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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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2 hours ago, SimonTV said:


Thanks for the link SimonTV

Another link below - The pcr test FRAUD - this, I believe is what has driven a lot (if not all) of the scamdemic and a key aspect to getting the scam brought to the attention of more people is to highlight the pcr testing.

German lawyer to pursue “Biggest Tort Case Ever” against “Corona Fraud Scandal” PT 2 (vergereport.com)

I have included another link to add to one Simon gave. The MORE we can SPREAD the word about the pcr FRAUD then the better.

I know above link has been put on this forum before somewhere BUT it does NOT do any harm to repeat something as important as this.

ON HERE of COURSE we are often just speaking to those that are awake, so please SHARE elsewhere.

With MORE testing about to take place after Christmas IN SCHOOLS then this becomes more vital to get the word out.

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1 hour ago, Odie Hatzcats said:


I believe that there were vastly less deaths of newborns (cot death etc) as the vaccinations were not being done!


That was the case noted earlier in the year, virtually no vaccinations of infants too place because people were staying away from hospitals so SIDs (sudden infant deaths) decreased dramatically.

I think people started to realise that correlation and causation are joined at the hip and inseperable in certain instances.

But I would not hesitate to state that vaccines are the cause ot SIDs.


The other noteworthy "correlation" is that when doctor strikes/hopsital strikes have taken  place in the past, the result is  an invariable lowering of the mortality rate, sometimes significant. If memory serves, up to  ~35% which in consideration of the numbers involved is significant, but bear in mind that this is variable, dependant on circumstance, location etc.


The psychological impact of BiT, SPiB et al from the sage team, Gov/media scare tactics and misrepresentations, ommissions and censorship has also effected the population at large esp the vulnerable who wont have necessarilly taken the best care of themselves during the past year & so would have conversely driven mortality upwards thereby countering the beneficial effect of negated hospital access.


The mind reels at the level of convolution involved.





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While Bolsonaro has pledged to make the coronavirus vaccine available to the public once Brazilian regulators give a green light to one of the inoculations under consideration, he has vocally rejected the mandatory vaccination drive, suggesting citizens could be placed under “house arrest” for turning down the jab, among other restrictions.


I'm struggling to see how this would change my life…

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10 hours ago, allymisfit said:

Hmm.. it feels to me this was done deliberately.

To have a country do things differently and then to show the world how bad not locking down and being strict on their restrictions was etc. Making people appreciate their lockdown even more.

The article states that Finland and Norway have higher immunity due to the restrictions etc..

But I thought that would have lowered the immunity to it? Am I missing something as I find this very confusing. 


I guess they felt that those who supported Sweden for not following the rest would have their minds changed now. 

A way to brainwash the anti-lockdown crowd.

However, what they don't realise is that the majority of us can see through this crap :D 


In Finland, 95% people use the masks in shops and everywhere. I dont know about sweden. They even put this cute piece of "art" in Helsinki (in march).  And those "protect yourselves" posters in every bus stop window, i was told by one person who working in printing industry, THEY MADE THOSE POSTERS NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2019 ! Before all this "corona crisis" started (like in other countries too). So well, "stay strong"... sure.




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Belgian minister tweets EU's Covid vaccine price list to anger of manufacturers

Pharmaceutical companies complain of breach of confidentiality after amount EU has agreed to pay for leading vaccines goes public


Sarah Boseley Health Editor
Fri 18 Dec 2020 17.53 GMT



A Belgian minister has inadvertently blown the lid off a sensitive and commercial secret – the price that the EU has agreed to pay for the leading Covid vaccines.

Belgium’s budget state ecretary, Eva De Bleeker, posted the price list on Twitter, with the amounts of each vaccine that her country intends to buy from the EU. The tweet was quickly deleted, but not soon enough to prevent interested parties taking screenshots, which have now made it public knowledge.


While access-to-medicines campaigners were delighted at the transparency, pharmaceutical companies were not. Pfizer complained of a breach of confidentiality. “These prices are covered by a confidentiality clause in the contract with the European commission,” said Elisabeth Schraepen, the US drugmaker’s spokeswoman for the Benelux region to the Belgian daily Le Soir.

The price list revealed that the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is the cheapest and Moderna is the most expensive – as was already known. But the details allow countries that may be negotiating with the vaccine manufacturers to take a harder line.

This is the list of what the EU is paying:

  • Oxford/AstraZeneca: €1.78

  • Johnson & Johnson: $8.50

  • Sanofi/GSK: €7.56

  • Pfizer/BioNTech: €12

  • CureVac: €10

  • Moderna: $18

“We can’t say anything about this case, everything about vaccines and prices are covered by confidentiality clauses, in the interests of society and also in the interests of negotiations ongoing,” said a spokesman for the EU commission at a news briefing.

Belgium is buying more than 33m vaccines for a total of €279m (£253m).

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Meanwhile, in Austria...


Austria’s latest lockdown, which comes into effect on 26 December, will include daytime curfews, the closure of non-essential shops, and schools switching to remote learning from 7 to 15 January.

Mass antigen tests being offered on the weekend of 16 and 17 January will give people the opportunity to “test themselves free” of restrictions, according to the interior minister, Karl Nehammer.

Those who test negative will be able to attend sporting events, concerts or restaurants from 18 January. Those who refuse to take a test will be required to stay in lockdown mode for another week.

Covid: Austrians who pass antigen test to be exempt from lockdown | Coronavirus | The Guardian


So I guess this is a softer approach than the 'you must have a vaccine passport'.  But dna/data harvesting nonetheless.

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Heard on radio that Mike Pence, Trumps right hand man and his wife have had the vaccine live on T.V. He said the vaccine is safe and effective. He should know, he's a politician. I for one hope we go into lockdown in the new year. This will confirm once and for all that Boris is a fool. Only a fool does the same thing again and again hoping for a different outcome.

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