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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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15 hours ago, BornFreeNowAgain said:

Could be. I am not sure who the cyclists are, but going off the video the guy filming it must be semi well known for biking. It does sort of feel like one of those staged 'good cops to the rescue' type videos, or the ones where cop buys homeless person shoes sort of vibe 😄. Perhaps it is a PR stunt to make Charles seem more 'relatable'. 



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Imagine a vaccine “so safe” you have to be THREATENED to take it, and for a disease “so deadly” you have to be TESTED to know whether you have it


Imagine if everyone who died in the past four years from cancer, heart attacks, strokes, dementia, diabetes, murder, vehicle accidents and suicide were all tested for gingivitis, and everyone who tested "positive" was documented as "died with gingivitis." Then, even though 70 percent of adults already suffer from this, it was called the novel "variant" of gingivitis and the CDC called it the G-19 "pandemic." If the symptoms were the same as other minor infections, and rarely deadly (except for people on the brink of death from serious sicknesses already), wouldn't EVERYONE question the label "died with gingivitis," especially if you were forced by the government to get multiple "vaccines" for it – dirty vaccines that cause vascular clotting, heart attacks, strokes, cancer and death themselves?


Most people who test "positive" for COVID-19 have minor symptoms identical to people with common colds, allergies and vaccine side effects.



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23 hours ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

Don’t do it sock, you’ve got too much to live for! 


Rather ol' boy, for a start there is 20th October 2023 to salivate over, plus i have too much to do to annoy as many people as is possible, i posted this in the other thread that is a bit non descriptive with the title except for the veteran members of this platform, so i post it here as well, 💖:classic_biggrin:👍



Statement from Mark Sexton, Parliamentary debate to be held on 20th October 2023 headed by Andrew Bridgen MP, where i suspect we get to find out if this country is under totalitarian control of a foreign power facilitated by Manchurian Cuckoo's occupying OUR Parliament.



mark sexton - excess deaths

A national emergency, now in the hundreds of thousands, a catastrophe.

Duration 00:03:36





Easy way to write to your MP and demand for them to attend the debate.





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On 10/3/2023 at 7:04 AM, jack121 said:

This Morning back in the dubious news again with " expert " advice as their resident doctor Dr Sara Kayat calls  for more people to get their flu jab, even though colds and flus are medically impossible and do not exist - what is really going on here.


Here's the ugly doc here, posing for her smiling jab - so easy and painless, she says, everyone should get jabbed




Side effects, according to WHO, are that you may get Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which causes muscle weakness and paralysis.

'You may feel sore where your jab was injected,' says Kayat.

'Other side effects include a raised temperature, muscle aches or a headache,To help ease the pain move your arm regularly and taking a pain killer such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. It is recommended to have the flu vaccination annually. I encourage all pregnant women to have their flu jab this autumn. 'Pregnancy changes how the body responds to infections, which is why pregnant women are considered to be at increased risk of serious complications from flu.

'If you are pregnant, a flu jab helps vaccinate you and the vaccine will be passed onto your baby too, lasting for the first few months of its life.'



This is such a disturbing image in every way, as above 👆 defined below 👇, 🤢🤮, these people are sick.

Pssst, it's a boy, pass it on, 👇





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Manchester surgeon who claimed Covid-19 was a hoax is struck-off

  • Published
    2 hours ago

By Paul Burnell
BBC News

A surgeon, who worked at a hospital where the third UK coronavirus victim died, has been struck-off for claiming the virus was a hoax.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal ruled that Mr Muhammad Adil undermined public health and public confidence in the medical profession.

Mr Muhammad Adil, who also posted anti-vaccination comments online, had worked at North Manchester General Hospital.

The hospital is where a man, aged 60, died early in the pandemic.





Proves you can’t tell the truth without repercussions 



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6 minutes ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

Is this really that This Morning doc?

Didn’t realise tv pop docs were this satanic, oh well goes with the territory suppose


Photoshopped ? What's true or fake nowadays ??  ........ image.jpeg.67c71d3de1dda34dcaa01f074f7d2fa0.jpeg !!

Edited by Nip
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2 minutes ago, Nip said:


Made a note of this girl's name


I made a note of the rather nice shade of lipstick and matching blouse................wait, is it a bloke? fuggit i won't bother with the dog n bone number, always practice safe and effective sex and stay the fuck away, far away, more than barge pole away, 🤣

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