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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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14 hours ago, DaleP said:


You did the right thing by diving deep though. ūüėČ

yeah and the price could be that IT will take your loved one.....

But that's Hollywood standard. They want fame so bad that they'd sell their family for wealth.


Yes. Agree, when we see the hollywood types, tv personalaties, jon bon jovi, bill gates and all the paedophilia they do and other things to please satan, it really sickens me and i wonder how can they talk to decent honest people like us, while stood next to their kids and their family- just so evil

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22 hours ago, Looney tune said:

This whole story has a whiff about it, she only had evidence of what she told people and a driver saying he dropped her off at a party. Legal terms it's not much at all plus the fact she has waited so long to tell about it. Peado prince legal team couldn't have made a worse attempt to help him, seriously someone with that financial backing could have got the best in the buisness. 

Not sure if it's driving home the fact they want you to believe epstien is dead, distraction for something else or covering everyone else, but this story isn't making much sense. If she was really going to out the elite she would have been bumped off, far cheaper. Judges are all bought by the elites so why was it allowed to go through because it wasn't for her compelling evidence.


It was the number of people who believed her story and the amount of support she got from ordinary everyday people, randy andy was found guilty in the people's court a long time ago, you could tell he was guilty the way he stumbled and stuttered through his interview. Plus there is supposed to be a log of people who visited epstein's paedo island, clinton was there 27 times, wonder what the log says about paedo prince.

True, sometimes you can bullshit your way out of a situation, but the royals had a group of peeps outside buckingham palace chanting : " Paedos leave our kids alone "

Sometimes the bullshit wears thin and the peeps wake up - fuck them and their jubilee

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14 minutes ago, jack121 said:


All illegal. No one can force you to take the satan juice.  If enough people challenge this, the government  will have to cave in

if the named defendant didnt make a counter claim jn their own court then its all over


looks like a default judgment based upom the court fee 


lots of trouble at this stage but not illegal or unlawful


if you dont object you agree

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12 hours ago, The Illuminator said:


We always getting fucked over in North East nothing new there. We haven't got a dedicated motorway for the three massive cities of country ffs


interesting, just posted in vax victim thread about a school in Darlington where several children started seizing at the same time. Bad batch... bad vax. 

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1 hour ago, Trufflepig said:



Sun worshipping Jew Nazis kill any goyim of any age. They are the sickness this planet is riddled with. They report on their own news channels when children are killed in attacks on Palestine and the drone attack after the afghan pullout, What do "our" zionist western politicians do about it, fuckall, they're proud of it.

Then not being a goy I should be fine, shouldn't ? Can't that I or any of my family have ever engaged in sun worship, though, so mustn't be complacent.

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Are you Jewish KJ? I'm referring to Zionists when I say jew nazis and apologise if it causes offence.

My nephews dada is Austrian jewish evacuee, jabbed. Also my girlfriends best friend, Manchester jewish and much of the family, jabbed, clearly didn't get the codes I would consider them goyim too.

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Austria now have a big problem, they know that at some point they have to bin the mandatory jabs law but they have to save face doing it, not an easy task.

Also when they do go ahead with lifting the rule they're going to have a lot of pissed off people that were forced into taking the jab to keep their jobs, should be interesting.... I hope they get sued to fuck, not just by residents of Austria but the 1000's of workers that cross the boarders everyday from neighboring countries.

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6 minutes ago, Nip said:



Probably Jo Swinson's cousin.




16 minutes ago, shadowmoon said:

Which politicians or royals child aged 5-11 will be first to be vaccinated? 


If we are talking political royalty, then maybe Leo Blair's kid.

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