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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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4 minutes ago, Trufflepig said:


Yeah herpes is something you can live with but the blood clot leading to stroke, heart and death should have been ringing alarm bells.


Blood clots were quite widely being brushed under the carpet by mass murderer Hancock by May 2021. Yes Hancock you little jew cock sucking freemason, you knew exactly what was going on.


Primary care approach to thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome after COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine



Astra vs. Janssen: The blood clot battle



TGA confirms two more Astra jab deaths in Australia



The Astra jab, Tier 1 blood clots, “sincerest condolences”


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This article in the latest edition of 'The Light' is a breath of fresh air and worth quoting in full. It is a useful update to the situation in Tanzania following the suspicious death of President Magufuli. Although he has now sadly departed, it seems that his legacy has lived on among the populace who are following his example by quietly and peacefully refusing to acquiesce.




It took just one week for 50 million Tanzanians to stop complying


‘An entire nation engaging in peaceful, silent, civil disobedience is one of the most moving phenomena you can experience’

It is almost a year since the assassination of the world’s one and only sovereign leader who waged open warfare against the covid-19 cabal.

This is a first-hand account of the situation on the ground in Tanzania since the hit squad was sent in to eliminate the only leader who fought the cabal and their ‘vaccines’ head-on, out in the open, from day one...

Within a few weeks of President Magufuli’s murder, his replacement, Samia Suluhu Hassan, a World Economic Forum attendee, set about installing the cabal’s covid agenda. It was a thoroughly depressing experience. I know. I was there to see it. Gone forever were Magufuli’s maskless smile and palpable warmth, replaced now by daily images of a cold, insentient president and her entire entourage all muzzled, as per the cabal’s orders.

In rapid succession, in came the following:

  • a campaign of fear launched by the media with images of ‘covid patients’ in hospitals
  • tight covid controls at the country’s airports and borders
  • directives to force the public to wear face masks
  • face masks in all government buildings
  • a masked police force
  • masks in hospitals
  • anti-social distancing
  • masks in schools
  • masks in the streets
  • no handshakes
  • public transport forced to operate at half capacity
  • messages from government on our mobile phones, warning us about covid and promoting the ‘vaccine’
  • palpable fear between old friends and families
  • import of covid ‘vaccines’ banned under Magufuli

“She is poison,” were words often heard in the street when Tanzanians compared the new WEF-appointed president with Magufuli. But then, after just one week, something happened. Something truly remarkable...

After just one week of all the fear and insanity, the people of Tanzania had had enough. Call it the legacy of Magufuli, call it divine intervention, or perhaps just plain old common sense, but it is a fact that within just seven days, great cracks began to appear in the covid narrative in Tanzania.

First it was the police. Working in the tropical heat, they quickly realised that they were suffocating behind their masks, so they threw them where they belonged - in the bin. So, when you see that the police themselves are questioning the narrative and distancing themselves from the nonsense, what happens?

Everyone else follows.

And so, while the new president and her acolytes appeared on TV daily, all masked up, pumping out fear and promoting covid ‘vaccines’, out in the streets the people of Tanzania were having none of it and, believe me, the mass non-compliance was a sight to behold. I do not know how many of you reading this have borne witness to an entire nation engaged in peaceful, silent, civil disobedience, but I can testify first-hand that it is one of the most moving phenomena you can possibly experience: like a warm, silent, gentle current passing from one person to the next, leaving everyone with a smile.

Quietly, the whole of Tanzania stopped complying. That is 50 million people in a land almost five times the size of Britain. And so today, with the exception of the country’s airports (which 90% of Tanzanians will never enter), life goes on as it always has. Children go to school without masks, people work freely unmasked, the police do not enforce any covid rules, public buses are packed to the hilt. The fishermen sail the ocean, farmers till the land, tourists come from Europe to taste the freedom they once had. The markets are bursting with millions of smiling people buying and selling, hugging and hand-shaking, and the clubs and bars pound out the tunes while men and women are allowed to do what men and women have always done - meet, dance and romance, no passes required, no poison required, exactly as God intended. It is a blessing from God to be here.


I write off with a final anecdote to put a smile on your face. In a recent conversation with hospital staff in Tanzania, they informed me that the government had ordered them to launch ‘outreach programmes’ to inform the public about the danger of covid. I quote from that conversation:

“...So we packed the hospital vehicles with equipment and staff and took off to the rural villages deep in the bush to inform them. When we arrived there, we found the people working in the fields and we called them together. We asked them if they had heard of coronavirus, or covid. They all just frowned and looked at each other.
‘What?’ they asked. They had no idea what we were talking about. So we tried again. And again they just shook their heads.

They were completely bemused. So we stopped what we were doing and thought about it all right there. Then I looked at those villagers. They were fit and healthy. They were born under the hot sun. They worked their fields day after day, and you could see their muscles hewn from physical work, their gleaming skin, their white teeth. They were in perfect health.”


At this point in the conversation the doctor paused and shook his head. He looked embarrassed before concluding,

“Then I looked at us people from the hospital. You know what, we were the ones who looked sick compared with those villagers! We were the ones who needed lecturing about health. So I told the staff to get in the vehicles and we drove away. We will not go back. Those villagers should be left as they are. They don’t need all this.”


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On 4/1/2022 at 10:57 AM, rebornsteve said:

UK Gov admits Covid vaccines are gene therapy...

  • “lipids are an essential component in COVID vaccines as well as other gene therapies”




Huge expansion for a company who make the "lipids" ingredient 😳

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Posted (edited)
On 3/29/2022 at 7:32 PM, HeartSpirit said:

Taking into account no more free tests, I was very surprised when yesterday I received a 7 pack of lateral flow tests through the post. I did not request these and I have never tested, and am obviously still a pure blood. Additionally a month ago a PCR test came through the letterbox, and a month earlier I received an email invite to test new C19 drugs! Has anybody else been pestered in this manner? As I haven’t even seen a doctor in years and I have opted out from any NHS data sharing, I really dislike this unwanted and unasked for intrusion into my life. 


Who is sending you all of these tests in the post? Maybe some dodgy, private company, no doubt contracted to the NHS, has been chancing their arm, by sending folks shit they shouldn't be sending. I do know that this already occurred with the elderly, when it comes to non-Covid products. For example, catheterised individuals getting boxes of stock that they never asked for. The dodgy, private companies just hope no one, or not enough people to make much noise, have the energy to properly chase it up. And, if they do chase it up, the NHS Fraud Department would then have to act. Like watching paint dry.




On 3/29/2022 at 10:46 PM, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

Went to the supermarket today to pick up some odds and ends and still people were masked up. The staff are required to wear them even though there's no state mandate and they hate it. I think with some people now, it's a habit they can't break. The fear that was drummed into them in 2020 has caused irreparable harm. I've long since ceased to engage them unless I absolutely have to.


Given how hard they pushed the narrative in March and April 2020, then it is quite understandable. I still feel a bit scarred, from watching some of the 24/7 doom-mongering on TV at the time, and I knew it was all bollocks.




On 3/30/2022 at 8:34 AM, bamboozooka said:

cases will plummet once the plebs have to dig into their own pockets for a box of tests. they were handing out tests at my local shopping centre. it was like black friday.


This is exactly why it is pretty safe to assume that they have shelved Covid, until at least this autumn. Furthermore, come this autumn, we will only be 18 months or so away from the next, scheduled general election. They do technically have until December 2024 to hold it, but it will no doubt be held in May 2024. And I say 'scheduled', as I am not overly confident that one will even be held, though it probably will. Anyhow, I am inclined to think that the PTB will now leave the resurrection of Covid, or the introduction of a new virus on to the stage, until after the next general election. God help us, if folks don't vote for independent candidates in their droves, when and if the time comes, as a fresh 5 years for the PTB-infiltrated parties would be very damaging.   




On 3/30/2022 at 3:46 PM, Macnamara said:

Sajid Javid announces police are investigating SIX HUNDRED cases in wake of Shrewsbury maternity scandal: 201 babies and 9 mothers died needlessly during two decades of repeated failures at NHS Trust, damning five-year inquiry concludes

  • Inquiry found a fixation on 'natural births' at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust led to poor care
  • Poor care led to the deaths of several mothers and over 200 babies and left 100 more with brain damage 
  • Some parents  of the deceased babies are now calling for police action to bring those responsible to justice 
  • Javid said the report is 'tragic and harrowing' and changes must be made to ensure it never happens again  


Police are investigating 600 cases related to the Shrewsbury maternity scandal, Sajid Javid has revealed following a report detailing how more than 200 babies needlessly died in the NHS's biggest ever maternity scandal. The publication of the damning inquiry has prompted victims to call for the police to prosecute hospital bosses. Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust presided over catastrophic failings for 20 years and failed to learn from its own inadequate investigations, which led to dozens of babies being stillborn, dying shortly after birth or being left severely brain damaged due to an obsession with natural births. The landmark probe claimed 201 babies and nine mothers would have survived if the Shropshire trust provided better care. Ninety-four children suffered avoidable brain damage. Mothers were even blamed for their own deaths and their 'poor outcomes'.




Do you think this is all down to incompetence? I find it hard to understand how one Trust could be very different from other Trusts, consistently so, over such a long period.




On 3/30/2022 at 4:39 PM, Macnamara said:

'The reasons for these failures are clear. There were not enough staff, there was a lack of ongoing training, there was a lack of effective investigation and governance at the trust and a culture of not listening to the families involved.'


ok so what about listening to parents about vaccine damage? When exactly are NHS staff and the government going to start listening to families on that? oh wait.... let me guess.... you'll do it 20 years too late once all the damage is already done....


As they still seem to be resisting even paying out for proven vaccine deaths, then it probably will be at least 20 years. 

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10 hours ago, rebornsteve said:

I saw a document last year that Todd is talking about at 45 mins. 
Those who have received the jab have been altered genetically and so are no longer homo sapien, they are under a patent and so are owned.


They no longer have human rights. 


Yes, he speaks of that in the video I posted; along with gene deletion (zombies); 5g triggering said zombies, and triggering this Marburg virus; lots of interesting stuff.


Id like to find the source of the video but haven’t done so yet.


Thanks for your input.

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29 minutes ago, Celticdevil said:

I’ve finally got covid in my house if I’m not on in a few weeks the fkers have got me just raise a glass for me cheers 😎

The flu or a general cold? Or a positive fake test with no symptoms... I sure you'll survive unless you're 84 with a load of pre existing health problems 😏

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10 hours ago, rebornsteve said:

I saw a document last year that Todd is talking about at 45 mins. 
Those who have received the jab have been altered genetically and so are no longer homo sapien, they are under a patent and so are owned.


They no longer have human rights. 


In this interview also.


Its a huge shame that videos like these do not reach mainstream humanity - or rather that on the whole mainstream humanity is not interested or will not/don’t want to believe.

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4 minutes ago, jedidiah said:


Yes, he speaks of that in the video I posted; along with gene deletion (zombies); 5g triggering said zombies, and triggering this Marburg virus; lots of interesting stuff.


Id like to find the source of the video but haven’t done so yet.


Thanks for your input.

Sorry, forgot to post, source of video is part of Reiner’s latest; 5:30 hours worth...



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8 hours ago, k_j_evans said:

No, pet. Lion's Mane is a type of mushroom. Thimerosal is a mercury-based preservative. You could try a web search if you are not sure. You have to be a troll as ordinary people do at least elementary research


I don't have much time to open the exploration valve currently.... There is no ordinary, there are only individuals.

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28 minutes ago, Malbec said:

The flu or a general cold? Or a positive fake test with no symptoms... I sure you'll survive unless you're 84 with a load of pre existing health problems 😏

Yep I know I will survive was just being sarcastic 🙈💉💉💉💉💉💉

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Just awful.


SHANGHAI, April 2 (Reuters) - Esther Zhao thought she was doing the right thing when she brought her 2-1/2-year-old daughter to a Shanghai hospital with a fever on March 26.


Three days later, Zhao was begging health authorities not to separate them after she and the little girl both tested positive for COVID-19, saying her daughter was too young to be taken away to a quarantine centre for children.


Doctors then threatened Zhao that her daughter would be left at the hospital, while she was sent to the centre, if she did not agree to transfer the girl to the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center in the city's Jinshan district.



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