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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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On 7/2/2022 at 10:54 AM, BornFreeNowAgain said:

I think it could well be arsenic poisoning. I saw a video over on the Crowhouse the other day (but unfortunately cannot find it now) of a couple in Australia who were filming what looked like fog at night from their car. Only it wasn't fog, it was a weird substance and they said they could see electrical particles in it. 


I am not sure what to make of it as I just came down with what you described above. This happened to me in January too which I posted about then believing it to be 5G or something. Well on Thursday I went to support the Aussie Cossack at his court hearing, one of the people attending had an EMF meter and he reckons it was more than double what it should be. Whilst there I could feel parts of my body 'tingling' and starting to ache (shoulders and joints etc). that night I came down with what you describe above. I was completely fine before going to the court. So it could also be an EMF attack. Just now I was watching Chris Martenson and his wife on their Peak Prosperity channel and they experienced the same thing while travelling recently, exact same symptoms, maybe we are being attacked with EMF? 


They did the same in Canberra, cunts literally trying to kill their populace.

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1 hour ago, skitzorat said:

New tranche of Pfizer's clinical trial documents:

Pfizer Study Subject C4591001 1162 11621327 😢



 .....this man lived alone. He was found dead BY POLICE, because of a welfare check requested by someone.😢

He was found on Day 4 after the shot. He was cold and his skin had lividity. So, a good amount of time passed after his death. Police sent his body to a local medical examiner, who ruled the cause to be “arteriosclerosis”.




...I do wonder how long this stuff can be kept from mainstream acknowledgment; 

think about it.....on top of seething anger through the grief and stress of lost and damaged loved ones/selves and financial depravation, how long/if The West will be kept "orderly" and "first world"?***


....how long until the guy and gal who live down on the corner will be out on the streets and demanding blood and heads, going berserko like we see people do on the news (and are doing right now) in developing nations?

...or are we (European-kind) too neurologically (pharmacologically and frequency) controlled like China now?


**I mean "first world" as in how our countries used to be. It does make me feel sad:

Like when I grew up in the 80s/90s, before the mass-immigration of millions of starkly different, more violent peoples/cultures into our *unprepared* "High-Trust communities," and the insurgence/re-emergence of judeo-commie-ANTIFA leftist terrorism.


When "White" countries used to be... umm... more majority White lol and peaceful -- there's no simpler way of putting it.... because our streets - [Western] Europe the UK/Ireland, Australia/NZ, the US/Canada, and I'm going to try and make the effort to never forget our terrorized and genocided brethren in South Africa, were beautiful, safe, high-trust (for the most part) societies...


...even before March 2020, the horrors of the violent destruction of our societies - through the brutal rape/s and murder/s and cultural vandalization from the previous 15-20+ish years alone was an intentional genocidal act to destroy.... very 21stC Bolshevik....the jabs and covid tyranny have just be the medically-fascistic judeo-communistic, Talmudic cherry on top.... 



....the Bolsheviks also liked starvation for the masses after they'd exterminated the middle/intellectual class - just like they've done with the jabs now; going after our doctors and nurses, teachers and police and business/political members of our fabric first with the mandates...


Is it too late to save us?

Too much of a BlackPill?











makes you wonder if main stream media will grow some nuts and actually report anything at all, or will they just keep making up cover stories for their masters? How many of these TV types are just robots?

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2 hours ago, BornFreeNowAgain said:

Could not agree more. I think if enough people could contribute their experiences or those of their friends and family we could better work out what might be going on. I do know that when I posted about my experience in January someone on the Crowhouse showed evidence of 5G being turned on in certain areas which could explain the massive wave of covid cases Australia experienced at this time. 

One of the problems now is that there is such division in people due to the jab crap. So many of my new friends have family who are jabbed and getting weird illnesses. I cant tell you how many tomes I have wanted to say "told you so" re the dangers of the jab.

How would we get reliable info from folks who still refuse to admit anything could be wrong or are happy to blame everything on a mythical non disease?

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Considering they intend doing zero advance clinical checks on the safety or efficacy of the next round of jabbing (scheduled for Autumn)which is supposedly aimed at the latest strains of the imaginary virus, even the most brainwashed, pushing out ZZZZZ's, furry eared, pointy headed cretins should be thinking twice.  The intention to 'pick up indicaters of danger jab as they go along' has been publicised- so they are openly admitting that it's only as people become damaged and dead, they'll have a look at the figures (and giggle and masturbate, no doubt). It's unprecedented that they are even allowed to contemplate such a reckless course of action. There have always been laws and regulations in place to safeguard against the release of untested medications. But yet it's been approved.


If people queue up and roll their sleeves up, and usher their little ones in to do the same, there is no hope.


If medic's go along with administering this, they are in breach of their most basic duty to care.


Yet, depressingly, I have no doubt that people will form an orderly queue, kiddies in tow, and the medics will be all to eager to comply whilst totting up the incoming productivity bonuses. 


This is an outright attack on humanity that isn't even being done furtively. To the public's peril, these monstrous [email protected] now know from experience just how naieve and unthinking the majority are. 


I'm just praying that more people can get to grips with reality before it's too late (if it isn't already).








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An interesting video that is time stamped for the exact point that the gentleman above speaks. He states having chaired the Lancet publication for 2 years that he's convinced that COVID came from an American bio funded lab and was not naturally occurring. 


I think he's got the second bit right, but interesting all the same. 

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20 minutes ago, SimonTV said:





Where are your masks?

Where is your social distancing?

The sooner we get rid of idiots like this the happier i will be, can't wait for the next round of satan boosters, all these morons leaving, and the IQ of the planet rising a couple of points. They can use that pifzer flag as a shroud to bury them in.


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11 hours ago, BornFreeNowAgain said:

It is freaky when you have loss of taste and smell. This happened in my January experience and the worst sciatic pain I have had since I was bricklaying in Los Angeles in 2001-03 (lifting heavy blocks over the mountains of reinforcing steel for the earthquake buildings). But like you I had no taste or smell for around a week. The sciatic pain died down after about 3 days where I could not lay, stand or sit without painkillers. I was so confused I asked about it on here and the Crowhouse trying to understand what happened. 


Fast forward to Thursday and same symptoms, apart from no sciatic pain but I think I already had some slight twinges before the 'attack' in January so I think it targets already underlying issues (inflammation). But this time, no loss of smell or taste at all. And this started on Friday morning when I woke up at around 3am to shivering and teeth chattering. It is Sunday now and I feel almost 100% again. As I say another guy had an EMF reader at the Aussie Cossack rally (I think due to the severe attacks the Police used on the Canberra protests in Feb/March) which certainly showed elevated levels. There is no doubt in my mind that whatever it is causes inflammatory responses in the body, it could be poisoning from spraying, or it could by EMF, perhaps it could be both as in whatever they are spraying reacts with 5G to cause these issues. Right now in NSW 'covid' cases are rising and we are also experiencing massive rainfall so spraying has almost certainly been happening recently. I am not saying any of this to try to sway you, more to add my experience into the pot so hopefully we can all try to figure this out.   

Strange isn't it. I don't know what it is and I'm not sure I care anymore, something dodgy is going on though. And despite what some here will say, the unjabbed (me) are getting sick with something that resembles 'Covid' . The PTB are unleashing chaos on the world as they scramble to cling onto power. I think they are starting to get desperate and will be 'releasing' more and more stuff on us in an attempt to crush our spirit. I still don't believe there is a virus rampaging the planet.Whatever I have had was nasty but I'm not gonna start saying COVID is real. And I will still never be taking any jabs or masking up. What I will be doing is continuing to keep my distance from the hysterical mass of tossers that seem to make up the general public.

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1 hour ago, webtrekker said:






My apologies.


I saw this on Telegram and posted it here. I later found that the 'fact checkers' were saying this quote was fake so I downloaded a copy of the book (in the original French!), translated sections of the quote, and couldn't find any matches to various searches of the text.


So, in this case, I reluctantly have to agree with the 'fact checkers.' Sorry about that, but it's important to verify this stuff (as I'm beginning to realise now!).




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On 6/30/2022 at 3:12 PM, Doc said:

I think it's poisoning. Not sure how or by what method but localized aerosol sprayed from light aircraft seems to be my line of thought at the moment. Seems odd to have gone the last 2 years without illness only to end up like this in the middle of summer. For what it's worth I know what REAL flu is like and it ain't this. I've not been coughing at all, no respiratory symptoms whatsoever. My fever has gone now and I'm left with a pounding headache and nausea on standing. It feels like a hangover of the worst kind. 


I'm fuming.😡

Same here, I've avoided this shite for the whole duration of this fake game till now.


I know it in my bones that we are absolutely being poisoned.


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On 6/30/2022 at 9:24 PM, RobinJ said:


It may also be that somewhere nearby the EMF frequencies have change. Many more people are susceptible to that now and symptoms are very similar.

New DEW mast is just up the road, nice, shiny and new.......deadly as fuck though. I know frequencies can be fired at individuals, I've suffered a lot longer than when this mast appeared. How lovely though, I'm not only someone's pet project I'm getting a more global share of frequencies on top of it.

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4 hours ago, Doc said:

. And despite what some here will say, the unjabbed (me) are getting sick with something that resembles 'Covid

i dont deny people get sick and i dont deny there are a set of symptoms that is called covid19, similar to a cold / flu. IMG_20220703_080431.jpg.47a7f44c0c312576bd6c7f2b4c1506c2.jpg


there is no contagion, mo infection. 

As history shows illnesses are classified with specific symptoms and occassionally some are split up into 2 or more new illnesses and the original declared eradicated. 


co vi d is corona virus disease

but these coronaviruses overlap 





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3 hours ago, rebornsteve said:

A glimmer of hope…





Agree - there is always hope!

- but they need to connect the dots, and a lot more needs to be done to illustrate WHY people are still being conned the answer to which is the ID2020/CBDC beast system!

The fiat replacement is with a non currency!

CBDC is not money. It is a control mechanism.


Financially the masses are not astute! There exists the collective wealth to use collective finances positively for our mutual benefit and over-ride the commercial sectors machinations towards statism.

The conscious direction of collective wealth I feel is possibly the greatest weapon the people have in their arsenal against the cabal and is yet unrealised.


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4 hours ago, IGBA said:

I'm sure you will all enjoy this 😁



Well, that's enough to get my curiosity thanks IGBA.


Jim Breuer's opening line; "Thanks for all coming out and risking your lives" ... 😄 


Wonderful to hear people talking and laughing about this. 


The very best medicine. 


This is an hour long show, I look forward to watching it later. 


God, when you think of the crap we've had to listen to from the weak, naive, superstitious people. The ones who were prepared to throw away everything we inherited and everything we built up, just in case. I would never condone concentrating all of our efforts only on what if's and worst case scenarios. 


'We' were bullied and coerced to a behavioural science script, while being told constantly that bullying in school and at work is completely unacceptable. Sneaky bastard hypocrite OC disordered hypochondriacs. 




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