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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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3 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

Reuters blaming a fire for Chinese rioting, not that people have been locked down for a fraud virus pandemic in their homes for several months... 



well the fire was in a block of locked down flats,  lots killed since the authorities had jammed the doors so people couldn't get out and the fire service weren't allowed near.  saw photos of iron bars jammed into holes in concrete walls to stop doors from being opened.  think it was the last straw after the quarantine with erratic food supplies afaik.


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Interesting development brought to light in this excerpt from the latest missive from The Slog, by John Ward on where this whole shitshow might go next...  certainly worth noting in the memory bank.


Today's theme at The Slog is about disappointment: a potentially sensational extension of the mRNA pandemic fearmongering in West Africa, a great Hope revealed as an opportunist, gullible travels on the road to Davos, and a footballing nation that lost its soul. The common culprit remains the insatiable preference for monied power and celebrity over Doing What's Right.



In the world of mendacity we inhabit, there are certain combinations of words that should immediately make all thinking human beings head for the hills before any of the news manipulation starts.


Perhaps the quickest way to highlight all the antimatter hypocrisy involved would be to invent an organisation that would be a Truth bender's wet dream.


For example, The United World Economic Help Anti-Pandemic Forum Health Foundation Bank Fund.


A real-life version of such utter bunk is being punted out there (above left) by the World Bank. I think you'd have to agree that this Hitlerian idealised depiction of African medical practice is decidedly nauseous. But if you differ from that viewpoint, here are some more further facts to take on board.

Some brief recent history about this institution. In 2021, World Bank bigwigs applied undue pressure on staff for changes that boosted China's business climate ranking to 78th from 85th in the 2018 report on business climate rankings at a time when the bank was seeking Beijing's support for a major capital increase.


In turn, The World Bank has come under fire for failing to show that its claimed spending on the "climate crisis" is real, in a report suggesting up to 40% of its reported climate-related spending is impossible to account for. Whether one should see that as good or bad news depends to a large extent on how you feel about the climate issue.


So here we are again, in the world of globalist financialisation trying to justify its philanthropic role....and failing miserably. Much of today's post, in fact, is about the thirst for money and power strangling most of the enjoyment or life improvement involved in a vast range of socio-economic activities.


Most tropical countries, for example, set targets for the date by when they aim to eradicate malaria - and many of them have already achieved this via a combination of drug therapy and water quality improvement. The biggest game-changer in the fight against malaria ought to have been the approval of malarone in 1999 following its development by Glaxo Smith Kline. The fact that it hasn't been is down to two connected factors: first, one has to take it every day without fail, and a pack of thirty tablets will cost you a princely $268US. Here in Gambia, that's more than most people earn in a month.


Glaxo is unduly modest about its success with Malarone. It grants generic rights all over the place, and maintains a very low profile on search engines pertaining to the drug. Given its cost, the drug is bought 95% by tourists, among whom just four people died last year. In that same year, there were 280 million cases of malaria, and nearly half a million deaths of children.


So the wind section of GW doesn't join the orchestra when it comes to Malarone; hardly surprising, really.


Now however, there is new hope. Unfortunately, there are old and all-too-familiar names involved in the roll of honour.


A new vaccine, called R21, is potentially an improved version of another vaccine, called RTS,S, which the World Health Organization (oh look, there's that name again) approved last October for broad use in regions with significant malaria transmission. RTS,S was the first-ever vaccine for a human parasitic infection.


RTS,S was developed by (oh look, Glaxo Wellcome). The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provided funding for late-stage development of RTS,S between 2001 and 2015 (there's Barnacle Bill again) and you'll never guess....RTS,S showed high efficacy in limited samples in early testing at up to 80%, but once it was deployed in a more real-world setting—in Phase 3 clinical trials—both the predicted and observed efficacy were down closer to 40%-50%...and never got higher. Well I never. Surely not?


Hang on to your hats – it gets worse. Because others are now in the race. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (remember them?) is the outfit behind R21...with backing provided by Glaxo Wellcome. The winning formula, it appears, is three shots followed by a booster a year later. Sound familiar? It's about to get more so.


The overall worldwide demand for an effective vaccine could be up to or over 100 million doses per year.


Since the WHO recommended the broad use of RTS,S in October (you know – that's the one that doesn't work) last October, there's been a paradigm shift. BioNTech, one of the developers of the mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine, wants to develop an mRNA-based vaccine for malaria, and there will be clinical trials for that soon. There’s also a very large programme, funded by the Gates Foundation, to use monoclonal antibodies as a preventative tool against malaria.

Anyone want to give me odds that the next pandemic will involve a new Malaria strain transmitted person2person by migrants into Europe?


Stay tuned to this one; it could be a biggie.

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PROFESSOR Angus Dalgleish, a consultant medical oncologist at St George’s, University of London, has put out a urgent call for a halt to all Covid vaccine programmes. Very simply, they are not needed and they are doing significant harm, and not just with regard the blood clots and cardiac problems. The boosters are having a devastating impact on his cancer patients….



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6 minutes ago, rebornsteve said:

PROFESSOR Angus Dalgleish, a consultant medical oncologist at St George’s, University of London, has put out a urgent call for a halt to all Covid vaccine programmes. Very simply, they are not needed and they are doing significant harm, and not just with regard the blood clots and cardiac problems. The boosters are having a devastating impact on his cancer patients….




Yet again, I can't see this having any effect on the narrative. Doubt anything will change; no one up there wants to listen. Never mind

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18 minutes ago, Frankieboy said:


paying for my tea and sarnie at the cafe is going to be interesting in the future


puts you right off the glazed cinnamon rolls


I have to ask, how does one prove he is unvaccinated ?  Just curious

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3 hours ago, Covidiot said:


I'm unvaxxed and was ill 2 months ago. 3 days of fever and headache and a week of feeling a bit naff. Took an LFT at the start of fever was positive for convid. Missus also unvaxxed took no precautions and she didn't even get ill! Did I have covid? I don't know. Why did i even test? Because my anxiety got the better of me! I'm a sceptic and non believer in the psy-op but not immune to the fear porn unfortunately.




You had a either a mild flu or bad cold. Why did you use the test? Have you not learnt anything from this forum. The person who came up with the test kerry Mullis said the test couldnt be used for diagnostics.

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On 11/23/2022 at 10:08 PM, Martin1234 said:

Correct me if I am wrong here, but they jabbed the over 50s in the beginning, then worked their way down to school kids. They have boosted the over 50s but not younger in the UK. Is that correct, I've lost track?


I would be surprised, if anyone has managed to completely keep track. I am very keen to see what the Covid vaccine and flu vaccine stats were for this autumn/winter, come the spring. Personally, I think that the NHS are going to have an awful lot of unused stock.




On 11/23/2022 at 11:22 PM, Covidiot said:

I'm not convinced shedding is an issue. That would make the bioweapon impossible to control. It's injected and appears to cause issues first and foremost via the blood/heart. Hence the clots. Not sure how they could shed to infect a non jabber's bloodstream unless through tainted needle or blood transfusion.


If shedding exists, which I believe it does, then it doesn't necessarily mean that the PTB thought the process would kill the unvaccinated. It could just be a low risk side effect of mingling with the vaccinated. It might also be that the PTB didn't even know it would happen. Look at it this way. If unvaccinated folks were dropping dead, like the vaccinated are, then the mass media would be making a big song and dance about it. So, as they are not, it can't be happening.




On 11/24/2022 at 11:14 AM, Anti Facts Sir said:

This looks to have lots of references and publications, straight from the horses mouth.




Got this through searching for SAGE, the nice people who were behind the psychological tactics.


We never did find out who a few of the SAGE members were.




On 11/27/2022 at 11:50 PM, The All Eye said:

For centuries government has used a myriad number of things to cull society, both physically and mentally. Government is only there for the select few to gain and keep power and to make money on the backs of those below them (society). They will use famine, war, biological, chemical, and nuclear attacks, dumbing down society, and countless other ways. We will always be nothing to them. Sure we can fight back, but to what end? It will never change. History shows it only gets worse. i'd like to think there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but I think that light can only be seen after death. This COVID thing has come and gone.  Something new is coming. Inflation? Famine? War?...those three are already here. The "Green" agenda is also killing us. Government is the biggest mass murder on the planet and will never be brought to justice.


If there is hope, then it lies with the proles.




On 11/28/2022 at 12:03 PM, SimonTV said:



Inline with the South African Marathon. Just shows the London Marathon likely had news covered up about all the health issues. Shocking for them to cover that up in itself. 


Just like with them not stopping football games any more, if someone in the crowd keels over. And if it isn't reported after a match either, then no one will even know it happened. Unless they read about it on a fan forum or stumble across some tweet etc...

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4 hours ago, Covidiot said:

Missus also unvaxxed took no precautions and she didn't even get ill!


Just to add, your statement there proves that it was never a virus in the first place, not new, not novel, because if it were new or novel no one on Earth would have any protection at all and everyone would be passing it on through the transmission mechanism, and everyone would be feeling the effects, no exceptions because there is no defense, but as always those that have the right resources within the body and healthy immune system will always fare better and survive.

No transmission as witnessed by yourself and your wife living in close proximity means no virus.

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29 minutes ago, numnuts said:

This includes assessing Tamiflu again.


Did you know that the main ingredient in Tamiflu is the extract from the plant Fennel, Shikimic acid(SK), and did you know that combining it with Quercitin(QT) is beneficial against bird flu, Shikimic acid(SK) + Quercitin(QT) = fuku big pharma.

Quote from article:

'According to these findings SK alone is not able to modulate innate immunity in antiviral terms. However, the data show that the SK + QT combination, even at low doses, may be effective for the modulation of innate immunity'.



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2 hours ago, Nip said:


I have to ask, how does one prove he is unvaccinated ?


Smug Pride. An 'I told you so' attitude and still being alive.


For shame. The government bullied them into getting vaxxed and to save face from their submissiveness they hated those that dared to defy, where they cowered.


But seriously, as I said years ago. When the day comes that we can finally say 'I told you so'... We will no longer want to.

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Bird flu: Free range turkey supplies hit by bird flu




By Greg Brosnan
BBC Climate and Science


Half of the free range turkeys produced for Christmas in the UK have been culled or have died due to bird flu, an industry chief has told MPs.


Richard Griffiths, chief executive of the British Poultry Council, said that 600,000 out of about 1.3m free range birds had been lost.


The government recently ordered all poultry and captive birds in England to be kept indoors to fight avian flu.I


Mr Griffiths said costs to the industry were "potentially enormous".




Again, keeping things indoors with viruses that are transmitted indoors. If the cult want to pressure Brits into their revolution, flooding our society with immigrants is one thing but ruin our Christmas dinner and its on bitch! - Nemo

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5 minutes ago, pete675 said:

Another suspiciously premature death - singer/actress Irene Cara at 63.


Definitely vaccinated, as she announced the fact on Twitter on 18th March 2021, getting the vax as a 'birthday present' for herself.

Her family are very upset/angry at people linking her getting the jab and her sudden passing.

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