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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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A cv- has certain connotations and a cv+ has certain connotations. I don't know the ins and outs of having cv- connotations applied to you but its easy to get a cv+ but it will cost your cv0 status.


cv- seems like "I will obey hitler to save everyones life, especially my own"


cv+ seems like "I will just go through with this bullshit, even if there's a risk"


cv0 seems like "I'm not fucking playing with you, you're all crazy!"


Personally I prefer "I'm from the planet vulcan and you're primitive earth medicine is unsuitable for my metabolism" but the crazy people will think I'm mad so I'm staying hush. More popcorn!

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5 minutes ago, Mr H said:

Hancock talking about the announcement - actually seems like he is enjoying it.


Matt Hancock on the government's Christmas U-turn - YouTube


Just as much as we'll enjoy seeing him hauled up before a Nuremberg type tribunal when their house of cards come tumbling down. That little prick is going to be thrown under the bus when the truth comes out and he'll end up in an 8x9 cell being slobbered over by a randy, hairy musclebound lifer. 

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1 minute ago, AndyJ said:


Just as much as we'll enjoy seeing him hauled up before a Nuremberg type tribunal when their house of cards come tumbling down. That little prick is going to be thrown under the bus when the truth comes out and he'll end up in an 8x9 cell being slobbered over by a randy, hairy musclebound lifer. 

A pleasing thought, but I doubt it, he's more likely to be Knighted for services to the Empire.

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51 minutes ago, Mr H said:

wow some of the comments on the mail! This really is dividing people!



Wurzoil, Yeovil, United Kingdom, moments ago

The government are trying to save people's lives but The selfish covidiots couldn't give a toss for anybody apart from themselves. They really are the vilest of the vile. I hope the all cop for a dose, A GOOD ONE."

the vilest of the vile are the thursday night pot bangers

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13 hours ago, zArk said:

To be honest, there is no army at everyones door. People are willingly creating the reality 

If people wanted to celebrate christmas with their families they can

My wife and i have made it clear to our families that we want to and everyone is welcome to come over and we will pop over to theirs if invited


Trouble is they arent allowing themselves to celebrate


Absolutely this! 

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13 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:


London and South East could be trapped in Tier 4 for MONTHS until vaccine takes hold, Matt Hancock warns






National Lockdown cometh, under the guise of the mutant virus carried by fleeing Londoners.


'It's totally irresponsible': Matt Hancock slams travellers fleeing London as it plunges into Tier 4 and warns police will set up road blocks and stop families boarding trains in bid to halt spread of mutant Covid strain nationwide

  • Matt Hancock slammed 'totally irresponsible' Londoners fleeing capital as Tier 4 comes into force   
  • Northerners warned they would bring the 'horrible' new mutant strain up north and infect everyone  
  • It comes after Boris Johnson imposed tighter coronavirus controls over Christmas due to rising Covid cases
  • The cancellation of plans aims to curb a new, more infectious coronavirus strain that is spreading quickly 



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1 hour ago, Morpheus said:

Whilst my condolences go to this ladies family for this tragic event, we need more of this and when people are reacting to this vaccine in a negative way, it may just stir something inside us to stand up and say fuck this. However, some of these morons are so entrenched that proof of death will still not dissuade these idiots not to take it. 

See it's all inverted crazy nonsense because now they say "death is normal. Of course some people who take the vaccine will die - but they may have died anyway not because of the vaccine" which is exactly what WE were saying about covid deaths but were told we were evil because we didnt care about granny's death..... its mind boggling

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22 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:


London and South East could be trapped in Tier 4 for MONTHS until vaccine takes hold, Matt Hancock warns






If they put most of the country into Lockdown for months on end, I can only see this ending in major

violence on the streets. A significant minority just won't put up with it. TPTB must know this and want

civil unrest.


Peter Hitchins last sentence today from his Mail on Sunday article.


"I do not know how, if the law won't help, we can lawfully get out of this horrible mess."





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From the Independent.  Now please remind me what happened in London about 5 to 10 days ago?  Wasn't there mass testing of school children?  Surely this would lead to the 'sky rocketing' cases?

Talk about problem-reaction-solution!!!!!


And what does he mean about until the vaccine is rolled out?  We already know pregnant people, those trying to conceive and those with allergies (and all those with an ounce of common sense) will not be lining up for the vaccine, so what is the plan?


Considering they have asked all schools to test from January when the kids return, this will lead to another 'sky rocket' and it will be a national lockdown from January until April.  But they will call it Tier 4.


We are fucked.




Tier 4 restrictions may be in place for a “couple of months”, the Health Secretary has said, because keeping the new coronavirus variant under control until the vaccine is rolled out will be “very difficult”.

In England, Boris Johnson effectively cancelled Christmas for almost 18 million people in London, south-eastern and eastern England as the region was put into a new two-week lockdown from Sunday.

Matt Hancock said infections in the areas placed under Tier 4 have “absolutely rocketed in the last few days”.

"Essentially we have got to get that vaccine rolled out to keep people safe. Given how much faster this new variant spreads it is going to be very difficult to keep it under control until we have the vaccine rolled out,” he told Sky News's Sophy Ridge On Sunday programme.

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The Mutant Ninja Virus, which sprang up in England, of all places, has now spawned it's viral load oves Wales. Whitty says we can unpack our holiday bags and Hancock insists everyone should act like they're infected. We now have Munchausen syndrome by proxy and should feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma to draw attention, sympathy, or reassurance to ourselves.

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On 12/15/2020 at 7:13 PM, greatdayforfreedom said:

The PTB hate Christmas.  People coming together, having fun and  enjoying themselves, this they no longer want to happen. They want people in an perpetual state of misery, worry and fear, 24/7/365.  


Christmas is presented to us as the season of good will. The PTB, at least up until now, have needed to let the sheeple have their Christmas. The big lie is that things could be great all of the time, if not for the PTB psychos controlling our society.


On 12/15/2020 at 7:56 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

It's all psychological. People have been conditioned into being afraid of falling ill. Fear creates anxiety, which leads to stress. I'm often reminded of the phrase "you'll worry yourself sick".




On 12/15/2020 at 8:45 PM, SickOfItAll said:

when I come 'home' to my parents house I cannot speek about these matters. My mom and dad blindfolded believe anything the msn says. With my collegues at work dito. With most of my friends dito. when I even dare to counter their believes I get the 'get out'. kind regards


It at least sounds like you have a few friends that are 'in the know'.


On 12/16/2020 at 1:46 AM, zarkov said:

Its only when people reflect on recent history that it becomes evident that conspiracy theorists were correct all along as per your examples and I vividly recall the term being used during the days of the EEC. All the more reason for the targeting of the elderly who recall the ebb and flow of change. That is, those without vaccine induced alzheimers/parkinsons/dementia.


This is another reason why our 2006 forum was attacked, even after it went 'read only'. So much that was speculated has now come to pass. If there is one thing that the PTB really don't like, then it is being called out before they do things. This is because they lose both credibility and effect in the process.


On 12/16/2020 at 2:04 AM, zarkov said:

A while back I read a great little book called "the end of all evil" by Jeremy Locke - a direct download link is in the book section of this site.


"The Pattern of Liberty

The pattern of tyranny has repeated itself throughout history. It cycles in every instance of evil, large and small. The pattern of liberty, however, is a singular flow that has been progressing slowly since the beginning of time. Evil has been on earth as long as man. The tactics of evil have changed infrequently, and only do so when forced by the progress of liberty. Every time liberty has progressed, one of the ideas or concepts of evil has died. When cultural control over people is broken, the pattern of liberty takes another step forward and culture has been forced to adapt to maintain control over people. By using threats of death, torture, mutilation and imprisonment, every kingdom on earth has prospered. War created the empires of history, and culture preserved them. All who would not submit to the rule of law were killed. Such ignorance of the power of culture is a thing of the past. Modern technology, brought by increasing degrees of freedom, is allowing the people of the world to see culture for what it is. The pattern of liberty shows how freedom has progressed through history. While cultures around the world teach that evil's control is strengthening, the pattern of liberty shows clearly that evil is weakening. The pattern of liberty predicts the ultimate failure of culture, and the ultimate end of evil."



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3 hours ago, kj35 said:

The daily mail has had some surprisingly good reporting. I can't read The Times anymore despite being an avid Times reader most of my life. I now read The Guardian (amongst more free press) and those lefties are surprisingly thick. They can't see anything other than Labour 'good' Tory 'bad ' and every decision they make is blinkered around that dynamic alone. It's scary how blind they are when they think they're the intellectual left. 


Can I ask why you feel the need to read newspapers?

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Well im in London ,not worn a mask at all ...this year

Never get bothered , but im 6ft 5 so maybe thats helps 

I walk in Tescos though the exit door as its closer , and im just that type of guy 

Dont use hand cleaners .....

Dont wear a lanyard but have it , in my pocket at the ready ....

Only problem i had was one charity shop , who refused entry , and i told them to poke it !!

Saying that my elder brother just got suspended from the hire shop he works at , for refusing to wear a muzzle,

His managers want him to drive from Essex to Reading tomorrow so they can sack him ....

Crazy times 



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I'm having some thoughts I'd like to brain dump...probably rhetorical but I dont really have anyone to talk to....


Its being reported most of the positive cases are high school kids (makes sense after they started testing high school kids???!!) Well then why arent our teachers dropping like flies???


Which also makes me think why arent our police, nurses, drs, supermarket workers dropping like flies???


I have school age children so I now know lots of people who have tested positive - most no to mild symptoms a couple were really quite poorly but didnt need hospital care - why isn't this making anyone cynical about the restrictions because practically everyone is recovering from this "virus".


The hospitals are reported as overwhelmed but also this will be due to isolation periods surely and staff having to go off sick? See I worked for the NHS for 14 years and the only reason it was ok not to go to work was if you were dead. And I'm dead serious - they came down hard on sickness. The surgeons I worked with would come in cramping up from the flu each winter, nasal drip everywhere, knackered and ill and still perform 8 hour surgery on patients who had cancer (so very poor immune systems) so what gives there. Why was it ok to put staff and patients at risk every single day then because they just simply couldn't cope if you went off sick but now there is no mention of staffing levels? Are they overwhelmed with more patients? Or are they overwhelmed with less staff??


Anyway needed to get it out my head ...

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