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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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37 minutes ago, screamingeagle said:


Mod note 

i don't minde the "convoy posts" in mega thread,but it would be uswful to post them in dedicated thread also





Good idea to have the posts in both threads....thanks...will post there also. This is the fall out of Covid and now a worldwide protest it seems. 

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DOD responds to claim that they are purposefully murdering their own personnel with a experimental gene therapy bio-weapon with "... the data is wrong"....



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3 minutes ago, Nip said:


Looks to me like the 2022 Conspiracy Theorists' Convention


Yes, they are having a conventon dinner after being vindicated in their theories becoming reality.  Italy is further down the road with the agenda than the UK, and I recommend you go there to visit Mario Draghi's Orwellian Adventure World.

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15 hours ago, zarkov said:


I did not think that Reiner Fuellmich would interview Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dr Stephan Lanka with Dr Wodark.

The first time I have seen A Kaufman nervous at first.





Thanks enormously for this  Zarkov.

Whether virus are pathogens or not - I dont believe that most of them are, other than those with attached parasites - I got the genuine impression that Wolfgang Wodang was getting a lecture,  as to  his own indoctrination, also known as education.  I saw it on his face.


The good news is that ALL of these people are on our side.

Those who believe that viruses are pathogenic and those who don't.


The truth about that can wait for the time being

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3 hours ago, Nemo said:

'So Dark is the Con of Man'


Are not these the seeds of world revolution? Can they suppress this uprising? Are we to see the old world fall and a new order form?


Ordo ab Chao, Order from Chaos.


The harder they try to control us, the more of us realise the hypocrisy. This will be a fight for the freedom of man and they will not go quietly into the night.


They will do and say anything to win and yet by doing so they shall expose to the world their own lies and wickedness towards man.


This fight will get dirty and confusing and cause many of us to question ourselves. It will require a steadfast belief and knowledge of what we are doing and why we are doing it, in short we must understand what it is we are fighting for.


If we fail to understand and have faith in the goal of a united world revolution, we will once again be subject to their manipulation, lies, intimidation and briberies.


We lose far less and fear almost nothing when we fight and sacrifice together as one for they can only control us when we are divided against ourselves.


They divide and conquer, we must therfor find our courage and unite. Their tricks of division such as racism, wokism, capitalism and sexism are inflamed to keep us divided. We must overcome these shortcomings that we attain this higher goal together.




'The arts of the powers and their minions are the same in all countries and in all ages. First it marks its victim; denounces it; and then excites the peoples condemnation and the peoples hatred, in order to conceal their own abuses and encroachments.'


- Sen. Henry Clay



'If Government was a product, its sale would be illegal. No drug, not even Alcohol, can cause the fundamental ills of society. Thus, if we where to look for the source of Mans troubles, we should therefore test not people for drugs, but test people for ignorance, inhumanity, greed and selfish ambition'.


- Rourke


Out  of likes.

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Guest Gone Fishing...

Sorry if it's a double post;



Tracey O' Mahony - Barrister at Law



Link to Template Letters and Contact Information: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/17E6TqrBTm1dsfGABvlI4k_880eSlNham  This video will discuss:
1) An Irish lobby campaign asking you to write to your TD’s to ask them to Vote NO to the extension of the Covid-19 emergency power laws before the 31st of March 2022;
2) An EU lobby campaign asking you to write to Irish MEP’S to ask them to Vote NO to the proposed 12 month extension to the EU Digital Certificate for travel; and
3) To inform you that the World Health Assembly (which is the forum through which the WHO is governed by its 194 member states, including Ireland) intends to create a legally binding agreement which will stipulate how member states and others countries must fight pandemics into the future - focusing on "collective solidarity". 


Lobby Your TD's and MEP's to end the COVID-19 Restrictions & WHO Pandemic Response Plan Discussed  

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10 hours ago, jack121 said:

Thought it was benny hill for a minute, but at least what benny said made some sense, compared to today.

Ahhh the good old days, no lockdowns, no BJ, no masterbating matt handcock and none of this ugly cow either:


Ah Bisto, those were the days 🤣





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In papers today in Scotland they have accidently! Given 5 kids under 11 years old the adults jab

mother says her child vein was pulsing been ill for a week

hospital response “we think he should be ok” 

im never going near these evil cult worshiping fcks again if I need medical treatment I’m going diy😎

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49 minutes ago, Basket Case said:


COVID-19 breath test made in Australia | Coronavirus | 9 News Australia 



Is it like those fake bomb detectors?



Easy and quick breath testing sounds like something to increase the scope of the medical tyranny, such as regular, random testing or daily testing.

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