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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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5 hours ago, Trufflepig said:

Are you Jewish KJ? I'm referring to Zionists when I say jew nazis and apologise if it causes offence.

My nephews dada is Austrian jewish evacuee, jabbed. Also my girlfriends best friend, Manchester jewish and much of the family, jabbed, clearly didn't get the codes I would consider them goyim too.

No need to apologise. I'm the anomalous Jewish Lesbian Marxist (in no particular order) here who studies kabbalah, so best run away before you get corrupted. Not keen on Zionists for obvious reasons.

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1 hour ago, SimonTV said:


Must be all those covid deaths


Well, we were told we were in a pandemic. They have a way with words. You got to ferret out the "truth" in their words. In this case, they put the cart (pandemic) before the horse (Covid).


The first year of the "pandemic" found us all searching for real life victims of Covid, people in our immediate lives. The general consensus was; no one had anyone in their immediate lives who were suffering, let alone dying from Covid. Now, after about two years of people being jabbed with vaccine de jours, we're starting to hear about people suffering and dying...technically, Covid related. Brilliant!



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9 minutes ago, whatthefoxhat said:

FYI i can get it cheaper...biagra (indian version...wobble yer head when youve had it)...does the

same...bout 50p a tab if you buy in quantity

Just sat and reread that...soon the free jabs are going to be gone and you'll have to pay.....how clever to open an income stream based on the stupid peoples paranoia....scare thm to death with a constant litany of lies and scare tactics then charg them for the 'panacea'

Share prices gonna go mo bigga

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Speaking at Clean Air Summit on Thursday, England's chief medical officer - Whiitty -  said air pollution increased the risks of strokes, heart attacks, cancers and other diseases.


 Getting in early, then. He's taking the piss again. Nothing to do with the jabs, of course

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12 hours ago, jack121 said:


It was the number of people who believed her story and the amount of support she got from ordinary everyday people, randy andy was found guilty in the people's court a long time ago, you could tell he was guilty the way he stumbled and stuttered through his interview. Plus there is supposed to be a log of people who visited epstein's paedo island, clinton was there 27 times, wonder what the log says about paedo prince.

True, sometimes you can bullshit your way out of a situation, but the royals had a group of peeps outside buckingham palace chanting : " Paedos leave our kids alone "

Sometimes the bullshit wears thin and the peeps wake up - fuck them and their jubilee

Yeah but she isn't bringing the whole deck of cards down, she got one royal that was never going to be head of the family. As you said Clinton's,  and I would imagine most of the elites and Hollywood to be on that list but there not being sought out to face punishment, just a prince that was never going to face justice. Like russia is designed to drive the price of fuel up and have people distracted by war (even tho when petrol went up above 1.00 they said it would take time for the price to come back down as it is based on prices a couple of years previously, the price never did go back down just carried on going up so the notion it now goes up instantly is bull) i was wondering what the point was to the supposed bringing down the peado gang when in reality there not. I see Dale p said because the government and royals are to be gone, but I remember someone on here putting a pyrimd graph of the elites and the Queen sat up the top of it so not sure if they will be gone as they seem to controll what goes on.

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David's being Nostradamus, again. lol



A Next Stage Of The Cult Agenda: A Tidal Wave Of Censorship And Economic Collapse – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast



Right on queue.


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3 hours ago, SimonTV said:


Must be all those covid deaths


but i read elsewhere that insurance companies are refusing to pay out as taking part in an experimental drug trial is classed as committing suicide. 

who to believe?

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51 minutes ago, SimonTV said:


Swab video from 2016 


To bring in a feudal digital currency containing all slave information requires erasure of constitutional law.

Covid provided the emergency wedge...

Climate was never enough!

Detailed Digital slave credit nuanced with carbon allowances all based on bollocks.


Terra digitalis 



PMSL fucking joke world




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