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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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3 minutes ago, oneantisworthtenofyou said:

 it will be interesting to follow how the evil scientists will fix the problem or if a fix is even possible

will they create something for folk with AIDS and overly active immune systems

or will they allow the egg intolerant to wear lanyards declaring their immune disability so they may avoid restrictions



folk with AIDS have a weak immune system so the Vaccine could kill them quicker than intended

folk with egg allergy are at the opposite end of the spectrum and have an overly sensitive immune system

that could cause the body to attack the proteins in the vaccine and cause a dangerous immune response

that could result in serious complications too early than intended


at this stage of the show i am unsure how difficult the covid security will be to circumvent

if we take the intelligence of the sheep that will follow anything it's not unreasonable to think

that avoiding or bypassing covid security systems will be reasonably easy since they're only intended to control

sheep that can't think for themselves


looking at the egg allergy symptoms it is very possible many folk unknowingly have mild symptoms

of egg allergy without even knowing it which would result in them not being "allowed" to take the vaccine

imo it would be wise for folk to reconsider their relationship with eggs








Not only that, but the fact they have run no trial on contraindication with other medication, but are prioritising over 80s and care-home residents.  I will be amazed to find any of those who aren't on some form of other medication.


I guess they arethe trial.

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2 minutes ago, Noctua said:


Not only that, but the fact they have run no trial on contraindication with other medication, but are prioritising over 80s and care-home residents.  I will be amazed to find any of those who aren't on some form of other medication.


I guess they arethe trial.


its like a badly written b grade sci-fi movie i am expecting Flash Gordon to come save us


but the damage has already been done imo

the fact i now know 95% or more of the population are brainwashed zombies with zero empathy

only blind obedience they will cue up with a smile on their face to take the vaccine

how can we ever get back from that realization?

i only thought about 80% of them were like that


so now we also know that this has happened every other generation

some lie was created to change society and all the history books only tell us what the majority were brainwashed to think at the time


the people are just a herd of tired old horses that are going to be replaced by shiny new tractors

that is inevitable imo finding a way to live outside the smart grid will be the saving grace of the thinking few



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Will mass vaccination give us back our pre-Covid lives? The short answer: NO!


A new era dawns of “vaccine plus" requiring us to continue to dig deep for a number of months to come - and possibly beyond.... meaning lockdowns, masks and social-distancing will persist. “A vaccine will complement the other tools we have, not replace them, said Tedros Ghebreyesus.“A vaccine on its own will not end the pandemic."


He lists the “tools”which shall remain.


-Testing, isolating & caring for cases
-Tracing & quarantining contacts
-Engaging communities
-Encouraging individuals to be carefu


Suggestions that vaccines will be able to take us back to where we were pre-Covid by Easter next year have given people an unrealistic expectation, says Prof David Salisbury, a former director of immunisation at the UK Department of Health and associate fellow at the Chatham House Illuminati think tank.


This is because even with significant levels of inoculation with an effective vaccine, a large number of people are still left exposed, he says, claiming that “transmission will continue between people who haven't been vaccinated, who can then spread it to unvaccinated vulnerable people and vulnerable people who have been vaccinated but have not made a protective immune response.”


The bad news is, (there is no good news) it could well take months or possibly years to vaccinate enough of the global population to make the whole interconnected world safe and reach a point where we can all return to full normal. Prof Ghani, an epidemiologist at Imperial College London agrees and estimates it will take two more years to "to get the whole world back to normal."


However, supposing during these intervening YEARS of “vaccine plus” as we patiently wait for normailty to return, another “deadly contagion” springs forth from the aether or a rat's saliva, will we have to further postpone living until a new vaccine is developed at 'Warp Speed' for that too?


Despite false promises, emotional blackmail, threats and financial incentives, health officials will have to overcome a rising tide of "vaccine hesitancy" - particularily among people who would normally get vaccinated but who are currently feeling "a little bit nervous" about how quickly Covid-19 vaccines have been developed. No shit Sherlock!


Prof Azra Ghani warns that while vaccines will ultimately end the pandemic, they will not “get rid of the virus" and the world will need to "keep vaccinating" just as it does with other diseases.





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16 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

not quite accurate



Millionaire footballers taking the knee for a movement that in its manifesto says it wants to destroy capitalism. Ironic or what?

Well done Millwall... and West Ham for that matter (notice that didn't get the same publicity?)

This is why they don't want fans back at football, it will become apparent that the public feels very differently than the narrative which is portrayed on the TV.


Is this the start of the backlash/rebellion? I bloody hope so.

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Pulse, the daily rag for GPs, has today reported that 'GPs must individually approve patients for Covid vaccine before delivery'.


Today's UKColumn showed a very short vid taken outside a nursing home.  *Warning* it's upsetting.  Starts at around 40 minutes in.




I really despair.




The nurse should have summoned the Doctor immediately to check her over, instead of telling her daughter to call back in 2 days. Disgraceful.

These people know that the Law will not touch them.




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30 minutes ago, Staeld said:

Haha you couldn't make it up!!



"The second patient in the world to receive the Covid-19 vaccine jab is Mr William Shakespeare from Warwickshire."



Who's next?


William Wordsworth of Cockermouth?


I wandered lonely as a virus
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host of golden opportunities



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Oh how they mock us, so much so, that Hancock cannot contain his 'duping delight' when discussing nonagenarians receiving an experimental cocktail of poison. He dissolves into laughter and pretends his tears are those of relief, rather than mirth. Such wickedness and duplicity can only come from one who suffers from true Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and therein lies the problem. The lunatics are running the asylum... they even gave Saville the keys to Broadmoor!

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2 hours ago, Noctua said:



Nevermind the crocodile tears - but do note the fact that the nurse administering the vax is not wearing gloves.  Some interesting comments below the article from NHS staff who were very surprised.

This slimy piece of shit is making me wanting to throw up.

FFS, he's not crying, he's laughing, it's quite clear to see.

What an absolute shit show. 

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