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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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8 hours ago, zarkov said:


I believe that vaccination and mercury fillings are prime candidates intentionally contrived to bring about such and many other mental states of imbalance and the effects of Hg have been known for many centuries.


Hal Huggin's book: It's All in Your Head - The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness, discusses what a Professor of Psychology found when testing pre and post mercury removal patients. The results showed a marked change in thinking patterns after removal for all patients, even those supposedly well. Patients with unexplained suicidal thoughts had them abate immediately post removal. It could be argued that whilst you have mercury in your mouth, your thoughts are not so much your own or what they would be. Some tests show that you're more likely to fail word tests if mercury toxic.

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3 hours ago, Alnitak said:

Amongst all the crap some good news i received in my inbox a few mins ago. Gov still trying their hardest to avoid COVID 19 exists or has been isolated. Dr Kevin Corbett et all case against the government dragging its heels but proving the lies.


Update on The Coronavirus Act 2020 is Null and Void!


To our Great Supporters,


We received a pathetic response from the Government Legal Department on Friday, 13th November, which was the latest time to the day that they had to respond! This was after they spitefully rejected our reasonable request for urgency. The truth is they are dragging their heels at every opportunity as they are terrified of our legal action against them! So far it has now been over 3 months since we commenced our legal action on 7th August.


Their lamentable response is now available on our Case Page for your amusement. We were very happy that they decided to pad out their response by including a "full chronology of events and relevant legislation passed". This is nothing short of an own goal, as it just demonstrates the massive, completely unprecedented amount of ludicrous secondary legislation that has been churned out. All passed in an under-hand, unprecedented way without any real Parliamentary scrutiny or checks and balances. 


We are now compiling a response to them and we will have plenty to say about it. Of course the most important is the way this Government of Occupation has abused, assaulted and defiled our Constitution, our Common Law, our Democracy, our Freedoms, our Sovereignty, our Legal System, our Parliament, our individual Legal Rights and our Human Rights. Further, they have falsely declared an "emergency period" which is something they have invented, instead of declaring a State of Emergency. Had they done this, we would have the protections given under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, as this would automatically have been triggered. There is no excuse for this, as a State of Emergency has even been declared over strikes historically and has been deliberately avoided now in order to create this tyranny and control over us.


Other issues include the false claim that many of of our challenges are out of time when we had already commenced those challenges. Also, the fact that our Claimants are not business owners and somehow it is deemed that they are not victims. However, we can all be considered victims when the businesses and services that we want and need are taken away from us with unlawful legislation. Further, the Government Legal Department cannot be considered at all credible as it thinks that this fake and corrupt secondary legislation can somehow have precedence over Statute Law! These are just some examples of the many failings of this response. They are defending the indefensible, you can be assured that we intend to fight this every step of the way and take back our Rights and Freedoms that have been stolen from us by this Government of Occupation!     


It is so important that people get to know about our legal action and it would be amazing if you could:



Thank you again for your help in our fight against Government tyranny and oppression. Together we can break down 'Gates of Hell', defeat the Dictators and take our lives and freedom back! 


Best wishes,


The People's Brexit



If you want to donate or support this case use this link as the one in the message was not working, What a surprise lol ! Not :-) Everything is working against us until we see it :-)





I have just had a quick look at the governments response document  and it is as they stated laughable!   So here is link to it as it is not easy to find either. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ksC4y78dUq_8r3rqyXvLezjMGtzJ_IRV/view



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The isolated purified pathogenic particles must be introduced to a healthy host tissue and replicate the symptomolgy characteristic of the said pathogen as per Koch's postulates as proof of causation.


Then, by their own established and accepted logic [Koch's postulates] those of us who are healthy & symptom free prove in vivo that there can be no pathogenic virus particles present otherwise symptoms would be evident as required under those postulates.



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6 hours ago, Alnitak said:

I love it. I said in March on the old forum it was a re-branded flu virus! Proof is in the pudding, now i can eat my chocolate cake lol 


Here's an article from early on, before the scam went into full swing: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/for-now-the-flu-is-a-bigger-risk-than-coronavirus-2020-01-30

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8 minutes ago, DarianF said:


Boris Johnson’s plans for a new toughened three-tiered system to replace the national lockdown next week is under threat after 70 Conservative MPs threatened to veto the plans in Parliament. The Tory MPs on Saturday wrote to the Prime Minister saying they could not support further new restrictions if the Government does not publish an economic analysis of the impact of the restrictions… The number of signatories to the letter is more than enough than the 43 Tory MPs to defeat the Government’s 85-strong working majority in the Commons if Labour votes against the plans when they are put to MPs next week.

Referring to the previous tiered system of restrictions, which were not as onerous as the ones set to be proposed this week, the Conservative MPs told Mr Johnson: “The tiered restrictions approach in principle attempts to link virus prevalence with measures to tackle it, but it’s vital we remember always that even the tiered system of restrictions infringes deeply upon people’s lives with huge health and economic costs.”



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6 hours ago, Tamlinn said:

Yes, this is happening here. There is a nurse here who says they are giving the elderly in care homes a super strong version of the flu vaccine and they are dying after. They are all marked as covid deaths, even though none have the severe respiratory symptoms.


Where are you?


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10 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

Okay so multiple manufacturers managed to produce a brand new vaccine in what the space of a month?


You know full well that I think it is all a mega-fraud, which is being used to help usher in, at the very least, a Western NWO. My point was that the information relating to a vaccine being trialed, as early as 15th March, was released to the public at the time. The impression the image gave, to me anyway and others might well have got a different impression, was that something hidden had just been uncovered. Nothing major, I suppose, but someone trying to discredit us could add it to their list. 'Oh, look at those DIF Covidiots pretending to unearth something already released to the general public.' 🙂


The question of how legitimate it was for any pharmaceutical company to have anything ready to be trialed, at that early stage, is completely separate to the point I was making. Maybe I am being too cautious, but I do think we all really need to be on the ball over the next 5 weeks or so. For the record, I didn't ever think it was a photoshopped image. I only thought that the image looked promotional in nature, so not something that had been leaked or come to light through someone's vigilance.         


P.S. Completely random here. I never realised that this Fauci dude will be turning 80 years old in a few weeks. Freaky! He will probably be fronting some new public scaremongering project in 2040. 😀



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Even the MSM have to acknowledge the FACTS now.


Today Mail Online


"Surely more elderly people are dying than normal?

It doesn’t look like it. According to the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures – for October 2020 – in spite of all the Covid-19 deaths, the average death rate in the over-75s was significantly lower this year than it was last October – 6,901.7 per 100,000 people, compared with 7141.7 for last year."




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29 minutes ago, vinny79 said:
  • About 33 people are reported to have died with the virus in the past week


its not a coincidence is it this number....


why not about 34?


always 33

I get the Masonic reference but what kind of vague reporting is that anyway ? ‘About’ ?? 
In the sports section do they say , ‘Tottenham scored about 2 goals against city yesterday ‘ ?  Twats . 

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9 hours ago, Alnitak said:

Did you know it only takes only 10% of a constituency  to force a bi -election. This is what we can do in the coming months and get Boris out by forcing bi-elections all over the UK. There is something we can do but it takes evidence. Collect your non answers from your MPs to force bi elections which then could  make bi-elections occur and we can get the dead in a ditch oven ready out by next summer :-)


This is where 'they' were clever about this potential outcome - if you look through the Coronavirus Act 2020, all elections are essentially 'suspended', hence why there were no local or Metro Mayoral elections held in May. And it is looking doubtful as to whether there will be any next year if this Act continues to remain in effect.


Democracy has basically ended in the UK. Though many like myself will argue that we haven't had any democracy for years.

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15 hours ago, Illmatic said:



The biggest factor I feel though is there have obviously been years of quiet erosion of the checks and balances that existed within legal, media and political processes. I don't know exactly what has happened but I have never seen press coverage and government policy so unanimous, so one sided but so obviously false and ridiculous. This was obviously something worked very hard at and now they feel they are well prepared to execute on their plans.


Spot on with that remark. Not just the press and media, but the political parties as well.  The message is the same.

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2 minutes ago, Noctua said:


Spot on with that remark. Not just the press and media, but the political parties as well.  The message is the same.


Yeah I saw a little inphographic quite a while ago about how more and more big news outlets in different countries have been hoovered up by the media giants, Viacom etc. The circle is getting smaller, a lot going on behind the scenes we're not privy to I'd say. One factor I'd imagine is that the industry is dying on its feet because of independent internet media. This is their last chance to consolidate and censor anyone causing them problems.

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