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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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1 hour ago, Morpheus said:

Yeah sorry, I wasn't intending denigrate anything that you'd said, I was merely adding the further reasons for war with this countries. As for James, yeah he touches on subjects the MSM won't, but for all his contrived smirks lurks a shill in my mind. One of these days, these fence sitters are going to have to realise that the tinfoil hat brigade was right all along. I wonder who'll be first to drop; Bellfield? Delingpole? Brees? Or none of the above? Probably the latter. 


If you listen to his more recent stuff including that podcast he's actually saying pretty much just that.


I'm not a big fan of "shill" accusations to be honest. No doubt there's a few out there, Anna Brees seems fairly iffy, but even at that I think she probably just doesn't actually care and is using the situation to gain clout rather than being actual controlled opposition.


We could spend our time criticising these people for not going all the way or appreciate that they're at least asking some questions, something you won't find in 99% of journalists today.


Ryan Dawson is one of the few people I'd follow who goes "all the way" so to speak and he's been banned off nearly everything. It's easy for us to sit and judge on a forum but it's not as easy if it's your livelihood.

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11 hours ago, vinny79 said:

Tried to convince a few friends but they are saying that the unvaccinated should be kept in their houses and not allowed out 


they seem to advocate forced vaccinations


anyone have the relevant text regarding forced medical treatment and human rights and the right to not be treat differently I can quote to them


some of these have kids


they don’t seem to see where this is heading 


No offence, but they are no "friends".


"Tried to convince a few friends but they are saying that the unvaccinated should be kept in their houses and not allowed out"


This already would be enough for me to say good bye.


Whoever advocates forced vaccinations is not your friend. I get it, that people can be afraid and thats why they have problems to think clearly, but outright saying to exlude everyone out of society, just because they dont want a questionable, unresearched and dangerous vaccine injected into their body is stupid.

Just because they cannot inform themself properly, everyone else shall suffer? Seriously i would not talk with them one more sentence and they better not force these vaccinations on their kids.

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The TV presenter Kate Garraway is in the newspapers a fair bit because her husband has been ill, its said with the rona. Obviously its a horrible thing for someone to have a sick loved one but what i'd be very interested to know is whether or not her husband had had the flu vaccination prior to becoming sick


This is because due to the little understood phenomenon of 'viral interferance' people who get the flu vaccine often develop other health problems and i'm open to the possibility that much of what is being labelled 'covid' is actually the fallout of the widely pushed flu vaccination


To my knowledge no one who has interviewed her on the TV about her sick husband has asked her ''did he receive the flu vaccine?''

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Today on  ITV there was a programme investigating scams, fakes and faulty goods in shopping..... at the same time we have the BBC news saying the UK has surpassed 60,000 deaths withing 28 days of testing "positive" for covid.




First, PCR test above 10 cycles is not reliable (PCR should not  be used for testing for pathogens anyway), but 10 cycles or below and almost no one will be positive...however the UK uses up to 45 cycles, which is absolutely useless and produces all positives if they so desire.


There have been NO excess deaths, not only in UK, but worldwide in comparison to any other year--and THAT is from official sources such as the CDC in USA.

Any deaths which show as "covid" are caused by re-diagnosed flu and deaths from normal yearly diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory and other such illnesses.
Flu has all but disappeared and other major causes of death have dropped significantly.


NO ONE--and it has been said many times--has shown WITHOUT DOUBT that SarsCov2 has been isolated and purified and is an actual CAUSE of a disease that is a killer.... The UK Gov (all depts) were asked to provide proof that we can all see via FOIA requests recently.... they all said that they cannot provide the answer to the question.


Now we have a so  called killer disease which has a 99.7% recovery rate which vaccine companies have produced (out of thin air and in record time) vaccines which are between 92% and 97% (appx) effective---but with expected "side effects" (yes, like DEATH)!!!


WHY would ANYONE want to take a vaccine that has a LESS efficacy rate than the bodies own immune system?!!!

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The mental health crisis happened when society was psychologically broken down after the constant government lockdowns. Even when the "experts" told us that lockdowns didn’t work, governments didn't listen.. no one wanted to accept the plan was to break society and reset the system… Mental Health is the seventh part in the Sci-Fi Dystopian Short Film series, you can watch the other parts here:

The Great Reset: https://youtu.be/z2wj_OhZY4w

Cashless Society: https://youtu.be/JPMnXRWD0Ac

Police State: https://youtu.be/zSi0dAwYKos

Mandatory Vaccine: https://youtu.be/lP8yTtptW5M

Masked Agenda: https://youtu.be/R3qzxe2zTug

Track and Trace: https://youtu.be/OGGczyk9BL8

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10 hours ago, oneantisworthtenofyou said:


Whenever i think of the evil NHS

the angel of death herself nurse Beverley Alitt pops into my mind

she represents what is wrong with the NHS screening process imo

perhaps she was a one off

or perhaps she is the tip of the iceberg 



Both Beverley Allitt (the second unpleasant killer to come from Grantham!) and Harold Shipman were not the exceptions they were claimed to be.


They were more like the far end of a continuum, who just became  too obvious and too careless...part of the process that includes DNRs and a soft cull by  over-medication.


There is far too much respect for medical 'professionals' today. In a secular, non-religious age they seem to have got a lot of the unthinking honour and respect that would have gone to clergy in earlier days.


We should all make an effort to be as disrespectful to medical personnel as possible - try calling them quacks or drug company reps. Remind them that their predecessors tried to 'cure' King Charles II of his final illness by putting dead pigeons on his head. Come to think of it, pigeons on the head would be a much more sensible and less dangerous idea than a vaccine for conjob 19.


As an aside, the idea of keeping the unvaccinated under house arrest might be flawed. Who'll keep them there if the vaccinated are dropping like flies?



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Look at the instructions for administering the vaccine. It's a nightmare and very likely to be

misused .... even if it is safe, which I highly suspect it is not.


Frozen vials should be transferred to 2 °C to 8 °C to thaw; a 195 vial pack may take 3 hours to thaw (see section 6.4). Alternatively, frozen vials may also be thawed for 30 minutes at temperatures up to 25 °C for immediate use. Once thawed, the undiluted vaccine can be stored for up to 5 days at 2 °C to 8 °C, and up to 2 hours.at temperatures up to 25 °C.


Allow the thawed vial to come to room temperature and gently invert 10 times prior to dilution.


Do not shake.


Prior to dilution the vaccine should present as an off-white solution with no particulates visible. Discard the vaccine if particulates or discolouration are present.


The thawed vaccine must be diluted in its original vial with 1.8 mL sodium chloride 9 mg/mL (0.9%) solution for injection, using a 21 gauge or narrower needle and aseptic techniques.


Warning: Unpreserved sodium chloride 9 mg/mL (0.9%) solution for injection is the only diluent that should be used. This diluent is not provided in the vaccine carton.


Equalise vial pressure before removing the needle from the vial by withdrawing 1.8 mL air into the empty diluent syringe.


Gently invert the diluted solution 10 times. Do not shake.


The diluted vaccine should present as an off-white solution with no particulates visible. Discard the diluted vaccine if particulates or discolouration are present.


The diluted vials should be marked with the new discard date and time and stored between 2 °C to 25 °C. Use immediately, and within 6 hours after dilution.


After dilution, the vial contains 5 doses of 0.3 mL. Withdraw the required 0.3 mL dose of diluted vaccine using a sterile needle and syringe and discard any unused vaccine within 6 hours after dilution


Pages 3/4 of this Government document




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30 minutes ago, greatdayforfreedom said:

''Highly effective'', so effective that people will still have to wear muzzles and anti social distance. Yes, very effective.


Well put! And is "safe" that it requires the tax payer to be the guarantor for compensation payouts for adverse medical side effects. Not to mention, the side effects will require a new A.I. software tool to track “the expected high volume of COVID-19 vaccine adverse drug reactions (ADRs).”



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Guest Gone Fishing...
4 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


No likes, but I can imagine. It's going to be hard for the media to keep their credibility through this, but it's not like they had much to begin with, I guess.

The article is bang on.
l have 'Normie Mates' who are now asking the right questions and beginning to see through this shit. It's encouraging.
l can't be the only one  :O)

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The Deputy Chief Medical Officer said "we will never eradicate coronavirus"


The wearing of masks he says "may persist for many years, and maybe that is a good thing if they do"


This is clearly fear mongering and social engineering in its most evil form.


To me it looks like Boris Johnson has less power than Van-Tam



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Guest Gone Fishing...
1 minute ago, Golden Retriever said:

The Deputy Chief Medical Officer said "we will never eradicate coronavirus"


The wearing of masks he says "may persist for many years, and maybe that is a good thing if they do"


This is clearly fear mongering and social engineering in it's most evil form.


To terrify encourage people into taking the vaccine...? 😕 


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