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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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28 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

Only good use for this would be to gag him.



Didnt they do the same to him as they did to Joe Rogan?

Modus Operandi: They find an 'alternative voice' with a big following, buy them off and get them to spread conflicting info, then they tear their reputation down. With Jones he claims to have a big law suit against him now, with Rogan they made a big hoo-haa over nothing re some comment he made on his show re racism because he used the 'nigger' word.

It's all theatre, designed to discredit anyone who goes against the spooks' narrative.

Folks are stupidly sensitive and get fake offended by everything these days. Not even allowed to joke about idiotic stuff anymore. I remember sitcoms in the 70s....you could say anything for a laugh (esp British sitcoms), now we have a pendulum swing in the complete opposite direction. Seriously ridiculous.

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1 hour ago, Doc said:

Yes, but seem to have WHAT quite bad? Not been able to get ivermectin but I have NAC, Quercetin, Zinc, Liposomal VitC etc. I feel like I'm on the mend but I am angry as can be.


I'm quite hot on RF stuff. I have a £300 RF meter which I check regularly. I have a feeling that the local 'outbreak' that seems to be happening where I live is in part connected to the festival which happened here 2 weeks ago. It was a 'cashless' festival and they erected 5 massive mobile phone masts on the site to process all the transactions. Wouldn't be surprised if they were 5G. We don't have 5G here yet.... 


Naturally, but if you get a hang of this.... revenge is best served cold with happiness. 😉


Now interestingly, I was reading the account of a family (c.2003), before and after effect of microwave tower being installed in a village of Hemberg and that was very interesting. The family has been living in the rural village for over a decade and they were happy and healthy until.... Soon after the tower has been installed, the husband had a pneumonia, a hidden one at that... (whatever that means). Then children started to experience sleeping problems and the wife experienced headaches and musclular tension and pain to the point that she had to take a rest. These are only some of the symptoms they experienced. A key point to remember is that not everyone experienced the same and some rooms, some house gives off worse effect than others so they were left feeling isolated for not being understood. I've noticed in the forum that many are experiencing sleep problems, agressiveness due to poor sleep, rheumatoid arthritis like symptom as well as headaches of late and I sugggest you do some experiment by print out this. If it seems to have a good effect, buy the proper home kit and install it in your home. The size of the cube is small. It is your health after all and for many years to come, if your health is kept poor, you cannot ascend.


These are the photo of tap water treated with the home kit. Remember you are 70% water.



It is not about what the RF meter tells you though it gives you an idea how much is coming into your environment.

There are also vertical waves which the RF meter is not measuring. THIS is the harmful part of the 5G. If you neutralize this vertical wave and let horizontal wave through....then your symptoms might go if that is what's causing it. If you think it's simply a con that shapes and numbers can eliminate then you don't know because you haven't read the book I mentioned to understand the science behind it. Learn from the ancients.






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1 hour ago, Youknownothingbutyou said:

no idea what it was


totally horrible feeling. Slept for 2 days, complete shutdown almost.

im a paramedic and have no idea what it could have been. 


So if anything is off, you'd have a pretty good idea what may have caused your illness....right? e.g. stomach upset by eating something possibly dodgy or reason why you've suffered cold etc....


I think we need to take a note of this on/off like symptom. Did they switch on? etc....

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3 hours ago, Youknownothingbutyou said:

they recommend to waer a mask while gardening


I begin to think they actually need people to wake up to their BS in order of the next part of the plan to take place


The elites are in despair, scratching their heads...this match of sillyness does not wake people up.....  what can?

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The cost of living crisis is not down to the so called "war in Ukraine"  ... where is any footage of live action?

Are you telling me Russia a military power is still having problems taking Kiev?


The cost of living crisis is because the British Government and others have borrowed the most money from the banking cartel

plus interest which your grandchildren and great grandchildren will have to repay AT INTEREST, since WW2


Meanwhile the energy sanctions against Russia are hurting the West not Russia. Putin is selling his gas and

oil to China and India.


All a deception.


The man in the cartoon is holding up a notice saying "VAX HARM"




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I've a bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk at work that was put there well over 12 months back. We were even warned at one time that some council busybody was due to visit to check we were all following Covid reg's and the owner woukd get in serious shit if we weren't., which is why these supplies were provided. I was looking forward to tackling this visitor, but none showed up. As I have the office to myself, the bottle's still nearly full, because the only use I've found for it was to spray a bluebottle that kept divebombing my face. It worked a treat. Aimed right, it would probably have the same effect on unwanted visitors. 🙂

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On 6/27/2022 at 1:09 AM, JCP said:

We should remember that just because the CV was a hoax, doesn't mean that they won't release a real pathogen sometime in the future. It may be risky for them too, but I don't put anything past these bastards.


Considering the amount of folks the PTB just slaughtered, in the name of a virus, then they definitely would. I don't know, but I suspect it is one of the last cards they would play, in the event of their imminent demise.




On 6/27/2022 at 5:44 PM, Macnamara said:

the red flag laws are a problem because once they open the door to banning people from owning guns because they are deemed a potential danger by the state then where does that end? what if the state deems all MAGA supporters to be a 'domestic terror threat' and therefore rules them as unfit to own firearms?


It, of course, doesn't end. They want the U.S. to be just like the U.K., in relation to having no firearms. In the same way as they want the U.K. to be just like the U.S., in relation to having armed police. What's scary is how they managed to push all this through so quickly. While, at the same time, giving the illusion that the Supreme Court might eventually overturn the new laws. What with them recently backing up the right to carry a concealed firearm. All planned and manipulated, especially the timing. So, in the minds of the PTB, many U.S. citizens are, soon enough, going to have recourse to use a firearm. They must have a list, of those who they think are 'dangerous' (anyone not braindead), and they are going to try and pick as many of them off as they can beforehand. I am not so sure that this is a smart move, by the PTB.   




On 6/29/2022 at 4:09 AM, Beaujangles said:

I think if that is how someone thinks it is hard to have them think any other way.  I think you may have missed the point that it was dead links, and video links to dead space that was being discussed. Other forums with very large amount of daily posters will remove such dead links to de-clutter the thread and to keep the thread containing actual viewable material. No-one was suggesting removing active links and peoples content. I couldn`t give a toss whether or not this thread gets de-cluttered to be honest...I just find it rather odd that people get bent out of shape at the suggestion of removing links that no longer contain anything viewable...not even a clue to what existed before. But, hey if people enjoy sifting through dead links and blank space...far be it for me to upset their applecart.


No, I understood that and I thought it was a good idea. My only concern was that, ultimately, it might end up leading to the 'accidental' deletion of the odd bit of bona fide content. It only takes one bad apple. I have never commented on this issue before, so any existing forum policy was not contributed to by any of my views. 




On 6/29/2022 at 10:41 AM, alexa said:

Sorry if this has already been posted as I haven't been keeping up with this thread.



I always thought that they wasted a lot of good space. No carbon neutrality. Greta would have been angry.




On 6/29/2022 at 1:21 PM, Macnamara said:

even if they are rigging these elections (and i believe that IS going on) there must still be a significant number of people voting for these clowns


I think that some form of vote rigging will definitely occur in any future Scottish 'Independence' referendum. Just as I believe it did, when the Irish finally changed their minds and voted to support the Lisbon Treaty, at the second time of asking. As in, ballot boxes left 'unattended' overnight. 

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2 hours ago, rebornsteve said:

Anyone NOT seen this?…..





Gene 'therapy' makes it sound like a good thing. Experimental genetic and cellular fuckery is more appropriate, if we are cutting through the bullshit.

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14 hours ago, skitzorat said:

BREAKING: Scientists discover that humans may have something called an ‘immune system!
Stay tuned for more scientific breakthroughs.



A team of researchers from the University of Gothenburg has just taken another step toward understanding how the immune system develops resistance against COVID-19.




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8 hours ago, Frankieboy said:



I work  as. A Landscape gardener in Switzerland hardly use gloves. Even eat my sanies with  dirty  hands  

 I hardly ever sick cant even remember the last time i was at doctor pratice




Such a great job mate, and I did the same for a few years, even down to the eating sarnies with grubby hands 😀. Landscaping was the best job I ever had. Be careful of the heart attacks though, something I didn't have to contend with in 1998, but I hear in 2022 everything carries a danger of heart attacks and you are in a high risk job with the climate change dangers, exposure to sun, and now gardening. Better renew your life insurance if you even can 🤣

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9 hours ago, Beaujangles said:


haha - I have often wondered about the sudden uprising in transkids and gender neutral persuasions in the younger generation. I commented to a cashier a couple weeks back that her (looked more her than him) name was unisex.( In my smallminded brain I believe there are only two sexes 🤪.   She gave me the weirdest look and said it was `gender neutral`. I said `Oh is that what they call it these days`` She looked at me with the ``oh we have a nutter here`` look again.


I said ``Oh well with a winning name like that you could be anything you like`` followed by ``Nice name, Have a nice day`` ( The name was ACE)

Her look followed me out of the door, black cropped hair, pierced lips, male clothing and all.


I cast my mind back to my schooldays and realized that only ONE of everyone I knew was even gay, let alone trans or pan or whatever other ridiculous concocted name there is for ones sexual grandiosity.  The ONE in question was clearly a male homosexual and Ive looked him up on social media and is till this day what he always was. His profile also says he is covid vaccinated as is his partner. (need to stay on topic here lol) But I seriously know of none other than him that are or were of anything other than heterosexual nature. Surely they were not all in the closet and have stayed there for decades... not with all this welcoming committee of media to allow then to make a grand exit or entrance depending how you look at it. It really is odd that this TRANSition has occured like an avalanche...

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a coffee from a cafe I occasionally go to, and the barista (they call them that here in Australia for some reason) who served me was let's say quite 'neutral' in that I could not tell what gender (and maybe that is the point). I also was served in a stationary store recently by another person, with same characteristics as above and name badge also very 'neutral' something like Xlynth or something. I came away reflecting on it and I thought, maybe these types of people are the kids at school who nobody pays attention to, the outcasts and uncool kids that nobody bothers with. All this gender bollocks must be very attractive to these lost kids who suddenly if they choose the direction heavily laid out for them by the 'system' can become 'someone', can become edgy and progressive and thus popular and respected. Obviously I could be wrong but if not, it is so sad that young, impressionable and lost kids are being co-opted in this way. 


The real crime however, is that of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who are not strong enough to counter all this bollocks for fear of being outcasts in their 'imaginary' community. Cowards. 


Edit to add; It also provides these kids with an automatic 'community' to join. Something a lost kid who feels they don't belong would find hard to resist. You can be yourself and have no sense of worth, belonging or value, or go down the 'gender bollocks' route and have a friendly community, sense of belonging, sense of value and become one of the cool kids. 

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On 6/29/2022 at 2:59 PM, campanar said:

I've not seen anything that shows refugees being asked for vaccine passports. Funny that.


All of the restrictions in England were dropped, right around the time that they were looking to ship in Ukrainian refugees. Some coincidence. I agree that it was going to happen in England, some time in the spring, but they brought whatever date they were thinking of forward by a few weeks. You don't do that on the back of two years of hell, unless you thought it was all a load of bollocks.




On 6/29/2022 at 3:49 PM, Macnamara said:

we know that there is a long history of biological agents being released by the military onto the public as part of various tests eg:

How British government carried out secret biological warfare tests on London Tube passengers in 1960s during Cold War

  • New research suggests Britons were exposed to chemical tests
  • Biological warfare tests apparently more widespread than once thought
  • Professor Ulf Schmidt said there were secret trials on the Tube in 1964
  • 'Mock' chemical warfare tests on thousands of Britons from 1953 to 1964

By Emma G

Published: 10:14 GMT, 9 July 2015 | Updated: 12:33 GMT, 9 July 2015

Secret biological warfare tests were carried out on Tube passengers by the British government during the Cold War to a greater extent than previously thought,according to new research. Hundreds of thousands of Britons were subjected to 'mock' biological and chemical warfare attacks in more than 750 secret operations, with 4,600kg of chemical zinc cadmium sulphide dispersed from ships, aircraft and lorries between 1953 and 1964.

Professor Ulf Schmidt, a leading academic of modern history at the University of Kent, has also discovered that passengers on London's Underground were subjected to chemical exposure during secret trials on the Tube.




I think that 'The Damned' (1963), which may well have some truth in it, does a good job of helping folks understand how this shit can happen. Some good lines in it too.





'A public servant is the only servant who has secrets from his master.'


'I like to listen to people who know what they're talking about. My trouble is I never believe anything they say.'


'I like him because he doesn't like the world. It's a good beginning.'


'You know, someone once told me when a bureaucrat wants to keep his job, he stamps everything 'Top Secret.' Is that true?'




On 6/29/2022 at 5:45 PM, SimonTV said:

Dr Carrie Madej in plane crash - survived. 




It does sound like an attempted hit.




On 6/29/2022 at 5:48 PM, Macnamara said:

rule number 1 if you ever speak truth to power is: never travel in light aircraft


Especially an helicopter. They will take down commercial airliners too though, on occasion, as you must well know.




On 6/29/2022 at 7:06 PM, Macnamara said:

well travelling on a commercial jet didn't stop congressman larry macdonald from being shot down and killed. Here he is discussing the CFR and its roles in the creation of the new world order back in the 70's:



I think that Beverley Eckert's death was a nailed on hit. That picture. He knows she knows. And she knows he knows she knows.





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7 hours ago, Doc said:

Well this has turned out to be the weirdest week for me. Something is definitely not right. Im feeling a lot better but still wiped out.


Thought I'd kill some time and polish some brass bits we have in the house. Got out the Brasso (really smelly metal polish) and I can't smell it at all. In fact I can't smell ANYTHING AT ALL today.


What the hell is going on? This is a COMPLETE loss of one of my 5 senses. 


This is not a 'virus' at all. The symptoms are nothing like any illness I've had in the past. I'm 42 so I'm not some kid with no life experiences. I feel like the victim of a fu**ing neurotoxin or something. 


It is freaky when you have loss of taste and smell. This happened in my January experience and the worst sciatic pain I have had since I was bricklaying in Los Angeles in 2001-03 (lifting heavy blocks over the mountains of reinforcing steel for the earthquake buildings). But like you I had no taste or smell for around a week. The sciatic pain died down after about 3 days where I could not lay, stand or sit without painkillers. I was so confused I asked about it on here and the Crowhouse trying to understand what happened. 


Fast forward to Thursday and same symptoms, apart from no sciatic pain but I think I already had some slight twinges before the 'attack' in January so I think it targets already underlying issues (inflammation). But this time, no loss of smell or taste at all. And this started on Friday morning when I woke up at around 3am to shivering and teeth chattering. It is Sunday now and I feel almost 100% again. As I say another guy had an EMF reader at the Aussie Cossack rally (I think due to the severe attacks the Police used on the Canberra protests in Feb/March) which certainly showed elevated levels. There is no doubt in my mind that whatever it is causes inflammatory responses in the body, it could be poisoning from spraying, or it could by EMF, perhaps it could be both as in whatever they are spraying reacts with 5G to cause these issues. Right now in NSW 'covid' cases are rising and we are also experiencing massive rainfall so spraying has almost certainly been happening recently. I am not saying any of this to try to sway you, more to add my experience into the pot so hopefully we can all try to figure this out.   

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7 hours ago, RobinJ said:

Also, and bear with me here as it may sound a bit mad, but I wonder too if there is a  1-2 sucker punch set up going on with the jabbed. First you take the multiple doses of nano tech and give the body time to assimilate to the tech, then they turn up the frequencies and see how many die. Heart problems are a very common effect of EMF sensitivity.



You could be on to something here. Just this week, I think Wednesday a friends brother who is only 17 was taken to hospital after coming home from a school camp and a few hours later was having breathing difficulties and chest pains. The brother was released from hospital after around 8 hours but I assumed he had not been jabbed before this as my friend has never said anything but the rest of the family are all jabbed and I doubt he would have been able to attend this camp without being jabbed such is the nature of these things now.  

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6 hours ago, DaleP said:


So if anything is off, you'd have a pretty good idea what may have caused your illness....right? e.g. stomach upset by eating something possibly dodgy or reason why you've suffered cold etc....


I think we need to take a note of this on/off like symptom. Did they switch on? etc....

Could not agree more. I think if enough people could contribute their experiences or those of their friends and family we could better work out what might be going on. I do know that when I posted about my experience in January someone on the Crowhouse showed evidence of 5G being turned on in certain areas which could explain the massive wave of covid cases Australia experienced at this time. 

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New tranche of Pfizer's clinical trial documents:

Pfizer Study Subject C4591001 1162 11621327 😢



 .....this man lived alone. He was found dead BY POLICE, because of a welfare check requested by someone.😢

He was found on Day 4 after the shot. He was cold and his skin had lividity. So, a good amount of time passed after his death. Police sent his body to a local medical examiner, who ruled the cause to be “arteriosclerosis”.




...I do wonder how long this stuff can be kept from mainstream acknowledgment; 

think about it.....on top of seething anger through the grief and stress of lost and damaged loved ones/selves and financial depravation, how long/if The West will be kept "orderly" and "first world"?***


....how long until the guy and gal who live down on the corner will be out on the streets and demanding blood and heads, going berserko like we see people do on the news (and are doing right now) in developing nations?

...or are we (European-kind) too neurologically (pharmacologically and frequency) controlled like China now?


**I mean "first world" as in how our countries used to be. It does make me feel sad:

Like when I grew up in the 80s/90s, before the mass-immigration of millions of starkly different, more violent peoples/cultures into our *unprepared* "High-Trust communities," and the insurgence/re-emergence of judeo-commie-ANTIFA leftist terrorism.


When "White" countries used to be... umm... more majority White lol and peaceful -- there's no simpler way of putting it.... because our streets - [Western] Europe the UK/Ireland, Australia/NZ, the US/Canada, and I'm going to try and make the effort to never forget our terrorized and genocided brethren in South Africa, were beautiful, safe, high-trust (for the most part) societies...


...even before March 2020, the horrors of the violent destruction of our societies - through the brutal rape/s and murder/s and cultural vandalization from the previous 15-20+ish years alone was an intentional genocidal act to destroy.... very 21stC Bolshevik....the jabs and covid tyranny have just be the medically-fascistic judeo-communistic, Talmudic cherry on top.... 



....the Bolsheviks also liked starvation for the masses after they'd exterminated the middle/intellectual class - just like they've done with the jabs now; going after our doctors and nurses, teachers and police and business/political members of our fabric first with the mandates...


Is it too late to save us?

Too much of a BlackPill?











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3 hours ago, numnuts said:


No, I understood that and I thought it was a good idea. My only concern was that, ultimately, it might end up leading to the 'accidental' deletion of the odd bit of bona fide content. It only takes one bad apple. I have never commented on this issue before, so any existing forum policy was not contributed to by any of my views. 



OK yes it is a good idea. I guess you are meaning someone who was in a position to do so may remove bonafide content. Hopefully they wouldn`t have been posting in the forum for two years or more and have some secret vendetta against DI ... I guess anything can happen - even with what we have.

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