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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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8 minutes ago, Velma said:

That woman looks nothing like 78 years old.


Neither is she putting up any resistance to her unlawful arrest.


I'd be kicking and screaming like a MOFO!


Maybe she’s just aged well; I know several older people who do not look their age.


Maybe she is preserving her dignity by not kicking and screaming; or maybe she has health problems that don’t allow her to do so.


Im not saying it’s not staged, but who knows for sure.

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If that arrest of the woman was on BBC 'news' then it was most definitely staged. It's made it into The Sun and The Daily Fail. There is a reason why they want people too see this, It must benefit the agenda in some way, or they wouldn't allow it to be shown, especially on the BBC. The question is what could they gain from it? Are they expecting riots? The police have been an absolute f'ing disgrace this year, their vile psychopathic actions has been utterly abhorrent. 

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8 minutes ago, greatdayforfreedom said:

The question is what could they gain from it? Are they expecting riots? The police have been an absolute f'ing disgrace this year, their vile psychopathic actions has been utterly abhorrent. 


It will probably be used by the mass media to help with the 100% staged anti-BoJo, until he resigns, narrative. The 'hero M.P.' was talking like the buck stops with Boris. Priti Patel just in the news again too, as a condemned bully, with Boris standing by her. She might be a workplace bully, but her narrative is also 100% staged. He stood by Dom too, who has now left. He made 'Lockdown mistakes' as well. Blah, blah, blah...   


P.S. Only well dodgy freemasons could come up with a plan so transparent in nature. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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5 hours ago, BridgeBuilder said:

Thanks @Oakwise and @DarianF


You have put your points across the way even I can understand it and I'm not that familiar with the law.


Please spread this information out there guys so that someone, non-truther lawyers, doctors, business man those in power who are still human might be able to use it in their argument. With all the censorship going on i.e. big G and tube, people might not find these info. Also difficulty is that likes of me and other masses will type in "Nurembourg virus" and read factcheck website and might end up thinking what you guys say is another conspiracy.


@BridgeBuilder The Nuremberg Code is an important historical document and remains relevant to the issues of informed consent to treatment. It underpins many of the universal modern principles of informed consent to treatment. You can read a summary of this key point below:




In terms of the current debate regarding Covid-19 vaccinations (mandatory vs voluntary uptake; penalties and restrictions for not taking, etc), there is no reason not to keep the Nuremberg Code in mind, despite what the 'fact check' article suggests. However, the focus should be more on the modern agreed principles of informed consent. For example, consider the following:


Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care



Victorian Government



UK Government



American Medical Association



United Nations



Forcing someone to receive a vaccination, or threatening them with penalties if they do not take it, could be argued to violate the core principles of informed consent to treatment (fully explained in the links above). Keeping the Nuremberg Code in mind as an important historical document and a precursor to the principles of informed consent is a good idea, but the Nuremberg Code on its own is not enough.

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21 minutes ago, oneantisworthtenofyou said:

is covid racist? 🤣


In this hard-hitting investigation, an A&E medic asks why so many Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic NHS workers have died from Covid-19.


Will frontline staff be better protected in the second wave?




Titania can now add Covid to the list haha (if not already on it)



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3 hours ago, shadowmoon said:

Had 2 masked people turn their backs on me in the street earlier today & when their little grandson turned to look at me they dragged him back round..


Will the English will ever recover their sanity.?



Hope they enjoy breathing in their own mold spores and bacteria all day long. Idiots.

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6 minutes ago, Given To Fly said:

"dr" tom black in our local news tonight: "Dont' hug your granny, please don't hug your granny"


dehumanizing monsters.


In a nutshell, that’s what they are - in more ways than most people comprehend.


Look after your own ‘humanity’; spirit, soul etc; try and have a bit of compassion for those that ‘comply’ (not easy all the time); and get on with nurturing your spirit.

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10 hours ago, allymisfit said:

A colleague from work was tested positive. She's freaking out. 

I asked her if she was feeling poorly and she said she had a runny nose and sneezing so will be off work for the foreseeable future. 

Probably has the same cold I have. 

I mean... This is the season for colds eh! 


Dear oh dear..


Does she know the recovery rate is over 99%?

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This is hilarious. They've found the perfect loophole. Okay we won't force Australians to be vaccinated, but it may be a condition of re-entry to Australia 😀 So we won't force you, but if you want to come home, yeah we will. 😆




"There may however, be circumstances where the Australian Government and other governments may introduce border entry or re-entry requirements that are conditional on proof of vaccination."





You just can't make this stuff up.

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