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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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46 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

Foreign truckers will need to be vaccinated to enter US starting Saturday


Foreign truckers will be required to prove they are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus upon entering the United States from Canada or Mexico starting Saturday, according to the Biden administration. The move is likely to disrupt supply chains further.

The Department of Homeland Security announced late Thursday that all non-U.S. citizens crossing at the land ports of entry or ferry terminals must be immunized. The mandate means foreigners traveling for essential purposes, including work and school, must show their vaccine cards.


About 1 in 10 Canadian truckers are unvaccinated, meaning that 12,000 to 18,000 workers will be affected by the restriction, according to the Ontario-based Canadian Trucking Alliance. It's unclear how many Mexican drivers are likely to be blocked by the policy.


“Starting on January 22, 2022, the Department of Homeland Security will require that non-U.S. individuals entering the United States via land ports of entry or ferry terminals along our Northern and Southern borders be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and be prepared to show related proof of vaccination,” said DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. “These updated travel requirements reflect the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to protecting public health while safely facilitating the cross-border trade and travel that is critical to our economy.”


Since Nov. 8, only nonessential travelers coming across to shop or visit were required to get the vaccine.

U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, and U.S. nationals are exempt from the new rule. Noncitizens who illegally enter the U.S., predominantly by way of the southern border, are not required to be vaccinated, a problem that has frustrated Republican lawmakers who say the Biden administration’s standards are contradictory.



Sorry to repeat myself but all this bollocks over a fucking cold.

Absolute insanity.

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2 hours ago, bobb said:


2 hours ago, skitzorat said:

Theres evidence to suggest she died.



That's her! I was a bit wary of the immediate claims she'd died, but if she's not resurfaced by now that's very suspicious.

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2 hours ago, BioticBot said:

Stumbled across this video channel on YouTube: The vaccine confidence project.

Can someone else please give it a watch and tell me that what I'm seeing/hearing is actually what is being said. This is THE most disgusting, fact averse piece of pharmaceutical propaganda I have ever witnessed.

These devils need either exorcizing or locking-up. WTAF!? 

Could only watch 10secs and felt sick 😬

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5 hours ago, ink said:

Here is a paper called Living With Covid .... from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change 


Posted 19th Jan


Some of you may wish to read it?


Link: https://institute.global/policy/living-with-covid

Link to pdf: https://institute.global/sites/default/files/articles/Living-With-Covid.pdf


Snip ....


Key Steps to Vaccinating the Unvaccinated

Understanding Who the Unvaccinated Are
We estimate that there are at least 5.5 million unvaccinated individuals in the UK, at least 550,000 of whom are in one of the JCVI’s priority groups. But we can’t treat the unvaccinated as a homogenous group. Instead, our polling2 shines a light on exactly who has yet to get their jabs, their diverse reasons for holding out and what it would take to encourage as many of them as possible to come forward.

We polled a nationally representative audience of 750 adults and a sample of 750 unvaccinated adults. Both samples were subject to age quotas and then the vaccinated sample was weighted back to reflect UK figures using ONS and census data. Our sample was collected using an online panel with 15-minute interviews conducted with our participants.


Rethink the Narrative: Recognise That Most Are Hesitant Rather Than Hostile
Voices from the antivax community might be the loudest, but they’re not representative. Our polling found that unvaccinated people are far more receptive than is often believed. Generally, they are not hostile towards the principle of vaccination and nor do they seek to convince others that they should avoid the vaccine. We found that 80 per cent of the unvaccinated have never told anyone – including family, friends or people online – that they should not get the vaccine. Similarly, 75 per cent reported that they had never been warned against getting the vaccine.

Instead, their hesitancy is often the result of genuine concern about vaccine safety and efficacy. The top reasons cited for not getting the vaccine included 40 per cent believing there were too many unknowns about vaccines, 35 per cent being worried about the side effects and 34 per cent wanting to see more research first. Although the data on vaccine efficacy is clear, these people are more likely than their vaccinated peers to be surrounded by friends and family who are also unvaccinated, and they often report little trust in politicians and scientists. We found that 32 per cent avoided vaccination because they do not trust the government, while 27 per cent do not trust vaccine manufacturers. In the absence of evidence that they trust, recognising the impact of vaccination and its relationship with the virus becomes assumptive. A total of 25 per cent of unvaccinated individuals do not believe the vaccine would protect them and 15 per cent regard prior Covid infection as making the need for a vaccine redundant.

While this can be a difficult group to reach and convince, they’re not a lost cause. Recognising that many are theoretically open to vaccination, how do we convince them of efficacy and safety in a novel way?


Go to Them: Remove the Logistical Barriers to Vaccination
Approximately one in five unvaccinated respondents – which would equate to approximately 1.1 million of the currently unvaccinated nationally – stated that they would be willing to get the vaccine if the process were easier.

For this million, the primary barriers are logistical rather than ideological. Respondents cited practical issues such as transportation or getting time off work as the main reason for remaining unvaccinated. A total of 22 per cent of the unvaccinated said they would get the vaccine if the process were easier.

This could be an easy win. Reaching this group requires relatively straightforward strategies, such as pop-up or mobile vaccination sites or providing them with the time to get the vaccine and recover from the side effects, with 18 per cent saying that paid time off work would make it more likely for them to get their vaccine.


Get the Story Straight: Ensure Messaging Is Clear on Natural vs. Vaccine-Induced Immunity
A total of 15 per cent of respondents cited a previous Covid infection as their reason for not getting the jab. This could equate to as many as 820,000 people at a national level. The problem is, while recovering from a Covid-19 infection does provide a certain level of natural immunity, this immunity wanes over time and can’t be counted on to hold up against new strains.

This means that vaccine-induced immunity is still essential, especially when new, highly transmissible variants emerge. With clearer messaging, this could prove to be another easy win in our efforts to vaccinate the unvaccinated. Health authorities must provide clear, accessible evidence that prior infection is not enough to protect against severe illness and death.


Use Trusted Sources: Find the Right Messengers and Depoliticise Vaccination
Our vaccination drive should not be spearheaded by politicians. Our polling found significant net distrust of politicians’ vaccine messaging among the unvaccinated (in fact, even among vaccinated respondents, net trust was at only 2 per cent). And it’s not only that exhortations from politicians have no effect, they can even be actively harmful: 56 per cent of unvaccinated respondents said warnings from politicians made them less likely to get vaccinated, compared with just 7 per cent who said they would be more likely to get a jab.

Vaccination strategies must focus on using trusted sources of information. This won’t necessarily be easy – our polling found that the unvaccinated only have net trust in friends and family. This might require shifting to a more individual, community-based approach in which individuals are equipped with techniques to persuade unvaccinated friends and family members to have the jab. But vaccination efforts also require a public face, and although we found low levels of net distrust in the NHS and medical professionals, this was substantially lower than distrust in politicians and the media. This means that at a national level, it should be doctors and nurses rather than politicians who are the public face of any vaccination drive.


Mandates Alone Won’t Work
Only 20 per cent of respondents said a vaccine mandate would make them more likely to get a vaccine. This is not insignificant, but it is outweighed by the 32 per cent who said they want more reassurance on safety. In fact, a total of 47 per cent stated they were less likely to get the vaccine if legally compelled to do so, compared to just 20 per cent who would be more likely. It is clear, therefore, that a solely coercive approach to the unvaccinated is unlikely to work. Instead, a persuasive approach built around informing, reassuring and building confidence is our best bet in swaying those who remain hesitant, not hostile, before exploring any more compulsory measures.


Having read this, one can be left in little doubt ( if there ever was any), that Tony Blair is a very sick man.


What is worse is that he has managed to infect others, who are conducting surveys, which ultimately will be used to shape genocidal policy for govnts worldwide.


Anyone who believes that biological viruses cause disease, sickness and death in our civilization are completely wasting their time looking at inert , already dead pieces of matter under an electron- microscope.


They can see the real viruses in real time - actual living biological organisms, like Tony Blair and a long list of similar proponents of his thinking.


Those people are the real biological virus.


And this global pandemic wont end until enough people identify the real source of the problem, and permanently  quarantine them

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JABBED pilot?




Turned the flight around because of an unmasked passenger? Yeah, right...


American Airlines plane turns around mid-flight over mask row


An American Airlines plane travelling from Miami to London has had to turn back because a passenger refused to wear a face mask, the airline has said.

American Airlines said flight AAL38 with 129 passengers on board returned to Miami where police were waiting.

They escorted a woman in her 40s off the plane, reports say.

She has been placed on a list of people barred from flying with American Airlines, pending further investigation, the airline said.

The Wednesday flight turned around about an hour into its journey, according to tracking service FlightAware.

The woman was sitting in first class, another passenger Steve Freeman told Miami's Local 10 news.

"There was a lot of drinking involved and I was nervous. She sat behind us in first class," he said.

"I could see the writing on the wall - they gave her a lot of warnings, so we were kind of ready for it."

Airport warns return to normal travel years away

Passengers on the flight to London's Heathrow Airport were re-booked on to another flight for Thursday.

"Everyone was shocked," one passenger told CBS station WFOR-TV after getting off the Wednesday flight.

Another passenger said she was disappointed.

"They wouldn't really say anything, and I don't believe they told the flight attendants anything either, because they said that all they could say was there was an extreme incident with a passenger and they had to turn around," she told the station.

Airlines reported nearly 6,000 incidents involving unruly passengers last year and 151 in the first two weeks of this year, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Most of them involved passengers who refused to wear masks.

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56 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:

The Daily Fail is just laughable.

Look what they've put under the report of Meat Loaf's death.

Should have used bigger type you pricks.

(Click on it for actual size)




That's weird, when I put on my "They Live" sunglasses it spells out, MEATLOAF DESERVED TO DIE


Had he been pro vax/jab, we'd be reading about his heroic struggle with the dreaded Covid virus* (*patent pending). 


Lots of famous folks dropping dead recently. Always the trendy ones, aren't they?

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From British Bullshit Clowns...



Police say it "merely acknowledges" an allegation has been received but there is currently no criminal investigation. On Thursday, campaigners tried to close a centre in Stockport, falsely claiming police were investigating a crime.



Officers tell them that they will be arrested for aggravated trespass and the group then leaves the centre.

So the pigs are willing to arrest the protesters but not the murderers....yeah that makes sense...as always.



The campaigners' claims about a police investigation stem from an allegation made to the Metropolitan Police on 20 December last year, accompanied by a large number of documents. They claim these contained evidence, gathered by a doctor and a former police officer, of the health risks of Covid vaccines.

There are more than one doctors..... Tom has managed not to include solicitors.



However, the concern is that there is a co-ordinated campaign to produce more "evidence" against vaccines which could take police forces months to deal with.



Sure there will be more evidence in near future.

Thanks for saying it could take months to deal with it. The pigs have covered themselves then.


Tom Symonds, are you a compulsive liar? Obviously you have no regards for people who have lost their loved ones and those that are suffering from vax injury. Some of us are trying to stop further suffering and you work against us. You are probably not a human and dispicable one at that.




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On 1/19/2022 at 6:09 PM, Saved said:

I dread to think but whilst listening to this I thought how this would sound to the average person with only a little knowledge. He sounded like a victorious and strong leader who has resided over the defeat of a dreaded virus. He also sounded generous and bold, when you look at what is happening elsewhere in the world - particularly Austria and Australia. He kept things open and kept the economy ticking over. We now enjoy the fruits of his extraordinary leadership. A bit of a lad, yes, but what a stressful time. Let us major on the majors and not quibble over any minors such as booze bottles in a suitcase.


If I was to listen to his words knowing what I know, he should hang along with nearly all the rest of them. 


In other thoughts, I bet those who had one, two, three, four jabs are feeling lost right now. Their war effort is over but they still have to live with whatever nasties are floating around their systems. They know that businesses can choose to still only allow the jabbed to enter their premises but money is money - the unjabbed will be welcome as long as they have money to part with.


I bet many of them are absolutely gutted that this is over.


It's great that you were able to put aside your personal opinion and step into a third party's shoe. It's not easy to do.

It's all about acting, a show. You can make murder victorious. I think this is where we fall short on. imo, this game cannot be won just by flashing the truth card. Many of you have already experienced this. You give sheep the facts and figures, and they say nah BBC says.....etc We live in a age of influencers, the truth alone is not good enough. It is all about charisma, a manner of delivery to convince people....the truth comes later.

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On 1/19/2022 at 6:37 PM, Velma said:

D,I gets a mention on this latest BBC hit piece.





When David Icke, a prolific spreader of Covid misinformation as well as anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, was removed from YouTube, research from the CCDH found his ability to reach people was considerably reduced.


While his videos remained on alternative video-hosting platform BitChute, their views fell from 150,000 on average before the YouTube ban to 6,711 afterwards. On YouTube, 64 of his videos had been viewed 9.6 million times.



Listen to what 'professor' Martin says.


"Part of the issue is that current models of de-platforming need to be developed. It's not enough to just take down a piece of content, or a small number of accounts," one of the paper's authors - Prof Martin Innes - explains.


We shall keep an eye on him. Even befriend him and ask what could be the solution so that we can workout the way out beforehand. 😁


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On 1/19/2022 at 9:21 PM, Celticdevil said:

Nothing wrong with a tv if you’ve got the brains to understand what’s going on.

it’s also the best way to see what the fckers are upto next it’s like a barometer to me .

just saying lol 


You would think so but subconscious says NO.

They will enter poison in the screen and without you even noticing....it goes into your subconscious.

This is why I am selective who I listen, associates, watch etc.

Also eggregore has been mentioned earlier. It doesn't recognise boundary, distance or country border.

You could be feeding it while trying to kill it. lol


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On 1/19/2022 at 9:36 PM, SoundOfSilence said:

I hope I'm wrong.


But I can't see them backing off and giving up the agenda.


They've attempted genocide on a scale never seen before. They're desperate. They need to cover up their tracks.


They've wanted chipping/tracking/mass surveillance of the public for years. Now that they can achieve that ambition in an injectable.


I really don't see them giving up.


But, I would love to be wrong.


Like someone mentioned earlier, this is an intermitting break which is welcomed but it would be silly to think this is far from over. It ain't over till I see Fauci, Charles the US double agent, BG, Anal Schwab amongst other tried and executed.

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3 minutes ago, DaleP said:


You would think so but subconscious says NO.

They will enter poison in the screen and without you even noticing....it goes into your subconscious.

This is why I am selective who I listen, associates, watch etc.

Also eggregore has been mentioned earlier. It doesn't recognise boundary, distance or country border.

You could be feeding it while trying to kill it. lol


Eggregore I missed that no idea what it is 🤷‍♂️

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7 hours ago, bobb said:


Whoa there neddy, the people that do the work within the NHS were told about the deception and had obviously had first hand accounts of the DISEASE known as covid19, so they were all primed to go along with the narrative




In conservation there is a principle of 'minimum intervention' because it is understood certain historic items are valuable and you don't want to damage anything through some new, flashy treatment that is then later on found to have caused more harm then good


In medicine however, because it is shackled to big pharma, there is a principle of MAXIMUM intervention, to maximise profits for big pharma and when you consider that they are dealing with the most valuable thing a person has which is their body because that is the only vehicle they will ever have to traverse this life with then really there should be much more caution then there is


In davids headlines today there is a piece about how doctors were using end of life treatment midazolam for covid patients and suddenly we can see how so many peoples health spiraled downwards so that they were then placed on ventilators which are essentially a death sentence (80+% of people put on one die). See here:



Then if you listen to john o'looneys account of his time in hospital he was basically berated for not having been vaccinated before they then tried treating him with remdesivir which is notorious for the harm it causes. Then when he refused that they offered him two experimental drugs which he looked up and decided from the side effects were wholly unsuitable for the treatment of someone struggling to breathe so he declined them too and tried to leave the hospital. The doctors then tried to detain him through threats but he got people to come to the hospital to help him and he discharged himself.


I'm telling you that there are some very dangerous people in the NHS

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On 1/19/2022 at 10:58 PM, SoundOfSilence said:

Israel is not a true Jewish State. In my view.


The Balfour Declaration establishing it was made out to Rothschild. Rothschild is Ashkenazi. Jewish in name only. Lacking the bloodline.


ah, Is this why Nazi is called Nazis?

Fake Jewish trying to snuff real Jewish?

But the Ark of Covenant is in the hands of Rothschild. Plot thickens.

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14 hours ago, Itsa said:

I stayed away from vaccines mainly as I knew it would be an instaban.


i've discussed that hot button topic on several forums over the years and every time i do it the thread becomes a pile-on with people attacking me from all angles


vaccines are one of the sacred cows that you are not supposed to slay along with: 911 truth, geoengineering, rothschild-cabal power and central banking all of which will find you meeting heavy resistance


you could add migration as one of those topics too

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On 1/19/2022 at 2:43 PM, factJack said:


Someone I know told me she thought the covid was/is an egregore.

I hadn't heard this term before I had to look it up but it makes sense. (it's like an energy created by mass thinking)


Then the next day I saw an article online which I interpreted as embedded confession to the theory. I'll be honest ive never heard the term egreious before either. so it sort of struck me as soon as i read the word. one of those omg moments.




Highly recommend Philip Gardiner for Egregor/Shining ones

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