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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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14 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


''Because you can buy things with your bank account, we think of this as money even though it’s not cash. Therefore, if you borrow £100 from the bank, and it credits your account with the amount, ‘new money’ has been created. It didn’t exist until it was credited to your account.

This also means as you pay off the loan, the electronic money your bank created is ‘deleted’ – it no longer exists. You haven’t got richer or poorer. You might have less money in your bank account but your debts have gone down too. So essentially, banks create money, not wealth.

Banks create around 80% of money in the economy as electronic deposits in this way. In comparison, banknotes and coins only make up 3%''


The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money Ep 4



Right exactly, money only exists as an idea but at least as paper/metal in your hand it's more real than numbers on a screen.


Makes perfect sense that they would want to make it possible to turn your livelihood on or off like a tap and make it conditional based on your behaviour.

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14 minutes ago, FrankVitali said:

Think I'll go to ground for a while, I'll be keeping my eye on goings on here now and then. Stay strong :-)  I shall be back in due course. Just have a strange, odd feeling after recent events so I'll listen to my gut and take a break for a while.


that's called the 'chilling effect'


the authorities and their corporate media lackeys have created a CLIMATE OF FEAR in britain where people are afraid to discuss even the most fundamental issues facing us today


This is their way of telling us that we don't really have democracy whilst not actually saying we don't have democracy


Its a bit like darth vader dressing up in a tuutuu....he looks harmless but he's still going to vaporise that planet with his death star...

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12 minutes ago, Illmatic said:

Right exactly, money only exists as an idea but at least as paper/metal in your hand it's more real than numbers on a screen.


there is a difference between 'currency' and 'money'. cash is currency but gold and silver are money:

Money vs Currency - Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 1 - Mike Maloney



Makes perfect sense that they would want to make it possible to turn your livelihood on or off like a tap and make it conditional based on your behaviour.


currency now is not pegged to anything tangible like gold. It is a total abstraction and according to that quote from the bank of england above exists mostly not in cash form but as digits on a computer screen


The difference between the situation now though and the proposed digital currency on the central banks closed blockchains is that you can at least hold cash under your mattress now which means you could be a critic of the government and still walk down to your local shop and buy your dinner


But under their proposed technocratic system they can simply make your digital currency dissapear because it will all be held in their system. This means they can starve dissent and therefore their technocractic 'great reset' is undemocratic and an attack on our civil liberties


As it stands they already showed us that they can swipe money directly from your bank account because they took a 'haircut' off the top of bank accounts in cyprus after the 2008 credit crunch. This is because when you deposit your currency with a bank you no longer own it as you are an 'unsecured creditor'


This is why they don't want gold and silver but in theory anything can be used as currency if there is consensus on it. We could all start transacting in sea shells if we all agreed to do it. Our current currency has no intrinsic value but we can purchase things with it because we all have a consensus to recognise value in it


but really it is an illusion


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22 minutes ago, Illmatic said:

It seems like they've managed to flip everything on its head. I often wonder if the opponents of the actual Nazis got the same treatment, "don't be so selfish, don't you know they want to protect us and our freedoms?".


People of the 21st century have often pondered how the authoritarian regimes of the 20th century could have taken hold of so many countries and now we are finding out for ourselves by living through it in our own countries


The answer, as i'm learning, is that they get away with it because not enough people resist

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The Medical-political Complex

Covid-19: politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science

Politicians and governments are suppressing science.

Science is being suppressed for political and financial gain. Covid-19 has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale, and it is harmful to public health.1 Politicians and industry are responsible for this opportunistic embezzlement. So too are scientists and health experts. The pandemic has revealed how the medical-political complex can be manipulated in an emergency—a time when it is even more important to safeguard science.



''Pfizer’s history of being fined billions for illegal marketing and for bribing government officials to help them cover up an illegal drug trial that killed eleven children (among other crimes) has gone unmentioned by most mass media outlets, which instead have celebrated the apparently imminent approval of the company’s COVID vaccine without questioning the company’s history or that the mRNA technology used in the vaccine has sped through normal safety trial protocols and has never been approved for human use. Also unmentioned is that the head of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Patrizia Cavazzoni, is the former Pfizer vice president for product safety who covered up the connection of one of its products to birth defects.''


'SAGE was put on a pedestal... but their models clearly didn’t reflect reality': Tory MP slams scientific advisers as damning documentary reveals they relied on WIKIPEDIA data and wrongly predicted virus would peak in June

  • SAGE admitted early virus modelling based on figures from online encyclopedia
  • Committee of scientists advising PM also had no expert on human coronavirus 
  • Dubious data formed the basis for the group's calls for first national lockdown
  • Experts predicted that the peak would be in June - but it actually came in April  
  • Impact of care home staff spreading Covid by working in multiple sites not considered 
  • Lockdown 1.0 – Following the Science? airs on BBC Two tonight at 9pm

By Connor Boyd, Assistant Health Editor and Martin Robinson, Chief Reporter For Mailonline

Published: 00:01, 19 November 2020 | Updated: 11:42, 19 November 2020

No10's scientific advisers relied on dubious data from Wikipedia to help steer Britain through the spring's coronavirus crisis and wrongly predicted the peak of the first wave by two months, an explosive new documentary has claimed. Members of the Government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) admitted early virus modelling was based on unverified figures from the online encyclopedia, which can be edited and managed by members of the public. Tory MP Steve Baker, who has refused to support the Prime Minister’s second lockdown, told MailOnline: ‘Some of those claiming to be “following the science” seem not to understand the meaning of the word. SAGE has been put on a pedestal as if they are able to produce a single version of the truth. It’s not possible. ‘We were given terrifying 500,000 death figures predicted by modelling that was completely flawed and scientists will no longer defend them. It was the same with NHS overcrowding – and yet that hasn’t happened. ‘We cannot go on like this any longer. The public deserve better than this. We cannot go on with public policy based on models that clearly didn’t reflect reality’. One prominent Oxford University scientist told MailOnline using Wikipedia to guide Britain through the crisis was 'absolutely unacceptable', describing it as a 'damning reflection of our lack of preparedness'.   


Rishi Sunak refuses to disclose whether he will profit from Moderna vaccine

Tuesday 17 November 2020 5:44 pm

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has refused to disclose whether he will profit from a surge in Moderna’s share price, after the US biotech firm yesterday announced its coronavirus vaccine proved almost 95 per cent effective in trials. Sunak was a founding partner of London-based hedge fund Theleme Partners — a major investor in Moderna — before leaving in 2013 to enter a career in British politics. Stock market filings show Theleme has a $500m (£377m) investment in Moderna, which accounts for around 20 per cent of the total $2.5bn-worth of shares it manages. It is unclear whether the chancellor maintained any investment in the hedge fund following his departure. The company is registered in the Cayman Islands — a tax haven which does not require companies to make their accounts public. Sunak last year declared in a list of ministers’ interests that he was the beneficiary of a blind trust, the contents of which have not been disclosed. But Sunak today refused to disclose whether his investments included a stake in either Theleme’s fund or Moderna when his blind trust was created.


Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests As Unreliable & Unlawful To Quarantine People

November 18, 2020

A Portuguese appeals court has ruled that PCR tests are unreliable and that it is unlawful to quarantine people based solely on a PCR test.

The court stated, the test’s reliability depends on the number of cycles used and the viral load present. Citing Jaafar et al. 2020, the court concludes that

“if someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the rule in most laboratories in Europe and the US), the probability that said person is infected is less than 3%, and the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.”

The court further notes that the cycle threshold used for the PCR tests currently being made in Portugal is unknown.

The threshold cycles used in PCR tests in India is between 37 and 40, which makes the reliability of the PCR test less than 3% and the false positive rate as high as 97%.



Immune Enhancement


''Normally, researchers would take months to test for the possibility of vaccine enhancement in animals. Given the urgency to stem the spread of the new coronavirus, some drugmakers are moving straight into small-scale human tests, without waiting for the completion of such animal tests.

“I understand the importance of accelerating timelines for vaccines in general, but from everything I know, this is not the vaccine to be doing it with,” Dr Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, told Reuters.

Hotez worked on development of a vaccine for SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), the coronavirus behind a major 2003 outbreak, and found that some vaccinated animals developed more severe disease compared with unvaccinated animals when they were exposed to the virus.

“There is a risk of immune enhancement,” said Hotez. “The way you reduce that risk is first you show it does not occur in laboratory animals.”''


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Funny how the W.H.O has no trouble dismissing the unequivocal results of double blind placebo-controlled trials, yet was happy to endorse ''traditional'' Chinese ''medicine'' https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-20/who-advises-doctors-not-to-use-gilead-s-remdesivir-for-covid-19


Again, therapeutics are needed (ideally combinations) for those with either mild or severe symptoms https://www.fiercebiotech.com/biotech/humanigen-links-drug-to-improvements-severe-covid-19-patients

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2 hours ago, jesuitsdidit said:

If you hear of someone dying "after a short illness" 

It means they were killed by a silent radiation weapon.

Usually within 3 days.


Radiation weapons can be cloaked and hidden in vans.

If you get one that excites the bacteria in your gut you could get the sweats.

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7 hours ago, lake said:


Interesting that you type fox news and not another main stream bullshit channel!


Did I create the 'chips' in the computer I am using? NO. Then I have no idea what they are doing.

Did I create the BIOS in the system I am using? NO. Then I have no idea what it is doing.

Did I write the operating system I am using? NO. Then I have no idea what it is sending.

Did I write the browser software I am using? NO. Then it is doing as it is programmed to do.

Did I code all the websites I visit? NO. But then I still have some control .... IF I comprehend how to restrict what is done but that may not allow me access to all the wonderful things!


A bit like the coming choice.

Take the vaccine and you will be allowed certain freedoms.

Decline the vaccine .... and life (like the internet without javascript) will not really work anymore!

Yes all this is possibly true

unless every aspect of hardware and software is at least open source then you can’t be sure that the device/code has been compromised best to just assume it has been

when software is compromised it’s possible for nerds to reverse engineer this and let folk know more easily but when the hardware is compromised at source that’s a level way beyond the detection capabilities of most 


if you look at the examples of the Linux phones and the limited amount of hardware they could choose from that was open source and able to be separately controlled as individual components running open source firmware

90% of phones today are all running the same few GSM modems built into the main board with closed source firmware 

(phones are sending out data from built in compromised hardware (GSM modems)


i compare tor to fox because it’s not totally useless that would be BBC or CNN :)



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13 hours ago, Orange Alert said:

If it's not the right sought of COVID chit chat, the official government line, one could have the SAS crashing through the windows. Interesting, the plod say the Islamist and far-right groups were using false anti-vax claims to radicalise followers.  Time for the Islamic & English Defence League? 🙂


Metropolitan Police counter-terror chief Neil Basu calls for action on coronavirus anti-vaxxers



ritain’s top counter-terrorism officer today called for a nationwide debate on the introduction of new laws to punish people who spread anti-vaccination conspiracy theories.


The scoundrel Basa was very visible, on our bullshit radar, on the old forum.




'The new head of UK counter-terror policing has called on members of the public to become “counter-terrorism citizens” by passing on information that could help thwart attacks. Speaking almost a year after the Westminster attack, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said more than a fifth of the 31,000 reports received last year resulted in useful intelligence.'


11 hours ago, pete675 said:

We had the long convoys of vehicles - in broad daylight in an area of total US air superiority - ludicrous stories in the Mail and BBC about John, Paul, Ringo and George, the Jihadi Beatles, the White Widow in a scary photo pinched from a 90s pulp novel cover etc etc. They even introduced ( a fictitious character?) 'Kimberley Miners', a Page 3 girl who had become an ISIS jihadist.


And 'Punk Jihad', which probably came right out of the Mossad canteen.


8 hours ago, Macnamara said:

Unfortunately I suspect that what you mean when you say there should be a discussion is that a stage-managed and scripted discussion should take place involving the systems hand picked talking heads who should then dictate down to the rest of us what the accepted views are to have on these issues. No doubt the general public will be entirely frozen out of that 'debate'.


Yes, parameters of thought set.


8 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:



So, 80% want you thrown in jail for being 'off message' about it and only 49% want it to be compulsory? Sounds strange, when those statistics are compared.


7 hours ago, FrankVitali said:

Think I'll go to ground for a while, I'll be keeping my eye on goings on here now and then. Stay strong :-)  I shall be back in due course. Just have a strange, odd feeling after recent events so I'll listen to my gut and take a break for a while.


We will hold them off for you.

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Dozens of mass vaccination centres will be set up within weeks with FIREMEN among workers retrained to inoculate millions of Britons against coronavirus, ministers plan

Coronavirus UK: Mass vaccination centres to be set up within WEEKS

Dozens of mass vaccination sites will be set up across the country within weeks, while firefighters will be trained up to help deliver the inoculations (pictured left: Library image), as part of plans by ministers to deliver millions of jabs in record time. GP surgeries have been told to organise the initial wave, which will involve using community centres, village halls, and practices themselves to administer the jabs to care workers and the elderly as soon as next month. The NHS is establishing a series of much larger venues to inject millions of others once those at the top of the priority list have had the jabs. Empty NHS Nightingale Hospitals and sports centres, including the Derby Arena (pictured top right), area are reportedly being lined up as possible venues. Firefighters (pictured bottom right) are also being encouraged  to join an army of 40,000 extra workers as NHS England aims to roll out up to one million jabs a day




This is getting frightening.

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3 hours ago, oddsnsods said:



Well I am already persuaded this is a SCAM. 

But if you think about it logically there are serious questions.

No one has ever made a vaccine for Coronavirus before EVER.

Vaccines normally take 10 years to develop and approve.

This is a new never-before used technology (mRNA).

So with all that combined I'd say you would, on the normal timescale, be looking at a total development period of about 30 years.

And yet they have done it in 9 months.

That's what I call impressive.

Thank goodness they are so dedicated to protecting us.

I feel a warm glow of reassurance spreading throughout my body.

I'm happy I live in these times.

Just think we could be living in times where the Global Controllers had no sympathy or humanity.

Just imagine what that would be like!!



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37 minutes ago, alexa said:

Empty NHS Nightingale Hospitals and sports centres, including the Derby Arena (pictured top right), area are reportedly being lined up as possible venues




This is getting frightening.


empty vaccination centres ?.. prompting angry oik Hancock to threaten mandatory vaccinations?

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