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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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2 hours ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

Thanks for posting this @rebornsteve, I wasn't aware of it until today when a friend texted me a link to it, and then noticed your post here on the CV thread.
Alot of this film really does ring true for me, as @DarianFpointed out later in the thread, this is a mass poisoning event.
I feel that the public (zombies that most of them are)  - are beginning (finally) to sit up and notice.
I would say this video (for me, and I hope for you guys too)  is one of the most important (if not the most important) information videos I've ever seen.
(I dislike the soppy incidental music in the background - and the overacting of the interviewer) but the actual message and information of this video is so interesting and important, especially about the chinese chap (Bing Liu) who died after he made the important snake venom discovery (and the fortune cookie bit at the end)
Great video, HIGHLY recommend this to you good lot:
(see what you think?)
Here it is again on brandnewtube:


EDIT:  Keep on smoking those fags ..... (watch the video to see why this is a good thing for once)



Can this be pinned somewhere? Seems too interesting to be buried. Thanks @rebornsteve & @sickofallthebollocks

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44 minutes ago, Trufflepig said:


I've been going mental at sheep for a year, Andrew nonce, Epstein's mate, Saville mates with Clown Charles, WMDs, Covid hoax, masks fucking useless, jabs are poisonous shit, the response is "well you can't change anything anyway so you just need to live/get on with your life"


I know, I've had the same.


Trouble is they'll look at Bozo and just see someone breaking the rules. They can't progress to the next stage - the rules were pointless and Bozo knew it, so that's why they ignored them.


So all the other things you mention, they can't see the reality of them either.

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18 minutes ago, DarianF said:

@rebornsteve I apologise. My original reply to your video was disrespectful.


The video you posted is fucking amazing and I should have acknowledged it and watched it properly.


---> https://rumble.com/v10mnew-live-world-premiere-watch-the-water.html


Thanks again buddy.

It was a strong challenge, but we are in extremely stressful times with the truth is of biblical importance. Apology happily accepted. 😇


These are the most mindbendingly insane times that we are living in. Half the time I think I’m mad, the rest of the time I believe that we are literally witnessing the devil in action as written in the bible and specifically Revelations. 



Ironically a few years ago I thought anyone who took the bible seriously was mad.




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38 minutes ago, sickofallthebollocks said:


According to Reuters 'fact' checkers the use of the word virus to indicate poison is archaic, well , they would say that wouldn't they?

Fact m


interestingly, Pharma is derived from the Greek word pharmakon meaning “poison” in classic Greek [and “drug” in modern.]


And META (fb) means "after" in Greek and "death" in Hebrew


Luciferians love the law of reversal. 


I'm sure this has been discussed before, but Covid backwards is divoC. Di is latin means ‘apart’ and voc from Latin means “to call” (voice). Apart to call: quarantine and lockdowns/zoom calls.


In Greek, much like Latin, voc is “to call” but di means “twice or twins”. Twice call or twins call. We have seen the twins symbolism from the Minneapolis and Saint Paul twin cities incident with the George Floyd who was a twin and the "two strand" or twin dna altering vaccination.



דיבוק Dybbuk or Dibbuk
DiVoC דבק

A dybbuk is a Cleaving spirit tray attaches itself to people that can cause extreme mental illness.

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3 hours ago, Captainlove said:

I have just watched this and im mind blown. It does also sound possible.


And this that someone here posted -  stunning!



sorry if already posted! on this thread -was from another



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1 hour ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:


Check this out. This is a hall in the Vatican. Doesn't leave much to the imagination does it?


Because they have no imagination.

...but fully agree. What a bunch of cunts ! - they will burn to the ground and scatter in the righteous wind of my sphincter LOL

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11 hours ago, campanar said:

Here we go.... go to page 46. I don't think you'll be surprised. Triple vaxxed now the MAJORITY in English ICUs


I'm sure that means the vaccine's working.




The percentage of paƟents admiƩed to criƟcal care with confirmed COVID-19 that were unvaccinated decreased from 74% in May 2021 to 27% in February 2022, compared with a reducƟon from 35% to 7% among the general populaƟon (Figure 27)


No comment on the triple vaxxed though, they probably hope you're too thick to understand the graph.


You know avalanche is happening....

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On 4/11/2022 at 5:07 PM, rebornsteve said:

Is anyone able to suggest a genuine source of ivermectin in the UK? My mum is dying of lung cancer, OUH just made things worse, and I’ve just done this...




There are MANY things you can do when it comes to cancer.

I don't know what stage she is etc.....

I've just learned that Reishi and Turkey Tail are an immune booster. Same place that sells Lion's mane tincture sells it.



Medicinal shroom




Story goes that a Chinese historic figure Xu Fu was sent to look for an lixir of immortal life

Black Reishi which grows in wild is said to be the best but expensive. So the red one (the above) is a substitute.

Reishi and Turkey tail concoction (patented) was used to treat radiation sickness in Ukraine after Chernobyl and also for cancer patients.


What about CBD oil?


There are much more you can do....like energy healing and I can go on till overdose with alternative therapy.




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On 4/11/2022 at 7:07 PM, Mr H said:

May already have been posted but Shanghai enters possible indefinite lockdown of it's 26m citizens as it invokes zero covid policy causing chaos in the city




There is going to be a whole ziggling of Asia. It is said that Singapore will disappear, Taiwan to become a part of another country, China will self-destruct and diss by all nations, and Kim will become the dictator of both South & North Korea. How is that for some excitement?!

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1 hour ago, Celticdevil said:

Anyone one seen raised buy wolves on net flx

we are fckd the full fckn story of what they want 

is rite there 

it’s crazy satanic fckn no idea what to call it but it’s rite there in your face cause they don’t give a Fck 

our kids are fcd 😬

Which Netflix? I’m in U.K.

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50 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

Its on SKY as well, judging from the constant ads. I cancelled SKY long ago, utter shite on 725 channels.


All modern tee vee programming looks either satantic, agenda-driven, stupid....or all of them.


** Orf Topic **



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