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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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10 hours ago, Captainlove said:

For at least 45 years they have been asking for help in Africa as i can remember.


My mum's 82 - she says she remembers these appeals going on when she was a little girl. We know they make up figures as they go along, but still there should be a responsibility when they (as in the thieving, lying scum at the back of it) are spewing out the emotional blackmail to show us a balance list of every penny that has been donated, and exactly what it's been used for, with full forensic accountancy level substantiation. 

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9 hours ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

FFS! if you have an elderley relative don't take them in for a jab! (of any kind)


I bet his comment to John would have been grounds under the new legislation for him to have been hit with a £100 fine for expressing disapproval in a permises where the poison's being inflicted on people. 


I've had a text and email twice in 2 days from my Dr's surgery telling me that as I have an underlying health issue, I should have the flu jab so that I don't die and the best plan of action is to have a Covid jab at the same time.


I am torn now because my instinct is to demand an explanation from them as to why they are telling their patients this in direct contravention of their duty to care. But on the other hand, I don't really think that would achieve anything. 


Maybe I'll write asking for a full list of ingredients for both in the guise of needing this information to make an informed decision. Is it an excercise in futility, when so many are just trotting along obediently in their gimp masks? Or is it a betrayal of my own instinctive need to demand answers if I take the line of least resistance by saying nothing? (I'm going to do it either way). 


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19 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


Go and ask the families who've suffered from a bereavement due to the jab or the carehome atraocities, you oozing infection!


Looks and sounds to me he is attempting to mitigate the potential consequences of his actions. It might work to some extent. I think he's terrified of what could be awaiting him and, by asking for forgiveness, expecting a degree of leniency. Being in Brisbane, of course, it's just a short leap across to New Zealand to his hidden undergound luxury bunker if he has one

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4 minutes ago, Freaky Dragonfly said:

Meanwhile in Melbourne attempting to justify discrimination.





I hope the unvaxxed continue to witthold their custom though.


And I don't know what that is that the murderer in the prior post is dining on, but I assume it's the balls of some poor beast. I will only tune in if it's beasts dining on his, and his co-conspiritors' balls. Preferably while being simultaneously forced to watch those clips of little old ladies at their 'Care' home windows, and people's death spins on a continuous loop. 

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15 hours ago, Nip said:



I'm A Celebrity: Matt Hancock asks for forgiveness


Charlene White and Matt Hancock


How about ......... NO ! Lying M0ther Fekker !



Old ✋🐓 really is caught between public opinion. i.e. those who believed in Covid and thought he didn't do the right things and those who know it was a load if old bollocks!!!


May be as his next trial he can eat sheeple testicles - of course they have to be vaxxed testicles. Those are no use for their intended purpose anyway.




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15 minutes ago, rebornsteve said:

Andrew Tate is an interesting character. Claims he has had his bank account frozen for ‘speaking too many truths’.

and yet….



Good find there rebornsteve  👍  -  It's never fucking straighforward is it mate?  All these 'faces' that make it to the front pages (so to speak) of social media etc seem to have a very confusing and contradictionary past at some point - just like brand and many others there is always some photo of them with some kind of 'signal'.
It's very dodgy indeed mate, who to trust - absolutely noone but yourself?
This guy andrew tate seems to come accross as enormously awake despite being rich beyond his dreams and speaks alot of sense but is he just another Kanye or russell brand?
Here he is at a fucking Pride festival?

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Slightly off point, but relevant to this thread. I somehow felt uncomfortable with the media winding the Covid narrative right up, with reports that Boris had come down with Covid 19, was hospitalised and went into intensive care right at the beginning of their fiasco. I believe this was orchestrated by his controllers so that the general public would acquiesce to their demands. Did anyone else think that, or was it just me?

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