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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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5 hours ago, oddsnsods said:



In a previous profession  (80's) I had to give intramuscular injections ( not vaccines)and I'm pretty sure you have a procedure to follow. For example:  You are supposed to use the syringe as you would throw a dart, then once in the muscle you are supposed to pull back on the plunger part to ensure there is no blood in case you have hit a vein. If you have you would see it in the syringe. I have not seen anyone do this with any of these so called covid vaccines. 

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2 hours ago, SimonTV said:


Thanks for the link SimonTV

Another link below - The pcr test FRAUD - this, I believe is what has driven a lot (if not all) of the scamdemic and a key aspect to getting the scam brought to the attention of more people is to highlight the pcr testing.

German lawyer to pursue “Biggest Tort Case Ever” against “Corona Fraud Scandal” PT 2 (vergereport.com)

I have included another link to add to one Simon gave. The MORE we can SPREAD the word about the pcr FRAUD then the better.

I know above link has been put on this forum before somewhere BUT it does NOT do any harm to repeat something as important as this.

ON HERE of COURSE we are often just speaking to those that are awake, so please SHARE elsewhere.

With MORE testing about to take place after Christmas IN SCHOOLS then this becomes more vital to get the word out.

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1 hour ago, Odie Hatzcats said:


I believe that there were vastly less deaths of newborns (cot death etc) as the vaccinations were not being done!


That was the case noted earlier in the year, virtually no vaccinations of infants too place because people were staying away from hospitals so SIDs (sudden infant deaths) decreased dramatically.

I think people started to realise that correlation and causation are joined at the hip and inseperable in certain instances.

But I would not hesitate to state that vaccines are the cause ot SIDs.


The other noteworthy "correlation" is that when doctor strikes/hopsital strikes have taken  place in the past, the result is  an invariable lowering of the mortality rate, sometimes significant. If memory serves, up to  ~35% which in consideration of the numbers involved is significant, but bear in mind that this is variable, dependant on circumstance, location etc.


The psychological impact of BiT, SPiB et al from the sage team, Gov/media scare tactics and misrepresentations, ommissions and censorship has also effected the population at large esp the vulnerable who wont have necessarilly taken the best care of themselves during the past year & so would have conversely driven mortality upwards thereby countering the beneficial effect of negated hospital access.


The mind reels at the level of convolution involved.





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While Bolsonaro has pledged to make the coronavirus vaccine available to the public once Brazilian regulators give a green light to one of the inoculations under consideration, he has vocally rejected the mandatory vaccination drive, suggesting citizens could be placed under “house arrest” for turning down the jab, among other restrictions.


I'm struggling to see how this would change my life…

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