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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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5 hours ago, Frankieboy said:


Salvadoran President: 



”The real war is not in Ukraine but in Canada, Australia, France, Brussels, England, Germany, Italy..."


The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, shared a video on Twitter on Sunday of a massive police presence with several armored vehicles and water cannons ready for a corona protest in Paris.


In connection with this, he declared: "The real war is not in Ukraine, but in Canada, Australia, France, Brussels, England, Germany, Italy...



They just want you to look the other way."


As of yesterday, the unvaccinated in Italy of 50-years-old and above or about to go fifty are now "illegal" to work, including those smart working from home or on holiday leave.


The real war continues.


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1 hour ago, Orange Alert said:

Thanks for posting.


Something we knew years ago would one day be used against the population, like the microwave weapons for crowd control and dispersal, brought to you by those nice and caring people of the Pentagon.




and the acoustic weapons, provided by the benevolence of Homelamd Security.



Won't bother Abe Simpson



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1 hour ago, zarkov said:

Out of likes


using energy weapons on ordinary people is completely unacceptable.

They have completely lost the plot!

I hope UK column cover this.

What goes round ...


There's a lot of us I think as this chap points out.




How You Can Protect Yourself from LRADs It is not possible to fully protect yourself from potential hearing damage from an LRAD! (The only way to protect civilians from LRADs is to not use LRADs.) However, the following information could help: ● Be prepared! Bring protective earmuffs or foam earplugs with the highest decibel rating you can find with you to the protest. ○ Protective earmuffs are better because they are easier to put on quickly. Most people also do not know how to insert earplugs properly, and so you are unlikely to be able to get foam earplugs into your ears quickly enough and correctly, especially if you are in a panic.

(Noise-cancelling headphones are NOT the same as protective earmuffs. Noise-cancelling headphones are good at cancelling low-frequency sound, but the deterrent tone of an LRAD is high frequency.)

If you see an LRAD, warn those around you, put on/in your earmuffs or earplugs, and look for a place nearby where you might be able to “hide” from the sound ○ If you do not have earmuffs or earplugs, be prepared to cover your ears with your hands - this will not work as well as earplugs or earmuffs, but it will be better than nothing


read further



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1 hour ago, Orange Alert said:


Thanks for the news update/link.


On the face of it COVID restrictions are relaxed or dropped, yet the fundamentals of the plan continues on, as business as usual, step by step.


England is expected to follow suit soon, while Northern Ireland has not yet said it it will be offering the jab to that age group.


Clinically vulnerable children aged 5 to 11 in all four nations have already had the vaccine rolled out to them.


Yes definitely business as usual, Krankie is enjoying her power, it will be interesting to see how many parents in Scotland take their children to get the Poison and how many casualties there will be.


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Breaking News  Swiss Government


From midnight tonight


In Switzerland




Masks  wil only be manatory on Public Transport and in Healthcare buildings!


tomorrow will be interesting to see who wil still be wearing their Face nappies!

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9 minutes ago, Frankieboy said:

WE are like Garden Weeds!




They can try to control  us by using Heat, Chemicals and even physically!




But They can NEVER get rid of us!

i like the analogy


they classified certain plants and flowers as 'wild' or 'weeds' by visualising an image of the perfect garden.


'weeds' become active in nutritionally deficient soil. 'weeds' grow to re-establish fertile soil.

yet the established gardening technique is to remove the weeds and use chemicals to alter the already failing soil.



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An probable government goon ripped a flag out of a 13 year old protester's hands. That made her dad mad. So her dad followed yelling, and even got attacked multiple times by the goon, without ever hitting back. The goon then slipped on an icy curb and completely compound fractured his ankle. All of it got caught on camera. Karma is real. Treat yourself to this beautiful piece of instant karma eye candy.



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