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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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8 hours ago, Macnamara said:


No they are saying ''we are rolling out an injection that we should not expect to have any effect on lockdowns or mask wearing and we shouldn't expect it to lower infection rates during flu season either''

Sir Patrick Vallance warns Brits could still be wearing face masks NEXT winter because it will 'take quite a long time' to vaccinate everyone and jabs might not stop the virus spreading

  • The chief scientific adviser said people must still follow social distancing rules
  • No proof that vaccination will stop people transmitting the coronavirus
  • Studies have only proven so far that jabs can prevent Covid-19 disease 
  • Britain today became the first country in the world to vaccinate citizens 



'Sir Patrick Vallance warns Brits could still be wearing face masks NEXT winter because it will 'take quite a long time' to vaccinate everyone and jabs might not stop the virus spreading.'


This translates as:


Sir Patrick Vallance warns Brits could still be wearing face masks NEXT winter because the Coronavirus Act needs to be renewed in October 2021 and kept as law until at least April 2022.'


8 hours ago, truther79 said:

Envoy on Covid-19 from WHO with a Great Reset clock and pin-badge 🤦Talk about rubbing it in our faces.




Move over Chris Lee, if he were still with us.


7 hours ago, zarkov said:

COVID-19 Masks Causing Rise In Bacterial Pneumonia

Published on December 8, 2020

Written by www.nexusnewsfeed.com


My elderly folks are exempt from wearing face masks and generally don't wear face masks. However, in certain settings, they do feel compelled to wear them. This is exactly the sort of thing that concerns me.  


7 hours ago, zarkov said:

The rna vaccine is supposed to be milky in appearance after dilution so that might be saline. Notice the handling of the bottles to obscure view. If I were trying to convince the masses that poison was safe, I would definately start with saline. Without any doubt!


There is absolutely nothing that they wouldn't do, if they thought they could get away with it. Could they not have made a saline solution appear milky though, if it was indeed a saline solution?


7 hours ago, Shy Talk said:

So signs are London will be in Tier 3 in a few days. Clearly all pre-planned, as the initial Tier rollout was designed to p off other regions who were thrown into Tier 3 while London was in 2. We've had a week or so of people living in Tier 3s moaning and venting their ire at London while COMPLETELY MISSING THE BIGGER PICTURE.


The bigger picture is that virtually the whole country will be under Tier 3 come Brexit postponement time, essentially cancellation, on 1st January 2021. A reallocation of tiers is due to take place on 30th December, where the concern over 'Christmas mixing' will be used as an excuse to take such safeguarding measures. The whole notion of the PTB not extending the loosening of Christmas restrictions, say for a few more days until at least 2nd January, was ridiculous. They would have allowed it, as they allowed us to have a bit of a Coronavirus summer holiday, unless they had ulterior motives that had to play out right around then.  


2 hours ago, banjo dog said:

Yep, knight hood, peerage, more money than he will know what to do with. consultant fees for all sorts of companies for doing fuck all


A junior version of Tony Blair, somewhat akin to Nick 'Smeghead' Clegg. He will probably be on BBC 'Strictly', come 2023.

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Elaborating on Lockdown deaths.



Questions For Lockdown Apologists

Published on December 8, 2020

Written by John Pospichal



We now have mortality data for the first few months of 2020 for many countries, and, as you might expect, there were steep increases associated with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in each one.

Surprisingly, however, these increases did not begin before the lockdowns were imposed, but after.

Moreover, in almost every case, they began immediately after. Often, mortality numbers were on a downward trend before suddenly reversing course after lockdowns were decreed.

This is an astonishing finding. But before I discuss its full import, and pose some questions to those who still defend the utility of lockdowns, I want to present the data that proves it.

Here’s a series of charts by the Financial Times showing overall mortality and “deaths in excess of normal levels” in 2020 for a number of countries:


Source. Note: I removed the chart in the bottom right corner which represented “13 countries/cities combined” and replaced it with the FT chart for New York City.

As you can see, in every country there were significant increases in overall mortality beginning some time in February or March.

Now let’s add the lockdown dates in green for each country:


You will notice that only after each country (or city) was locked down did the increases begin. Moreover, they began immediately, and in nearly every case, precipitously.

Now let’s examine the data for a few of these countries and cities in greater detail.


The Economist has published its own series of charts showing excess deaths in several countries. Here’s its chart for Belgium:


Note: The Economist’s charts are interactive in the source.

The national lockdown is shown to have occurred on March 18th. But that was only Phase 2 of the national lockdown. Phase 1, which included widespread business closures, began on March 13th.

Their chart, therefore, should really look like this:


Which shows no increase in mortality before the lockdown, and then an immediate and precipitous increase after it was imposed.

The Netherlands

Here’s The Economist’s chart for the Netherlands:


In a strange oversight, the lockdown that was declared on March 15 in that country is not indicated here. Moreover, the March 23rd “ban on public gatherings” shown in the chart was simply the bolstering of an already-existing ban on public gatherings that had been issued on March 12 (which was accompanied by the lockdown of nursing homes). The Dutch lockdown, therefore, began on March 12, escalated on March 15, and peaked on March 23.

Let’s add that information to the chart:


Once again, we see no significant increase in mortality before the start of the lockdown, and then an immediate, precipitous rise once the lockdown began.

(Note: The slightest increase in mortality is still observable immediately before the “Lockdown phase 1” line, but that is probably due to the fact that the Netherlands reports its mortality data on a weekly, rather than a daily basis, and March 12th (“Lockdown phase 1”) fell in the middle of the week. If we had daily data, we would probably be able to confirm that there was no increase at all prior to March 12th.)


Let’s move on to some larger countries.

Here’s The Economist’s chart for Spain:


Note that most of the excess deaths came from the Madrid region.

Here’s a chart I made of overall mortality in the Madrid region using the same data The Economist used (available here). Notice the steep rise in deaths beginning around March 9th:


Now let’s add the major lockdown orders to this chart:


Red text denotes lockdown orders limited to the Madrid region; purple text denotes lockdown orders affecting the entire nation. I compiled this information from news reports.

You will observe here the same peculiar phenomenon we’ve observed thus far: significant rises in mortality do not pre-date major lockdown events, but rather coincide with them, or follow them very closely.

Next up, Britain.


The Economist draws the “National lockdown” line on Mar 23. But again, that was only Phase 2 of the lockdown. Phase 1 began on March 20.

Many of the excess deaths occurred in London. Let’s take a closer look at that data:


Image for post

As you can see from this chart (created using The Economist’s own data set), there was no significant increase in deaths before March 20, and no increase at all before March 13.

Now let’s add the lockdown dates:


Image for post

And we see the same phenomenon here as elsewhere— namely, no increase in overall mortality until after the lockdowns begin, and then a sudden, precipitous rise.



Image for post

In Italy, the largest increase in deaths occurred in the Lombardy region. Let’s look closer at that data, and also plot the regional lockdown on February 22.


Image for post

Once again: the sudden, precipitous increase in deaths followed the lockdown.



Image for post

The greatest increase in deaths came from the Paris region, so let’s take a closer look at that data:


Image for post

Again, the same phenomenon is evident here as elsewhere: no significant increase in deaths until after the lockdown was declared, and then an immediate, precipitous rise.

New York City


Image for post

Here the “City lockdown” is shown to have occurred on March 22.

But let’s take a closer look. Here is the same data overlaid with lockdown orders:


Image for post

Purple text denotes state-level orders, red text city-level orders.

Now it’s very clear: there was no increase in deaths before the start of lockdowns.

(Note: I plotted the state lockdown on Mar 20, which is when it was announced and went into partial effect.)

Let’s take a look at one more case.


A severe national lockdown was decreed in Ecuador on March 16th, and went into effect on March 17th. The Guayas province, which contains Ecuador’s most populous city, suffered the highest rate of overall mortality. Here’s the mortality chart (from the Financial Times) for that region:


Image for post

And here’s a closer look:


Image for post


As with all the other cases we’ve examined here — and as with all the countries and cities for which we have good mortality data — only after the lockdown began was there a significant increase in deaths.

All this leads to the following questions, which we pose to anyone who continues to defend the use of lockdowns as an effective means to prevent excess deaths.

Q: Why was there no significant increase in overall mortality, in any country we have good data for, before the start of lockdowns?

Q: Why does a precise and exact correlation exist between the start of lockdowns and significant rises in overall mortality?


Q: How is it that governments in every country imposed lockdowns at precisely the same time relative to the future precipitous rise in their populations’ overall mortality rate?


Q: How is it, moreover, that this moment in time happened to fall immediately before that precipitous rise?

Most attempts to answer these questions would probably involve the assertion that the authorities in every country had some notion of the true prevalence of the virus at the beginning of the pandemic. But we know now that that was not really the case. In the early weeks and months of 2020, testing was extremely limited. This was based, partly, on the assumption that the virus was not yet widespread. As testing was systematically expanded, the number of positive results increased, and this increase was generally believed to correspond to the actual spread of the virus.

Now retrospective testing (what little has been performed) has shown that the virus was circulating — and killing — weeks, or even months before it was initially detected in many countries. Other researchers are coming to the same conclusion; the prevalence of the virus was vastly underestimated at the beginning of the pandemic.

Which leads us to our final question:

Q: If health authorities vastly underestimated the prevalence of the virus at the beginning of the pandemic, why did the virus nevertheless wait until lockdowns were imposed to suddenly start killing at levels which exceeded normal deaths?

Read more at jamesfetzer.org


From https://principia-scientific.com/questions-for-lockdown-apologists/


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17 hours ago, alexa said:

If they insist on this vaccine card before you can shop, my hubby say's he will take the vaccine, I cant seem to make him realize that to do so will effect his salvation not to mention the harm it will do to him.

I'm really concerned about him, as I know, I would starve first before having this shit put into my body.


Shop online? Use a brainwashed vaccinated idiot to deliver to you. That way you don't have to starve, and you don't have to get the vaccine.

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"Scan2Fly is an AI-based feature that allows you to upload your documents required during self check-in for specific countries due to COVID-19, like a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test certificate or SafeTravel Pass. This feature takes just a few seconds to analyze your document(s) validity and determine your travel eligibility." https://www.airasia.com/aa/about-us/en/gb/scan2fly.html

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“They think it gives them a competitive advantage... They could say to their customers, ‘Hey, our restaurant is safe. All of our employees have been vaccinated.’”



Okay. Then I would say, "you and your employees have just proven you're a bunch of moronic brainwashed sheep. So why would I spend my money at your shitty store? I'm going to spend my money with your more enlightened competitors."

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Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee October 22, 2020 Meeting Presentation





But what do these listed adverse reactions mean? Because many people have no idea what all these terms are actually saying.

Guillain-Barré Syndrome: A disorder in which your body’s immune system attacks your nerve system. This may eventually paralyze your whole body.

Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis: An inflammation that affects the brain and spinal cord, usually in children. It damages the coating that protects nerve fibers, called myelin. Symptoms may be severe.

Transverse Myelitis: An inflammation of both sides of one section of the spinal cord. This neurological disorder often damages the insulating material covering nerve cell fibers (myelin). Transverse myelitis interrupts the messages that the spinal cord nerves send throughout the body.

Encephalitis: An inflammation of the brain.

Myelitis: An inflammation of the spinal cord which can disrupt the normal responses from the brain to the rest of the body, and from the rest of the body to the brain.

Meningitis: An inflammation of the meninges. The meninges are the three membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord.

Encephalopathy: A damage or disease that affects the brain. It happens when there’s been a change in the way your brain works or a change in your body that affects your brain. Those changes lead to an altered mental state.

Convulsions/Seizures: Seizures cause rapid, rhythmic and sometimes violent shaking movements of the body, often with loss of consciousness.

Stroke: A stroke is a sudden interruption in the blood supply of the brain. Most strokes are caused by an abrupt blockage of arteries leading to the brain. Other strokes are caused by bleeding into brain tissue when a blood vessel bursts.

Narcolepsy: A sleep disorder characterized by excessive sleepiness, sleep paralysis and hallucinations.

Cataplexy: A sudden loss of voluntary muscle tone. The condition is often associated with narcolepsy.

Anaphylaxis: A serious, life-threatening, allergic reaction.

Acute Myocardial Infarction: A heart attack. Occurs when blood flow to the heart muscle is abruptly cut off, causing tissue damage.

Myocarditis:  An inflammation of the heart muscle. Symptoms can include shortness of breath, chest pain, decreased ability to exercise and an irregular heartbeat.

Pericarditis: An inflammation of the pericardium (the fibrous sac surrounding the heart). Symptoms typically include sudden onset of sharp chest pain, which may also be felt in the shoulders, neck or back.

Autoimmune Disease: A condition in which your immune system attacks your body because a drug or vaccine that was received contains human cells foreign to your own.

Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes: Preterm delivery (premature birth), growth restriction, low birth weight, stillbirth (dead baby) and long-term chronic diseases.

Acute Demyelinating Diseases: Any condition that results in damage to the protective covering (myelin sheath) that surrounds nerve fibers in your brain, optic nerves and spinal cord. This includes multiple sclerosis (when your immune system attacks the myelin sheath or the cells that produce and maintain it), optic neuritis (inflammation of the optic nerve in one or both eyes) and adrenoleukodystrophy/adrenomyeloneuropathy (inherited metabolic disorders).

Non-Anaphylactic Allergic Reactions: Failure of an organ system.

Thrombocytopenia: A condition in which you have a low blood platelet count.

Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation: A condition in which blood clots form throughout the body, blocking small blood vessels.

Venous Thromboembolism: A condition in which a blood clot forms most often in the deep veins of the leg, groin or arm and travels in the circulation, lodging in the lungs.

Arthritis and Arthralgia: Joint pain.

Kawasaki Disease: An illness that causes inflammation in arteries, veins and capillaries. It also affects your lymph nodes and causes symptoms in your nose, mouth and throat. It’s the most common cause of heart disease in children.

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome: A condition where different body parts can become inflamed, including the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes and gastrointestinal organs. Children who suffer from this condition may have a fever and various symptoms, including abdominal (gut) pain, vomiting, diarrhea, neck pain, rash, bloodshot eyes and feeling extra tired.

Vaccine Enhanced Disease: When the disease that you have is worsened by the vaccine that is supposed to protect you.

They Know These Vaccines Are Dangerous!

Because these novel vaccines have not been sufficiently tested, and clearly are dangerous, the UK government’s Department of Health awarded a special contract to Genpact (UK) Ltd in September.

The procurement, of which that contract is the result, stated: The MHRA urgently seeks an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software tool to process the expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs) and ensure that no details from the ADRs’ reaction text are missed.”

Again, the UK’s Department of Health “expects a high volume” of adverse reaction reports coming from the public. They know that these vaccines are not safe and that tens of thousands of people, in the UK alone, will want to report these adverse reactions and perhaps demand compensations for their vaccine injuries. But it will be the governments that are going to be held accountable for this. Not the pharma companies, that’s specifically stated in all the contracts between governments and vaccine manufacturers that have been signed so far.


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Squalene and Vaccines

According to the New York Times at least 2 pharmaceutical companies, GlaxoSmithKline and Seqirus, produce COVID-19 vaccines that contain squalene as an adjuvant.

According to a New Scientist article from April 10, 1999 squalene was present in experimental vaccines that were apparently administered to “around 100,000 troops who served in the 1991 Gulf conflict with Iraq” and who subsequently “developed a mysterious illness involving memory loss, thyroid disorders, allergies, fatigue, rashes and persistent pain.”

Research cited by the New Scientist article strongly indicates that the above mentioned illness, also referred to as the Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), could be caused by “the body turning against its own, natural squalene” due to the presence of the foreign squalene adjuvant in the experimental vaccines.

The New Scientist article further states: “Vaccines have often come under suspicion as a cause of GWS. Gulf War soldiers were the first to be systematically vaccinated against anthrax and plague because Iraq was thought to have biological weapons. France was the only country not to vaccinate its troops, and only French veterans are free of GWS.

In addition, the same article states that “GWS has also been blamed on exposure to chemicals in Iraq. But [Bob] Garry [a virologist at Tulane University in New Orleans] found squalene antibodies in six soldiers who were vaccinated but never went to the Gulf. The Gulf War Veterans Association, based in Versailles, Missouri, suspects that most cases of GWS were caused by experimental vaccines. [reminder, these COVID vaccines are experimental] If so, says the association’s Dave vonKleist, this would violate the Nuremberg Convention. ‘Military personnel are not subjects for experimentation,’ he says.”

According to an article by The Guardian from July 30, 2001 “the illness known as Gulf war syndrome looks likely to have been caused by an illegal vaccine ‘booster’ given by the [UK] Ministry of Defence to protect soldiers against biological weapons, according to the results of a new series of tests. Scientists in the United States found that symptoms of the illness were the same for service personnel who received the injections whether or not they served in the Gulf. The common factor for the 275,000 British and US veterans who are ill appears to be a substance called squalene, allegedly used in injections to add to their potency. Such an action would have been illegal. Squalene is not licensed for use on either side of the Atlantic because of potential side effects.

The US Department of Veteran Affairs claims that the following illnesses are known long-term side effects associated with the GWS, and thus squalene (and some of these are not even listed yet by the above FDA report):

•”Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), a condition of long-term and severe fatigue that is not relieved by rest and is not directly caused by other conditions.

Fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by widespread muscle pain. Other symptoms may include insomnia, morning stiffness, headache, and memory problems.

Functional gastrointestinal disorders, a group of conditions marked by chronic or recurrent symptoms related to any part of the gastrointestinal tract. Functional condition refers to an abnormal function of an organ, without a structural alteration in the tissues. Examples include irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), functional dyspepsia, and functional abdominal pain syndrome.

Undiagnosed illnesses with symptoms that may include but are not limited to: abnormal weight loss, fatigue, cardiovascular disease, muscle and joint pain, headache, menstrual disorders, neurological and psychological problems, skin conditions, respiratory disorders, and sleep disturbances.”


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THIS IS HUGE: Study Finds Asymptomatic Spread Not a Significant Source of the CCP Virus Pandemic.

The most recent study from China on the prevalence of infection after a lockdown found no transmission of the CCP virus among people who were in close contact with asymptomatic patients, contradicting the current narrative that asymptomatic transmission plays a major role in the pandemic.

An asymptomatic carrier is someone who has not displayed symptoms after being infected, but may spread the virus to others. This is different from someone who is presymptomatic, meaning the person doesn’t feel or look sick, but eventually shows symptoms later, and does transmit the virus during that presymptomatic phase.

The study, published in Nature, identified 300 asymptomatic positive cases through a massive screening program of more than nine million Chinese citizens post-lockdown in Wuhan—where the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus originated—from May 4 to June 1, using PCR tests.

Samples of all the asymptomatic cases were also cultured in the lab and “no viable virus” was found, meaning it cannot transmit a virus.






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Took a trip to white rose to do some shopping with the wife yesterday, the severity of how f****d we are hit home hard. There was security at the entrance, making sure you’re safe and masked up like a good sheep. 

Neither of us have ever wore a mask before nor do we intend to ever wear one. If we’ve ever been asked anywhere we’ve just replied with “I’m exempt” and that would usually be that. This “hero” was having none of it though, and as I wasted 5 minutes of my life calling this guy an idiot my wife got a friend to send over a screenshot. Basically a pass for those that are exempt. I’ll attach it here if anyone needs it. 

Hilariously we both showed him the picture and he stepped away. Barely ten steps we took and out came another cock telling us to put on masks. This was a constant theme throughout, honestly there was hundreds of these guys spread throughout the shopping centre and every one of them we walked past would stop us saying the same thing. 

I lost my rag on quite a few of them, there’s only so much you can be friendly. I don’t know if they intentionally recruit power trip  craving pricks but the jacket really does get to these f****s heads. 

The place itself was packed, loads of people but everyone wearing masks. Didn’t see a single person without one on. And All one way of course ffs! Some shops were operating a one in one out policy so you’d have to que before you got in. People looked at me as if I was strapped with a nuke, it was hard to not notice the many stares me and my wife both received. 

Thankfully it was a short but very surreal experience. Within my own community most people have been relaxed about the hoax since the start more or less so this really was an eye opener for me. The whole time I was there felt like I was in some other universe. 




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5 hours ago, Pinkman said:

I'm really struggling lately. That Matt Hancock video this morning seriously got to me. It was so clear as day he was laughing. So sinister. People are still sleeping to this absolute madness. Even if you question it all one bit you get called 'mad' and a 'tin-foil hat'. Serious case of stockholm syndrome. 10 months of this and people WANT to be controlled. 


He is laughing...I agree. He seems to find the name William Shakespeare funny... I'm guessing reference to a playwright would be symbolic of the acting and scripting of this whole covid bollox



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4 hours ago, magu said:

Some compelling evidence doingt the rounds that both her and bill are 'crisis actors'




Well with a name like William Shakespeare I'm guessing he is as close to writing and partaking in a plot as anyone can can... and then you have Maggie Keen Un. She looked pretty keen on getting the needle.

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3 hours ago, DarianF said:

Shop online? Use a brainwashed vaccinated idiot to deliver to you. That way you don't have to starve, and you don't have to get the vaccine.


Thank's Darian, we will do this for the time being, but I did hear somewhere that they may implement some sort of I D system to even shop online, it may be your Jab number or something like that ?

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2 hours ago, Not Thoth said:

KEENAN - Anglicized form of CIANAN ... C. I. A. NAN




Hand gesture well spotted. But hands are important for another reason too. Even if a person happens to look younger facially, the condition of their hands will give away their real age.


So are these the hands of a 91 year old woman?


To me they look more like the hands of someone in their late 50s or early 60s.

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29 minutes ago, alexa said:


Thank's Darian, we will do this for the time being, but I did hear somewhere that they may implement some sort of I D system to even shop online, it may be your Jab number or something like that ?


No doubt. They won't let us off that easily.

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