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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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6 hours ago, Looney tune said:

This whole story has a whiff about it, she only had evidence of what she told people and a driver saying he dropped her off at a party. Legal terms it's not much at all plus the fact she has waited so long to tell about it. Peado prince legal team couldn't have made a worse attempt to help him, seriously someone with that financial backing could have got the best in the buisness. 

Not sure if it's driving home the fact they want you to believe epstien is dead, distraction for something else or covering everyone else, but this story isn't making much sense. If she was really going to out the elite she would have been bumped off, far cheaper. Judges are all bought by the elites so why was it allowed to go through because it wasn't for her compelling evidence.


It's complex..... the NWO wants all the governments, Royals destroyed too.

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19 hours ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

Some fact checkers say that the page is a hoax. I'm inclined to agree, as it seems way too accurate. Does anyone have this book? 


I just did a word search and it's not in there but do check it yourself.

Never read this before but might be worth reading to learn their script.


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10 minutes ago, Orange Alert said:


Are the government and royal goons going to be able to slip away or are they going to be thrown to the wolves?


I let you write the script in any way, shape or form you like and manifest it.

We were given free will and karma is fake. Go Brandon! 😆

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16 hours ago, jack121 said:

PLEASE don't get tempted by the darkside like bill gates tony blair faucci ophera winfrey etc, it's not worth it, sure the devil can give you power, but the price, the price is crazy insane


You did the right thing by diving deep though. 😉

yeah and the price could be that IT will take your loved one.....

But that's Hollywood standard. They want fame so bad that they'd sell their family for wealth.

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3 minutes ago, rebornsteve said:


Could also be due to climate change or too many fizzy drinks. No way it  was the vax

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