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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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5 hours ago, zArk said:

dunno where to put this horror show read so i'll drop it here as it may elucidate the zombies clamor for jabs


Chronic pain: The ‘unbearable’ condition affecting one in four

It started four years ago with sporadic back pain, which she managed with the help of hot baths and paracetamol. Now she relies on opioid patches, anti-inflammatories, nerve pain medications and beta-blockers just to get through the day.




wtf do you do with this sort of crap?

but heres the doctor diagnosing the issues


After several incorrect diagnoses, Jen was eventually told by a neurosurgeon that she had a "pretty massive" far lateral disc herniation in her spine - a slipped disc that then compresses the nerves around it. But by then something was going on - her body's defence system had gone into overdrive in response to the agony she was experiencing. The pain has now spread around her body - Jen has burning pins and needles sensations down her leg, as well as sharp pain, as if being cut by a razor. Sometimes it's so bad, she can't even bear any fabric to touch it.

"Our nervous system becomes more and more protective, it feels danger and sends warning signals - and those warning signals contribute to the pain," explains Dr Chris Barker, clinical director of an NHS community pain service in Ainsdale, Merseyside.


These experts are fucking morons. Opioid patches, anti-inflammatories, medications and beta blockers ... what could go wrong ???


fs .. there is no hope within allopathy.


25% of uk adults 16-75 have constant pain older than 3 months.


Even when they are dropping from blood issues and organs are failing they will gobble up the next batch of pills and take the next jab.


They pump their kids full of paracetamol and wonder why their livers are inflamed . Of course theres no fucking connection at all, how could there be?


Physio don't help you either these days.... short of funds, covid....physio on telephone appointment.....🤦‍♂️

I recently learned from a private chiro that you don't have to click your spine in order for it to go back in position.

Been adjusting it myself now and get instant pain relief....amazing. Thanks NHS experts...... 🙄

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2 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

I didn't realise closing the country down and pushing hysterical false propaganda 24/7 was showing ingenuity


Or putting people in care homes and then killing them, or forcing children to wear face nappies, or forcibly preventing families from human contact with each other, was showing compassion either.


I've got it all wrong, clearly!


In their world, in their heads, they've done everything they can correctly.

Don't ask me how that works as it is pure clown world. 🤡


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Recently got in contact with my best mate who I have known since I was two. He’s been on antidepressants for the last 5 or so years since his dad died.


we have not spoken for the last 2 years, but with my mum dying I contacted him. He came to funeral and we messaging daily. I finally asked him if he vaccinated, I was guessing yes, sadly correct.

On answering he immediately followed up with “so what conspiracy theories are you going to throw at me then?”


I have sent him Reiner’s latest 1 hour overview of the entire debacle. 


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2 hours ago, SimonTV said:


Sorry to quote my own post but jesus this is truly shocking accounts of systematic murder. 


This account almost mirrors what happened to my mother...and not so far from the location mentioned here. My mother was in Weston General Hospital W-S-M. UK. She was sent back to a care home up the A38 from Taunton (where the hospital is in this article)  to a care home in Burnham On Sea. (Somerset jurisdiction?) where she died. The lack of pallitive care and the patient left with a filthy mouth is exactly what happened with my mother. I had to clean up their mess when i got there - but they will not reverse the process (end of life) whatever you say...evil.... Also, one thing of major importance imo is that when you tried to get a cup of tea for your mom they would bring tea that you could stand a stick up in...they put thickener in it that clogs the mouth and throat and they leave it there like a lump of brown gunk.. . It is inhumane...😥

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I feel ill for watching the above vid now. 😟

GP won't acknowledge your shedding adverse reaction either even though he knows shedding exists.

Oh well at least we know for sure there are so many policemen, lawyers, doctors that are not on our side.

The next step for us is to boycott to fund these.


You know the 'medicine' is heading towards 'personalised' medicine meaning they will cater for your DNA so you will be sick/die for sure.


OK so the presenter said "shield yourself from these demonic beings....." that may be one way of doing this but if you raise yourself, they won't be able to touch you because you become invisible. Just as most people in 3D can't see 4D beings, you go to different realm and we can't see each other. Will need to add this point in my thread.



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1 hour ago, SimonTV said:


Sorry to quote my own post but jesus this is truly shocking accounts of systematic murder. 


You are right to quote your own post when it is something as important as this. David Icke has repeatedly talked about it, in multiple videos, and Ickonic produced a documentary describing the ongoing Eugenics Program called "A GOOD DEATH". There are many other productions out there that tell the same story. The doctors in hospitals no longer make decisions ...... it's all AI. The doctor inserts the symptoms into a computer and it spits out a treatment plan that the doctors must follow. It also makes it easier for the doctors to defend themselves of murder charges by saying "I was just following protocol".


A Good Death ~



Although what they're doing to us is horrible, they are not the problem. We are the problem, because we know about it and do nothing. We are ultimately giving our consent thru our inaction. 


TOP 25 INACTION QUOTES (of 249) | A-Z ...
Keep right on quoting your own posts until someone listens. People need to be aware, and have the courage to act. That includes myself.
Maybe this topic deserves its own thread because it strikes right to the core of our culling.
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8 hours ago, DaleP said:

OK, Simon got there first but.... this is BBC's take on it.

I think we ought to start a petition to IATA that jabbed pilots should be grounded.

They will probably make an excuse to say, there is always a co-pilot and it's safe. mnn yeah they said vaxx was safe as well. 🙄

Anyway, I don't feel safe to fly. Boat trip would take too long to get to anywhere from UK.

We also need to worry about Royal Mail, Amazon, Deliveroo drones and possibly flying cars over our heads in the near future which are obviously unmanned and could fall on you anytime. Furthermore, when the driverless cars come on the roads, it could get hacked and cause an accident and you can't blame anybody because nobody was driving it other than the passenger........

Do you know if we could submit a FOI to IATA and ask how many pilots have collapsed in mid air over the years?

It would be interesting to see....obviously the number must have increased in the past two years.



As we can see passengers could land a plane. Fuck pilots. 😂

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3 hours ago, pete675 said:


'Anti-Vaxxers' joining Nazis in Paraguay, whatever next?


Good job all these journos are pretty ignorant, they aren't familiar with the quote from the man with the mustache : 'Some serious scientists are against vaccination'.



Well if 'Nazis' escape to avoid vaccine they probably know what they are doing as they did in the past? 😂

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40 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

Bob Moran imo consistently puts out relevant tweets, unlike some of the popular GB News and Talk Radio suppoters on

Twitter who shy away from the damages of vaccines




And he's not just piling in after the event, when these other shills think it's "safe" to talk obliquely about what happened.


Bob always took it head on. And paid with his job. Huge respect.

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52 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

Fuck Bono and Bill Gates. One day justice will be served.


They know exactly how to get away though bro.

Then what you gonna do? Keep on hoping, hoping, hoping?

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7 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

Fuck Bono and Bill Gates. One day justice will be served.




Bono even dons the cum shields for when Billy gives him the money shot. Shame I really liked the Joshua tree, it'll probably not sound the same since.

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7 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

Fuck Bono and Bill Gates. One day justice will be served.



Interesting. I did have some child like thoughts the other day.


I did ask the question, why do evil people do really REALLY REALLY well in this place we call earth? And good people get absolutely screwed? (generally speaking)


And then I reflected on the tv programme I watched called the Good Place. Where folks die and they think they are in heaven, but actually they are in hell! They just don't realise it. Then thought, hmmmm........ maybe......maybe.... 😅

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