, Odie Hatzcats said:

ah but the war doesnt' end with end of your physical life.

You can't die. Then the real nightmare begins. lol

Hope you all got amo that you can carry around wherever you go. ;)


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6 hours ago, Velma said:

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the travel chaos "won't have an impact on the vaccination programme.” That must be a priority over food and other supplies.


Shadow international trade minister Bill Esterson added: "Flights stopped. Ferry ports closed. Eurotunnel shut. If anyone was in any doubt about how serious this crisis was, then wake up."


Yes, Grant Shapps, a right sewer rat, if ever I saw one. Whenever I see him, then I can just imagine him slyly emerging, under the cover of darkness, from beneath our once wholesome streets.



5 hours ago, Orange Alert said:

The COVID vaccine trumps everything, even food. It does not matter if you starve to death as long as you can get the jab.


They won't even let you get euthanised, unless you have been vaccinated first.


5 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

The man who gets all the projections wrong and twice broke HIS OWN RULES, WHEN HE ALLOWED HIS MISTRESS TO VISIT HIM DURING LOCKDOWN.


He resigned from Sage rather than being sacked, but is still working for Government. Bastards.




Is Ferguson an esteemed brother too? Or just a cock sucker of?


3 hours ago, Shining-one said:

Part of it is real, I think. However, very real symptoms can be caused by psychogenic mass hysteria.


I think that this should be properly debated on another thread. I don't think anything easily transmissible has been unleashed in the U.K. yet. If the PTB did unleash something in Iran, then, again, I don't think it was anything easily transmissible. Maybe they unleashed something in Iran that wasn't a virus? I don't know.   


3 hours ago, VictoriaZ said:

Can anyone make sense of closing the Euro Tunnel for 48 hours and using the "mutant strain" (rebranded flu and seasonal respiratory illnesses) as the reason? Because clearly the "mutant strain" isn't going to vanish after their deadline. There is zero logic here.


There has never been any logic associated with the official narrative of this virus. The simple answer is that the PTB are looking to create a strong sense of crisis and panic, so as to be more able to justify the imminent postponement, essentially cancellation, of Brexit.


3 hours ago, Janet W said:

Any Conspirasphere inhabitants linked the new version of the virus first noted in the UK with the UK's roll-out of a vaccine?


Personally, I don't see any connection, as only the very elderly and a few other folks have had the vaccine thus far. Furthermore, they say it is prevalent in south east England, which justifies the PTB in ring-fencing London off from the rest of the country, with additional buffer counties all around London also being placed in Tier 4. Again, the 'Brexit Con' is the answer.

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Just now, BridgeBuilder said:

I bet she can't wait to have her vaccine.

Do it on live BBC show luv.


At the very last second, as the injection is about to go in, someone should whisper in her ear, "by the way, we switched out the harmless placebo for the real experimental one." Watch her shit herself live.

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