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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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Something has been bugging me. This ChAdOx1 vaccine. Yes the date on the vials on the news was March 2020.


But, and excuse if I am being a bit simple here, but I put ChAdOx1 into Google Patents and it goes back years and is included in lots of different patents.


Is it that ChAdOx1 is not its full name for this Covid-19 one?



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The Covid data spies paid to know ALL your secrets: Town halls harvest millions of highly personal details including if you're being unfaithful or having unsafe sex


'A private firm inked deals with local authorities to gather data that can be used to predict who is likely to break lockdown, creating risk analyses for households'



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41 minutes ago, Mr H said:

Thanks will take a look later.


Been looking at the other side of the argument also, that the virus has been identified and the questioning of whether using koch's postulates is relevant. Some info on this side of the argument here Sigh, yes, the 'COVID virus' is real - Virology Down Under


Well, Well sure the virus is real but it may be the 5G that is putting the poison in the people to bring the virus out to clean the cells up. Not to mention all the poisons in the food,water and air.

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17 hours ago, Fluke said:

Not sure what tactics the 77 brigade use but we all know they are there to stead public discourse. Just type in a search engine "apply for 77th brigade" and there you will find the job description.


Footnote as follows:


'If you ever happen to bump in to someone called Numnuts, then just run. He munches on our sort for breakfast.'


14 hours ago, SimonTV said:

Boris being sick, do you think he faked it?


For sure. If he was in any way genuine, then why did he prorogue parliament last year? It was a completely pointless act that only played in to the hands of the PTB. I am yet to hear one credible explanation, as to why anyone legitimate would have done that.


13 hours ago, Saved said:

He looked like he was withdrawing from heroin the week before it was announced he had it. I commented at the time that he had the tone and countenance of somebody devastated by bad news. Full on physical depression. When he came back he sounded like he had been reprogrammed.


Maybe, when the true horror of what he was fronting dawned on him, he did got cold feet. I definitely don't buy him being seriously ill in hospital though.


12 hours ago, DarianF said:



What do they mean by 'give advice'? When it comes to social distancing outdoors, folks pretty much do know the rules. What they really mean is 'harass and intimidate'; not 'give advice'.


6 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Maybe, hard to say as he deleted the tweets after backlash. The far-left are a bit unhinged in regards to people enjoying Thanksgiving though, and many of them don't think the covid bs goes far enough.


I suspect that he may have been a centre-right chameleon.

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3 hours ago, shadowmoon said:

It is?

I still won't be  getting it.

Since flu has vanished now what would be the point 😉


Aye mate, me neither. Not saying they not rolling out covid vaccine in December, even though that's what the grape vine us saying. But this over 50s rollout is defo the flu vaccine. We have our stock ready. 

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Random fact that has probably been mentioned already.


Munchausen syndrome by proxy


Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP) -- or Munchausen by proxy -- is a psychological disorder marked by attention-seeking behavior by a caregiver through those who are in their care.


MSP is a relatively rare behavioral disorder. It affects a primary caretaker, often the mother. The person with MSP gains attention by seeking medical help for exaggerated or made-up symptoms of a child in ttheir care. As health care providers strive to identify what's causing the child's symptoms, the deliberate actions of the parent or caretaker can often make the symptoms worse.




Yeah not exactly news but every cunt going seems to have this collectively, along with stockholm syndrome towards the government. It becomes funny to see just how blatantly stupid people are nowadays.

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23 hours ago, shadowmoon said:



I got a text a month or two back form my GP ."Your age group (50+) has been now chosen to take this years flu vaccine"or words to that effect.


A few weeks later another text. "due to demand please stop calling us there will be another batch ready early in December."


Hmm..I think; this ties in nicely with the covid vaccine launch?


I suspect they want to start the mass injections in January. One last wave a manufactured deaths and then they’ll claim success.


2019/20/21 was chosen for the ”crisis” as the nanotech  uses 32 bit technology to save power, clearly they can’t have the tech going obsolete by 2038, so rather seconds since 1970 (like Unix time) they’ve gone for seconds since 1st Jan 2020 for all the clock synchronisation.

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2 hours ago, Thoth001 said:

Makes you think that Nazi Germany was a trial run for all of this.


I became homeless the day first lockdown started. Neighbours knew what I was packing my car to do. As I left the small town, I was followed by a white Merc 4x4 who began agressively tailgating me. I pulled over to let him past. Instead, he pulled alongside and started shouting at me. I am registered disabled and had never met this guy. He screamed that I was fucking spastic and should get the fuck back for lockdown. So, he knew where I lived as well.


I pulled off and carried on driving and he continued to tailgate to the point of near crashes, screaming and making gun gestures at me. For what it was worth, I rang 999 and spoke to them as it was occurring. They told me to go where there was cctv so I drove a mile to nearest BP garage. He continued to chase me around the forecourt in full cctv view which he must've known would be there and was not concerned about. When I tried to get out of my car to enter the shop, he went to get out to so I remained in my vehicle.


After a while, he left. Workers in the shop came out to see if I was OK and tell me they had called the Police. The Police called me back to say they would take no action and warn the fella when they found the car. It transpired that they never sought him out. I made a police complaint on the basis of what has gone before. 2nd complaint with first being upheld. If I'd have in anyway fronted the guy, I'd have been the perpetrator., for sure.


Since being homeless, the worst nimbys (not in my back yard) have been hard right folk. It's been my experience that they are well organised wherever you go.


I read a write up on Targeted Individuals and the theory he put forward to it's rise was that similar happens whenever some force wishes to implant a dictatorship. With the militarisation of the police, discussed here, and all the points of control mentioned in this thread, one is left thinking that this is actually the case. Nazism is alive and well.


But I am moved to share a quote that reads "Mussolini and Hitler were only the primary spokesmen of an attitude for domination and power that exists in the hearts of nearly all individiuals. Not until the source is cleared will there be change".

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1 hour ago, SimonTV said:

Protest in London today was meeting at Kings Cross but police presence there is so over the top they moved some where else now. haha The police are going nuts about the meet up. 

Yep I saw. Crazy was just there. I shouted at one police officer. 


"So its illegal to protest now? You're a police officer its not illegal to protests" 


Fucking pigs.


If anyone is in London and wants to meet to go to the protest/gathering let me know.

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20 minutes ago, Fluke said:

See the pigs are up to their old tactics dirty cowards 


yeah seems like they start of verbally warning people, usually the weaker looking.


Then they go in heavy on the odd person seemingly trying to intice the crowd into violence or make them think twice.


Then inevitably they usually end up with the cavarly!


I liked Brian Gerrish's suggestion should just sit there en mass together in silence. Can't arrest them all and silence sends out a powerful message.

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