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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

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This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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Squalene and Vaccines

According to the New York Times at least 2 pharmaceutical companies, GlaxoSmithKline and Seqirus, produce COVID-19 vaccines that contain squalene as an adjuvant.

According to a New Scientist article from April 10, 1999 squalene was present in experimental vaccines that were apparently administered to “around 100,000 troops who served in the 1991 Gulf conflict with Iraq” and who subsequently “developed a mysterious illness involving memory loss, thyroid disorders, allergies, fatigue, rashes and persistent pain.”

Research cited by the New Scientist article strongly indicates that the above mentioned illness, also referred to as the Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), could be caused by “the body turning against its own, natural squalene” due to the presence of the foreign squalene adjuvant in the experimental vaccines.

The New Scientist article further states: “Vaccines have often come under suspicion as a cause of GWS. Gulf War soldiers were the first to be systematically vaccinated against anthrax and plague because Iraq was thought to have biological weapons. France was the only country not to vaccinate its troops, and only French veterans are free of GWS.

In addition, the same article states that “GWS has also been blamed on exposure to chemicals in Iraq. But [Bob] Garry [a virologist at Tulane University in New Orleans] found squalene antibodies in six soldiers who were vaccinated but never went to the Gulf. The Gulf War Veterans Association, based in Versailles, Missouri, suspects that most cases of GWS were caused by experimental vaccines. [reminder, these COVID vaccines are experimental] If so, says the association’s Dave vonKleist, this would violate the Nuremberg Convention. ‘Military personnel are not subjects for experimentation,’ he says.”

According to an article by The Guardian from July 30, 2001 “the illness known as Gulf war syndrome looks likely to have been caused by an illegal vaccine ‘booster’ given by the [UK] Ministry of Defence to protect soldiers against biological weapons, according to the results of a new series of tests. Scientists in the United States found that symptoms of the illness were the same for service personnel who received the injections whether or not they served in the Gulf. The common factor for the 275,000 British and US veterans who are ill appears to be a substance called squalene, allegedly used in injections to add to their potency. Such an action would have been illegal. Squalene is not licensed for use on either side of the Atlantic because of potential side effects.

The US Department of Veteran Affairs claims that the following illnesses are known long-term side effects associated with the GWS, and thus squalene (and some of these are not even listed yet by the above FDA report):

•”Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), a condition of long-term and severe fatigue that is not relieved by rest and is not directly caused by other conditions.

Fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by widespread muscle pain. Other symptoms may include insomnia, morning stiffness, headache, and memory problems.

Functional gastrointestinal disorders, a group of conditions marked by chronic or recurrent symptoms related to any part of the gastrointestinal tract. Functional condition refers to an abnormal function of an organ, without a structural alteration in the tissues. Examples include irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), functional dyspepsia, and functional abdominal pain syndrome.

Undiagnosed illnesses with symptoms that may include but are not limited to: abnormal weight loss, fatigue, cardiovascular disease, muscle and joint pain, headache, menstrual disorders, neurological and psychological problems, skin conditions, respiratory disorders, and sleep disturbances.”


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You wont believe this.   I just went down Lidls to get some steak.   Security guard calls me out as I walk past & I ignore him. Gets my steak walks to the credit only till

Fuck the fuck off.

Bit weird saying this. But, Merry Christmas to my friends/family on here, even though I know none of you personally. Good riddance to the sheeples. Here we stand together. So Merry Xmas & A Happy

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THIS IS HUGE: Study Finds Asymptomatic Spread Not a Significant Source of the CCP Virus Pandemic.

The most recent study from China on the prevalence of infection after a lockdown found no transmission of the CCP virus among people who were in close contact with asymptomatic patients, contradicting the current narrative that asymptomatic transmission plays a major role in the pandemic.

An asymptomatic carrier is someone who has not displayed symptoms after being infected, but may spread the virus to others. This is different from someone who is presymptomatic, meaning the person doesn’t feel or look sick, but eventually shows symptoms later, and does transmit the virus during that presymptomatic phase.

The study, published in Nature, identified 300 asymptomatic positive cases through a massive screening program of more than nine million Chinese citizens post-lockdown in Wuhan—where the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus originated—from May 4 to June 1, using PCR tests.

Samples of all the asymptomatic cases were also cultured in the lab and “no viable virus” was found, meaning it cannot transmit a virus.






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Took a trip to white rose to do some shopping with the wife yesterday, the severity of how f****d we are hit home hard. There was security at the entrance, making sure you’re safe and masked up like a good sheep. 

Neither of us have ever wore a mask before nor do we intend to ever wear one. If we’ve ever been asked anywhere we’ve just replied with “I’m exempt” and that would usually be that. This “hero” was having none of it though, and as I wasted 5 minutes of my life calling this guy an idiot my wife got a friend to send over a screenshot. Basically a pass for those that are exempt. I’ll attach it here if anyone needs it. 

Hilariously we both showed him the picture and he stepped away. Barely ten steps we took and out came another cock telling us to put on masks. This was a constant theme throughout, honestly there was hundreds of these guys spread throughout the shopping centre and every one of them we walked past would stop us saying the same thing. 

I lost my rag on quite a few of them, there’s only so much you can be friendly. I don’t know if they intentionally recruit power trip  craving pricks but the jacket really does get to these f****s heads. 

The place itself was packed, loads of people but everyone wearing masks. Didn’t see a single person without one on. And All one way of course ffs! Some shops were operating a one in one out policy so you’d have to que before you got in. People looked at me as if I was strapped with a nuke, it was hard to not notice the many stares me and my wife both received. 

Thankfully it was a short but very surreal experience. Within my own community most people have been relaxed about the hoax since the start more or less so this really was an eye opener for me. The whole time I was there felt like I was in some other universe. 




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5 hours ago, Pinkman said:

I'm really struggling lately. That Matt Hancock video this morning seriously got to me. It was so clear as day he was laughing. So sinister. People are still sleeping to this absolute madness. Even if you question it all one bit you get called 'mad' and a 'tin-foil hat'. Serious case of stockholm syndrome. 10 months of this and people WANT to be controlled. 


He is laughing...I agree. He seems to find the name William Shakespeare funny... I'm guessing reference to a playwright would be symbolic of the acting and scripting of this whole covid bollox



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4 hours ago, magu said:

Some compelling evidence doingt the rounds that both her and bill are 'crisis actors'




Well with a name like William Shakespeare I'm guessing he is as close to writing and partaking in a plot as anyone can can... and then you have Maggie Keen Un. She looked pretty keen on getting the needle.

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3 hours ago, DarianF said:

Shop online? Use a brainwashed vaccinated idiot to deliver to you. That way you don't have to starve, and you don't have to get the vaccine.


Thank's Darian, we will do this for the time being, but I did hear somewhere that they may implement some sort of I D system to even shop online, it may be your Jab number or something like that ?

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2 hours ago, Not Thoth said:

KEENAN - Anglicized form of CIANAN ... C. I. A. NAN




Hand gesture well spotted. But hands are important for another reason too. Even if a person happens to look younger facially, the condition of their hands will give away their real age.


So are these the hands of a 91 year old woman?


To me they look more like the hands of someone in their late 50s or early 60s.

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29 minutes ago, alexa said:


Thank's Darian, we will do this for the time being, but I did hear somewhere that they may implement some sort of I D system to even shop online, it may be your Jab number or something like that ?


No doubt. They won't let us off that easily.

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2 hours ago, Beaujangles said:


He is laughing...I agree. He seems to find the name William Shakespeare funny... I'm guessing reference to a playwright would be symbolic of the acting and scripting of this whole covid bollox



He cant keep a straight face he is a terrible actor

the step grandfather dying of covid routine was just as pathetic


the sheer preposterousness of the whole facade is

too much for him in the moment

"william shakespeare" is the final straw


he must be thinking how can these cunts seriously be believing all this nonsense

if we told them all to wear mickey mouse ears they would do so

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13 minutes ago, oneantisworthtenofyou said:


 How did you reach this conclusion?





It's a fact generally agreed by dermatologists that hands age fastest.


“Hands are exposed to wind, rain, work, sun and water, and as a result they age faster than other areas of the body,” said board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ellen Marmur:



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Not sure if anyone else has posted this but the soviet era propaganda is so blatant. Don't want an experimental cocktail in your body? Don't want to submit? Then you're a dangerous nutter...


Also can we just collectively burn down the msm, they are all on such a fucking high horse that it triggers me sometimes...


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